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Adams, RB Leipzig shut out Wolfsburg in German DFB Pokal


Tyler Adams has made quite the impact since stepping on the pitch for RB Leipzig. Wednesday saw Adams earn his third consecutive start for Ralf Rangnick’s side and he did not disappoint.

Adams played the full 90 minutes and helped Leipzig to a quarterfinal berth in the German DFB Pokal with a 1-0 triumph over Wolfsburg.

The 19-year-old completed 31 passes in midfielder for Leipzig, while winning 10 duels and completing eight clearances. Most importantly, Adams helped Leipzig limit Wolfsburg to one shot on goal in the slim victory.

With several Bundesliga sides eliminated in the Round of 16, RB Leipzig will surely be one of the favorites to run the table. Borussia Dortmund, Bayer Leverkusen, Fortuna Dusseldorf, and Nuremburg have all been eliminated this week.

Now with a place in the next round confirmed, RB Leipzig will get back to Bundesliga play this weekend against Eintracht Frankfurt.

Adams’ USMNT teammate John Brooks also played the full 90 for Wolfsburg in today’s match.


  1. I would like to see the stats passes received and percent of passes completed. Those tell me more about a player than number of passes. Raw numbers do indicate involvement in the game, but are not really enough.

  2. here we go….literally fawning over every single touch the kid has. how about we treat him like any other pro in germany and evaluate his performance in the scheme of the overall game. he could be dominant, but we don’t count messi’s passes and duels after every game so why do we do it for americans?

    why do we still treat ‘americans abroad’ as if its unique when we have DOZENS of americans playing abroad at various levels? we want to be considered on par with the rest of the footballing world, how about we start approaching it that way at home?

    • I’m a diehard US fan and i couldn’t agree more……the answer is US fans have waited so long to have players playing in big leagues around the world so when we have one, a young one at that, there seems to be this need to prop them up on a pedestal before they’ve done anything of note. I can’t stand it and it shows sometimes our lack of a soccer brain. In other countries, this is seen as a normal thing and they treat their younger players with trepidation, or with a wait and see approach. We can stand to learn a thing or two from having that mentality for sure!

  3. Don’t follow the Bundesliga so can someone tell me what position they are playing him in? I always thought he’d be a 6, but he’s also impressed me as an 8 and wide right.

    • HIghly recommend following the Bundasliga! With all the americans playing and great play, I’ve found myself watching more Germany than England this year.

      Americans aside, RB and Dortmund are such fact paced, talented teams. Fun to watch.


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