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Gloster racially abused in Hannover U-23’s match


11 days after winger Duane Holmes was subjected to racial abuse in England, another American player has has received abuse in Europe.

Hannover U-23 defender Chris Gloster is the latest player to receive racial abuse, during a 1-1 draw against VfB Lubeck on Wednesday.

The Bundesliga club made the announcement on Thursday after roughly 200 Lubeck fans insulted the 19-year-old. Gloster received monkey chants from the fans during the match.

“Chris sat in the dressing room with tears in his eyes and he couldn’t believe it,” Hannover academy director Michael Tarnat said in the statement. “He was insulted severely and continually during the match.

“Of course, a young lad like him can’t just swallow it like that. It exceeded tolerable limits and that’s why we decided to report the incident to the FA.”

Hannover and their players showed their support for the U.S. U-20 Men’s National Team defender via social media.

Gloster and Hannover II are next in action on April 28th against Holstein II.


  1. Unfortunately right-wing populism – and its attendant racism and hatred of “forced diversity” – ie, anything that ain’t lily-white – is running rampant across America and even moreso across Europe right now, spurred on by the sewers of reddit and 4chan and the like…and given a hefty push by professional trolls from places like Russia’s Internet Research Agency who have seemingly decided a strategy of dividing the unity of the West is in their best interests. (It isn’t, over the long term, because cultures build up immunity to new forms of social attack…and then they tend to turn on the perpetrator, but nevermind that.)

    A lot of these ultra-type supporters’ groups are toxic as all anyhow, and put the two together and hey, you’ve got yet another racial incident like this one.

    Best solution is just to summarily ban the supporters’ group responsible, but the Powers-That-Be are seldom so incisive.

    • Can you name a recent incident in America with monkey chants or similar racial abuse? I think your politics are clouding your post. This crap is way more prevalent in Europe. If this happened in the US, fans would go kick some ass before MLS even had a chance to intervene…

      • That’s why I said “even moreso in Europe”.

        This wouldn’t fly in America (yet), granted. And I’m actually still technically a registered Republican, though alt-right politics make my teeth hurt, FWIW. Anyone who denies that there hasn’t been a massive surge of alt-right politics of late across the entire Western World though, simply hasn’t been paying attention.

        Go jump on 4chan (or worse, 8chan) sometime. The politics there are…vile. And those cancerous cultures seem to be metastastizing and expanding, finding and recruiting the like-minded, and getting into the mainstream in a way I just haven’t seen before.

    • Let me hear someone like you or anyone else do that crap and you’ll be sucking my fist up your jaw. There is absolutely zero tolerance for that kind of behavior today, and absolutely zero tolerance for people like you who don’t speak out against it.

      • Did MLS (or anyone for that matter) ever formally investigate the alleged death threats/abuse directed to Justin Meram? (No, really, I’m not joking). You would think they would and highly publicize it on dot com.

    • @Scott a dumbass dio 93 No Mexican fans are calling you dumb gringo white Americans on your history of racism and stealing land. Foh, with your stank racist self.

      • That’s just ignorant. We didn’t “steal” any land from Mexico. We either WON IT in a WAR or we BOUGHT it (Gadsen Purchase). #HistoryFail

      • Forcing someone off their land with violence is stealing. Keep justifying the biiogtry and hate you are truly the ignorant one. Also the Native Americans who were living in the south before they were made to walk the trail of tears.

      • LOL. That is kinda funny.

        “We won that land fair and square in a WAR!”

        Fact of the matter is, Mexicans are the descendants of Spanish Conquistadors, who came to the New World plundering and stealing from the get-go. Ask the Aztecs. Though it must be mentioned that the Aztecs were big on wholesale human sacrifice and the systematic rape and butchering of opposing tribes, too….

        Americans, by and large, are descendants of English colonialists, who largely took advantage of the Native American tribal wars – which really weren’t that much nicer than the way the Aztecs dealt with their enemies…

        The takeaway here is that people back in history do not seem to have been very nice. And the legitimacy of “ownership” has always been a slippery subject. For everyone, actually.

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