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Tyler Adams departs USMNT camp


Tyler Adams won’t be a part of the U.S. Men’s National Team’s Tuesday game against Chile.

The RB Leipzig player, who made his debut at right back in the 1-0 win over Ecuador on Thursday, is returning to Germany, U.S. Soccer announced on Friday.

Adams won’t be replaced on the USMNT roster, while Jesse Gonzalez is leaving to possibly play for FC Dallas on Saturday against the Colorado Rapids.

Weston McKennie, who went off injured in Thursday’s game, is staying with the USMNT for further evaluation.


  1. From the sounds of it they had an agreement with RBL,which you would have to think means they’ve agreed to let Adams come to the GC in exchange for him returning early this week.

  2. It sucks for ticket buying fans who wanted to see him but IMO we spend too much time on the perceived starters anyway. I get we are implementing a system — although the best time for that will be in the summer when you can camp and practice for weeks at a time. But for stuff like this, at this stage in proceedings where it’s all friendlies, you really need to see a player like this once in a while, confirm they still play well, and then work on the parts of the roster you don’t know. Their backups. Some prospect we can cap and trial. I assume Lima will play next, and we will see if he is consistent and earns the slot behind Adams. He looked fine last time. If he screws up then we know Lima isn’t the guy, Cannon or someone else gets a shot. So rather than prove a known over and over I am fine with this sort of thing.

  3. It sucks and a scam in terms of people that bought tickets to see our best.

    But in terms of the game, I’m good with this decision. Let him go back healthy, take a breathe, and go after it in the bundasliga.

    Based on that formation and tactics, that position is his.

    I do want to see Lima against better competition. Was impressed by him in Jan. See if he can build off that.

    In terms of McKennie, not surprised by that either.
    If it is indeed a sprained ankle, I’m not a doctor but have sprained my ankle plenty.
    Best to get off it, iced, compressed, elevated as quick and as much as possible.
    Get that swelling under control. I cant imagine flying/traveling being good for swelling.

    Fn hate this injury, painful. You do it once, it is so easy to do it again.

      • yeah when i saw it i knew it had to be worse than a sprain. I’ve broken both of my ankles, the last of which happened exactly the way Westion injured his…it’s a pity but happens!

      • What we commonly call a sprain is a ligament tear and it’s just the relative nastiness of the ligament tear. I assume he’s on up there in degrees because I’ve done knees and ankles and nothing but a MCL sprain was that long a recovery. But it was nasty. Anyhow, practical terms 6 weeks wastes most of the remaining Schalke B.1 season, he might get a game or 2 at the end or just be shut down. For our purposes, it will be a question of whether to call him for GC in June or let him rest/heal. But we have so long before another game the impact on the NT may be limited, unless we leave him off for health reasons.

      • Ah. Well, a sprain ankle is always a type of ligament damage.
        And 6 weeks sounds about right for a significant sprain.

        But yea, get nervous with any mention of ligament damage and fear of surgery. That would really suck. Schalke has to be pissed.
        If I were him, during this time out, I’d tell my agent, start work on getting making sure I stay in the Bundasliga next year.

      • A thought I will lob out there is my best recovery experience was a MCL sprain playing indoor where a few weeks into the recovery I was off to grad school and spent several weeks just getting into that groove before coming back to running and soccer mid fall. IMO if you just do the doctor’s minimum recovery time and try and go back to playing, those are many of the aches and pains I still feel. If I didn’t repull the muscle or such I could play, but he might be best served by being forgotten tilll fall.

  4. RB Lepizig be like, “Wait what you’re playing him out of position and we just saw that Mckennie injury. These are just friendlies and we’re in a battle for a CL spot. Tyler we need you back in Leipzig right now.” Actually it was probably agreed ahead of time which kind of sucks if you think about it especially for the fans buying tickets at those prices, I’d be pissed.

    • Word is it was agreed upon well in advance. We also have to remember Tyler really didn’t get an offseason so if he can get a couple of days to rest even better. Oddly I also heard that McKennie is going to stick around even though he’s injured.
      It seems like this is becoming more and more common, maybe it is just because we are in friendly time so we’ve just forgotten this happens in non-meaningful matches. If you are buying tickets for the 2nd match of a friendly window you just have to expect it, kind of like don’t buy tickets to see your NBA star on the second night of a back to back.

  5. Great.

    Thanks to everyone who bought tickets to USA v. Chile now you don’t get to see the young exciting Bundesliga midfielder.


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