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Pulisic scores goal, assists on winner in return


Christian Pulisic had himself quite a performance in his return to the pitch for Borussia Dortmund.

The 20-year-old assisted on Dortmund’s eventual winning goal before scoring an insurance goal in his side’s 3-1 home win over VfB Stuttgart.

With the team tied 1-1, it took Pulisic little time to make an impact after coming on in the 79th minute. The midfielder set up Paco Alcacer five minutes later to put the hosts ahead 2-1. Pulisic laid off a pass in the middle of the box which the Spaniard roofed into the top of the net.

Pulisic would ice the home win in the 91st minute after a great pass from Mario Gotze allowed the American to sneak an effort into the bottom-right corner.

It was Pulisic’s fourth goal of the season in all competitions and his first match with a point since Feb. 5th.

Dortmund dropped into second place though despite the win after Bayern Munich’s 6-0 thrashing of Wolfsburg earlier in the day.


  1. Pulisic is not a wide player, more of a center of the field player and in Favre system it seems that he is being asked to stay as glued to his sideline when he is out there. His better play is really when he is more central.

  2. There’s no way that was a pass to Alcacer. Pulisic was trying to get the ball out from under his feet to shoot, Alcacer basically stepped in and put it in the net. Give Pulisic credit for being in the right place and taking some good touches in traffic, but he wasn’t passing the ball.

  3. My question is how is he going to get time a Chelsea when he barely gets minutes at Dortmund. Can someone with a better understanding of the situations explain?

    • Chelsea is historically (at least recently) a bigger club than Dortmund. But this season they have not been better. I don’t think it is a given at all that playing time will be harder to come by at Chelsea than Dortmund.

    • Sancho is actually younger than CP22, and very very good. Many days, he is their best player(yes even better than Reus), not always, but often. So being stuck behind Sancho is no slight. I would like to see him moved centrally where Goetze plays. It will never happen, but I don’t see what Mario brings to the party most days. At chelsea, the competition are mostly older guys. With a 70 Million dollar investment, he will get chances. Whether he can keep the spot. That will be on him

    • Pulisic was definitely off his game for the first half of the season. He’s been better since the break, and was recently injured. Since February, Dortmund have been better when he is in the field.

      • Yeah, the last couple games he’s been out were because of an injury he picked up in the first game against Tottenham.

    • I pretty sure it has more to do with the fact the club knew he was leaving from the get go, so it makes no sense for them to start him more games or as many games as the players who will be there going forward. Last year he was starting more games,or every other game and now he is a sub most times

  4. He might have scored two if Alcacer had not stepped in and taken a swipe on the tie breaker. Nice yield for about 20 minutes of action.

    • Meh…Poacher’s assist and goal today. Sancho should get most credit for his cross into box (setting up Pulisic/Alcacer). With that said, I absolutely reckon it takes superb awareness and positioning to make things happen–which Pulisic obviously understands and executed today. Something tells me BVB will absolutely need an in-form Pulisic if they are to win the Bundesliga.

      • Disagree on the goal my man.
        Watch his smart run into the box, into space, and anticipating what Gotze is going to do. And then a pros finish.
        One of his biggest strenghts is his smart movement off the ball. Give credit where its due. Hasnt scored a bundasliga goal since sept but u wouldnt know it with that cool finish.
        Made it look easy. A poachers goal was the 2nd goal before that. Setup by CPs skill in the box. I think alcacer did the right thing. I think CP,gets his shot blocked if he took it.

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