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Adams registers second Bundesliga assist in Leipzig shutout

Tyler Adams’ impact at RB Leipzig has continued to pay huge dividends for the Bundesliga club.

Saturday while Leipzig trounced Hertha Berlin 5-0 to continue their push up the table, Adams registered his second career Bundesliga assist. With his team leading 3-0 at home, Adams shredded the Berlin defense with a magical through ball pass to Yussuf Poulsen.

Poulsen scored into the left side of the net to cap his hat trick on the afternoon. For Adams, it has continued a dream start to life in Germany as Leipzig remains unbeaten since the midfielder’s arrival from MLS.

The 20-year-old finished the match also with 71 completed passes, the most of any player on the pitch. He won seven duels, three headers, and won one interception.

Leipzig remain in third place in the Bundesliga table, nine points behind second-place Bayern Munich. They are back in action on Tuesday against Augsburg in the DFB Pokal quarterfinals.



  1. ————WERNER—————————POULSEN———–






    …….and look at the position and formation he played in. Ever since he arrived Leipzig has been playing really well..Yet, THIS PLAYER is selected to to play right back for the USMNT to accommodate an MLS has-been??? Interesting ?

    • Quit getting excited about the starting formation, he played in the exact same spaces for the US the lineup chart just showed him somewhere else.
      We’ve seen the US stinks at the 4-4-2 diamond (and that wasn’t entirely Bradley’s fault, I’m looking at you Klinsmann, Arena, Nagbe, Arriola, and Pulisic). As I asked yesterday if you play Adams in that deep #6 role you are limiting his ability to influence the match. RBL can do that because they have Werner and Poulsen. The US is still better playing the 3-2-2-3 (or whatever you want to call it) when we play a team that is going to have more possession such as Chile I think we’ll still see Adams at DM and Yedlin will then start at RB and we’ll play the 4-2-4.
      You keep fixating on Tradley, the truth is Berhalter has designed the whole system around Adams and using him to his fullest potential.

      • Adams has been so good and maybe is now our best passer, that he should be in the center of the action. I don’t care if he ends up in midfield, he should start there and orchestrate the US attack. With Berhalter’s approach, he has to hurry back to RB when there is a change of possession. I think he should stay in the middle of the field, going from side to side and maybe back to the top of the box. You play him at RB, even if only for part of the time, and you are wasting him. We should be adjusting our strategy to fit the players we have, not stick to a particular approach when it wastes the talents of the players we have.

      • 11 man game, can’t play a system that doesn’t work for the other 10 just to highlight one.

      • Johnnyrazor,
        Yes…….It is an 11 man game and every piece of the puzzle needs to contribute….EVERY PIECE. So in other words Adams is the best at that CM / DM position and would work better for the team as a whole than whatever has-been is in that position

        I have never seen a team built around a RIGHT BACK….name ONE TOP TEAM IN THE WORLD that has(and please don’t say Pep with Man city or Barca….Please) CENTERED their entire game against ONE converted player at right back ? ?….. one of the best players of the team actually playing CM for a top club in a top league.

        For CLUB OR COUNTRY name a top team that has the top CENTRAL midfielder on the team converted to RB in order for a formation to work hahahahaha ??, ……and the BEST IN THE WORLD know about this game better than Berhalter.

        Making space for a has-been player at CM is just plain stupid….how do I know this?? Watch the USMNT fail to reach that “NEXY LEVEL” again with Bradley on the field. It failed with Klinsmann, It failed with Bruce and now with a player far passed his best, it will fail with Berhalter. And with the team with nothing special happening or things falling apart as usual in the midfield, it is going to be like its always been…..same ol’ same ol, watch and see

      • Bizzy: (1) You really need to ease up on the use of emojis. If you can’t convey your message without them, that may be because you’re not expressing your thoughts clearly. (2) Did Bradley steal your girlfriend in high school? This relentless loathing that orients 80% of your posts on SBI is troubling. (3) GB has been on the job for like 4 months. You may end up being right that Adams is being wasted at RB, but the Gold Cup is a good opportunity for us to figure this out. I honestly don’t care if we win that tournament, they’re just glorified scrimmages. Let’s give GB a chance to work on his preferred formation. (4) Your suggestion that Bradley’s continued involvement in USMNT is being propped up by some US Soccer cabal sounds kind of nuts. (5) Again, ease up on the emojis. It’s impossible to take your arguments seriously when you pepper them with silly faces.

      • FrenchOne,
        1) Thank goodness I wasn’t responding to YOUR post. If maybe you have something sensible to say that is worth a response maybe you can complain ?… just in case you don’t have a clue of what I am saying or you cannot comprehend my message, then the emoji’s are there for you to better understand

        2) Letting people know whats good when it comes to Bradley is so fanboys like yourself can FINALLY acknowledge that he sucks and is only deteriorating with age, which brings the overall talent of the USMNT down, which affects my well-being….. But if this bothers you that means I’m making progress

        3) “You may end up being right that Adams is being wasted at RB”….. anybody else in that position really works for me. GB is not special from Klinsmann or Arena and they all failed, and doing the exact same thing over and over again, expecting things to change is known as …….you got it right…… INSANITY!!! And who is the common denominator ? ??? and what position is he always played in??? I’ll let you figure that one out…..

        4) What is nuts is his involvement in the first place World cup, Gold Cup or street scrimmage doesn’t matter……when he brings nothing special to the table

        5) If EMOJI’s bother you then…….. ?‍♂️ lol

      • He’s not playing RB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WATCH THE GAME, HE’S VIRTUALLY NEVER AT RB!!!!!!! Sorry don’t know how to throw emojis into my response.
        This isn’t Graham Zusi never getting 30 yards upfield so he doesn’t get beaten in behind.
        We’ve seen the Adams hybrid role once, which quickly forced Ecuador to bunker because they had no choice. We get 2 or 3 chances before the GC then 3 group stage matches, and 1 to 2 knockout matches before having to face either Mexico or Costa Rica. That’s 6 to 8 matches to get it right before the GC final. Bradley made two equally as good of passes against Chile, the difference was Baird isn’t Paulson. So why not play two guys in the CM that can make those passes to further spread the defense. This also cuts Pulisic’s defensive responsibilities because he has 3 other midfielders to cover space. The formation isn’t to keep Bradley on the field it is to keep McKennie-Adams-Pulisic connected.
        Just because someone hasn’t done something before doesn’t mean it isn’t right.

      • Johnnyrazor, even if he spends SOME time next to the CM, his role is still RB, and still has to work overtime in that role to stop the flow of attack coming down the wing.

        This is what GB said….
        “This is the beginning phases,” Berhalter said. “We want to test it. We want to see how it looks. We want to see how he adapts and what he gives our team overall. I think if we have, you know, when you look at a profile of a Michael Bradley or a Will Trapp, a very controlling player and you have the dynamic guy next to him in Tyler, who can come inside and still be influential from that position, we think it’s exciting and we want to take a look at it.

        He mentioned Trapp and Bradley as “controlling players” haha ? when has the USMNT EVER controlled the midfield against decent opposition ? ?? Why can’t we have more Dynamic players in that central role and have to settle on two players with ONLY PASSING ABILITIES (well actually back passing abilities).

        Example of an overlapping RB we can use instead…..Nick Lima. Nick Lima was the MAN OF THE MATCH (Best player on the field) against Panama, with the speed, endurance and wheels to cover multiple areas of the field !!!! He played as a wide attacker, overlapped in the midfield and defended for the US in their 3-0 win over Panama. Lima played a large role in the opening goal by Djordje Mihailovic, COVERED IN THE MIDFIELD (that why in the same formation Adams finds himself in the midfield) and made a wonderful pass to spring Corey Baird along the flank.

        SO ?:
        1. WHY ARE WE NOT USING HIM AT RB, WITH ADAMS PLAYING CENTRALLY to create a dynamic team that can play at pace????
        2. why are we not developing him at RB and letting Tyler Adams play in a position he is THE BEST in.
        3. Why are we making room for players that are not even the best MLS has to offer in their respective positions???

      • Bradley is a symptom, not the disease. The disease is in assuming the problem is in this player or that player. That 2 or 3 players brought down the whole system. If we just get rid of all the MLS players or get rid of all the dual nationals the problem will go away. The disease was caused by managers who tried to have the team play possession while being aligned to counter. Hence we neither held possession and were often so outnumbered in the midfield our counter-attack was snuffed out before it started. Berhalter is organizing the squad to maintain possession and to prevent counters. He has put Adams in a spot to be influential in both of those roles.
        Lima first got switched to LB so SJ could try a converted attacker at RB and now has been benched entirely. Now he is far from the only issue that SJ has and they gave up 5 last week without him, but he is not in form to start for the NT.

      • “Bradley is a symptom, not the disease. The disease is in assuming the problem is in this player or that player.”…….Excellent analogy and I agree 100%

        “The disease was caused by managers who tried to have the team play possession while being aligned to counter”….again I have to agree with you, and to add to that we have to mention player placement. Putting wrong players in wrong positions to handle a task far beyond their capabilities

        “He has put Adams in a spot to be influential in both of those roles”….Now that’s were the wheels fall off. GB is not even in the top 50 best coaches in the world. If this was a thing, to put your BEST CENTRAL MIDFIELD player at RIGHT BACK, don’t you think there will be a lot of RB’s at the Ballon d’or or teams would be paying massive amounts of money to find or better yet Adams would be playing at RB for Leipzig???

        I see what you are saying and your analogy with symptom and disease is an excellent rationality comparing cause and effect. Adams can play that position with no roblem what so ever and would be able to keep up with that pace because of his physical abilities and tireless work ethic. Just like Cristiano Ronaldo plays LW (mainly), CF and RW…..but he can DEFINITELY play CAM for almost any team in the world. The very disease that is causing the symptoms is based off of one particular VIRUS (CM)….and as long as others are moved around to accommodate that virus we will ALWAYS have that disease that will in turn give off those same symptoms……in other words, first get rid of that STRAND of the VIRUS, before finding a cure for the disease

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