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Argentina, Colombia to host 2020 Copa America


Argentina and Colombia were announced as hosts for the 2020 Copa America, which will feature a new format.

The 10 CONMEBOL have been divided into two groups of six, with the sixth spot in each group left open for the South American federation to invite teams from other regions.

The groups are also separated into North and South regions, with Colombia and Brazil headlining the North and Argentina and Chile aligned in the South.

The top four teams from each group will advance to the knockout round.

In the coming months, the other two participants of the tournament will be determined, and there is a possibility that the United States Men’s National Team and Mexico are extended invitations.

2020 Copa America Draw

North: Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, TBD

South: Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile, TBD



  1. Actually /I hope the US gets and accepts the invite – having another strong tournament (with 5 games!) would be nothing but beneficial to the development of some younger players ahead of 2022.

    • Meh. Confed Cup qualification (1992, 1999, and 2009) lines up with almost every really good tournament we have had (1994, 2000, 2010). But that is going away I understand. CA half the time has led to a lousy tournament or no qualification (1995 [1998] and 2016 [2018]) and half the time was part of a decent run (1993 [1994], 2007 [2010]). Personally I think it’s negative because it led to us trotting out Bedoya, Beckerman, and Jones when they should have been pastured, and we put a lot of energy into a status quo defense that then got beat half the time, which means the summer (plus GC plus playoff plus quali struggles) triggers “what now” instead of confidence. I think we are better off with some downtime punctuated by tests of what we have learned. I think if we have a tournament a year the safe response becomes conservative and backward looking. The coach doesn’t want to take risks as he pursues results, which often makes the results even harder to get.

  2. Hopefully USA and Mexico decline the invitation. The Conmebol lidership are a bunch of arrogant a$$ H les.

    • maybe if we beg hard enough senpai will notice us. doing CA 2020 didn’t help us qualify, and i don’t think constantly feeling pressure to “play to win” helps us actually find the players to do that. we should always try to win but it fosters conservative selection impulses where we don’t experiment or make changes.


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