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MLS clubs to pursue training compensation and solidarity payments for academy products


Major League Soccer announced on Thursday they will follow FIFA regulations in regards to solidarity payments and training compensation.

MLS clubs will now be compensated for developing players, who then opt out to sign their first professional contract with foreign clubs. The amount could reach into the six figures and clubs will also receive a cut of the transfer fees when players are transferred to a club in a different country.

“We have been making increasing investments in youth development, and that investment has accelerated over the past few years,” MLS executive vice-president of player relations and competition Todd Durbin said of the announcement. “We intend on continuing to make that investment and we want to grow that investment. But in the event that a player that we developed decides to sign overseas, we believe that we should be able to recoup the value of that investment.”

Whenever a player is transferred before the end of their current contract, and they are transferred to a different country then a club will receive solidarity payments.

Training compensation is also due to a club when a player is transferred to a new club in another country up until the season of his 23rd birthday.

A full list of FIFA’s Regulations regarding the status and transfer of players can be found here.


  1. So Crossfire Premier and the myriad non MLS academies (where a great number of these kids come from) will also be receiving their portion of these funds as well?

    Oh, now we want to do it the FIFA way…


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