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Toronto FC embarrassed by Panamanian side Independiente in CCL


Toronto FC produced a horrendous performance in Panama to open up its 2019 Concacaf Champions League campaign on Tuesday night.

The Reds were shellshocked, 4-0, by Panamanian side Independiente, which was making its debut in the continental competition.

TFC’s defense was caught off guard from the start and it paid the price in the ninth minute, as Abidel Ayarza opened the scoring.

Terrence Boyd had an opportunity to correct the dreadful situation in the 32nd minute, but he skied his penalty in a miss reminiscent of Michael Bradley’s miss in the 2018 CCL final against Chivas.

Independiente didn’t let up in the second half, as Omar Browne blew past a sliding Laurent Ciman in the 48th minute to deliver an early Goal of the Tournament candidate.

The hosts added to TFC’s misery through two more goals from Romeesh Ivey, who found the back of the net in the 52nd and 78th minutes.

TFC held over 70 percent of the possession in the game, but failed to create a single shot on goal compared to the five created by Independiente.

Greg Vanney’s side will try to find a way back into the round-of-16 matchup in the second leg on Tuesday at BMO Field.


  1. i watched the first half.
    in the 30th minute, watch michael bradley badly give away the ball to independiente, who then punish them mercilessly on the counter.
    i’m not a mb hater, just sayin’.

  2. The clear lack of engagement, commitment, and intensity from Bradley, spoke volumes last night about his continuing role as captain of the team. If the head coach is not axed for this result, then at the very teast make changes to remove MB as the team captain.

    There should be no excuses of the unexpected last night, since this is not the first year of them being in the CCL.

  3. Toronto was one the worst teams last year. Since then they got rid of Govinco, Vasquez, Jansson and Van Der Weil. Also, Jozy is injured.

    • Exactly
      Plus Bradley who was worth his wages before
      Ain’t even close to worth that now IMHO….and that was obvious last year announcers who think he is still nat team quality

  4. How can a team have 70% possession, get no shots-on-goal, and get out-scored 4-0? I guess Toronto needs to pray for temperatures in the low teens and a bit of sleet to take Panama out of its comfort zone at BMO.
    Did Jozy play?
    I guess that Toronto’s effort in rebuilding its back line is not going so well.

  5. MB is to blame too. This guy makes 6.5 million for making safe 2 – 3 yard passes that any average MLS player can do. Would you pay a guy like Brian Carroll 6.5 million? GTFOH so why would it be ok for MB to do the same and he is wearing the captain’s armband???

    Remember the T&T game with useless MB. That guy was back tonight.

    • MB will collect as long as they continue to pay him. He is long past his expiration date and is living on his name alone at this point. Too bad GB doesnt see it like most here do.

  6. What happens when you get rid of your play makers? ?
    What happens when you sell the biggest contributor TFC has ever had? ?
    What happens the best GOAL SCORER TFC has ever seen leaves? ?
    What happens when the player with THE MOST ASSISTS is no longer on the team? ?

    Simple. You get EMBARRASSED IN PANAMA…Destroyed. Nothing up top, absolutely nothing in the midfield (yet Total Passes – 599, Passing Accuracy – 87 %) and of course nada in defense. ZERO shots on goal and Independiente using TFC resistant free midfield like an international highway. Oops, I guess you all got rid of the wrong MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR PLAYER ?.


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