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Jozy Altidore sidelined by hamstring injury


Toronto FC forward Jozy Altidore is expected to miss the next 2-3 weeks following an MRI on what Greg Vanney originally called hamstring tightness late in the Reds’ 4-3 win over Minnesota United on Friday night.

Altidore came off in the 82nd minute after notching an assist on Jordan Hamilton’s go-ahead goal and said that he was feeling the hamstring during the week and early in the match.

He wasn’t happy with Toronto’s current trainer situation and sounded off after the match. 

“So now this is what I’m faced with — games of egos … hopefully (Manning) can put his ego aside and I can get the guy that’s kept me healthy, kept Michael (Bradley) healthy, kept a bunch of the guys healthy and we can make things move forward,” Altidore said.

“But to run a club you’ve got to be able to put your ego aside and put the players first.

“Again, like I said, the person we’ve been working with the past 3 1/2, four years is not allowed in the building. You give everything on the field, you give everything for the city, you give everything for your teammates and because of a little whatever, misunderstanding with a guy, players got to pay the price. I just think that’s ridiculous.”

Altidore’s comments were directed to the absence of long-time trainer Giuseppe Gueli, who kept guys like he and Michael Bradley avoid such injuries like hamstring tightness.

In a conference call on Monday, TFC President Bill Manning said that he sat down with Altidore to discuss his comments on Friday and that Altidore “didn’t have all of the information.”

Manning added that he had dinner with Gueli in Italy to discuss his new deal and that he is now with the club and emphasized that he is there for the whole team, not just Altidore and Bradley.


  1. He is clearly one of those athletes who is always going to have hamstring problems. Is there ever a season this has not happened? It just seems like he’s continually having hamstring problems. Sadly, they have come at some very bad times for the USA i.e. World Cup.

  2. I wonder who was at fault all those other times Jozy was injured when the trainer was there, or when he barely scored any goals at Hull City, or couldn’t stay in the side at Sunderland, or didn’t crack the lineup at Villareal? Game of egos, indeed.

    • Guess you conveniently forgot about his goal fest in the netherlands.

      Look, criticism is warranted but cant fault a guy for leaving the US and attempting europe. He didnt pull a Donovan and leave with his tail between his legs.

      Those two epl squads were awful. Villareal, he was a kid. Scored in his like first game, then never gave him a shot – whos knows why.

      You can call him out for other things but your case is unfair.

      • My comment was meant more to blast Altidore for his comments – not that he’s a waste of a player – as he’s had a great career in MLS when he’s played. I simply find his lash out at TFC’s President this way to be another example of him blaming everyone but himself for what is happening, whether it be his fitness, injuries, or play.

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