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Weston McKennie returns to Schalke training


After being injured on international duty with the U.S. Men’s National Team back in March, Weston McKennie has returned to training with Schalke.

According to Sky Sports, McKennie rejoined Schalke in training in hopes to get back on the pitch again this domestic season. The 20-year-old midfielder suffered ruptured ankle ligaments on March 21st in the USMNT’s 1-0 friendly win over Ecuador.

McKennie has been a versatile player for Schalke this season, appearing in 28 matches across all competitions. He’s scored two goals and added five assists but has been unable to help Schalke avoid a horrid calendar year, which has seen them post a 2-7-2 record in league action.

Schalke has also been eliminated from both the UEFA Champions League and German DFB Pokal this season.

The team is currently five points clear of the relegation zone with six matches remaining. Their schedule still sees matches against three top-half opponents including Borussia Dortmund and Hoffenheim.

McKennie’s return would be a positive one with the USMNT gearing up for this summer’s Concacaf Gold Cup. Prior to that, the team is reportedly set to face Jamaica in a friendly at Audi Field on June 5th.

Schalke takes on Nuremberg this Friday in the Bundesliga.


    • I initially wanted to say bueno but a minute later I come around to your position, which is I might have been happiest if he had been shut down for the season to fully heal. Schalke is still in slight relegation danger so they might be rushing it. Or maybe he healed up, but “ruptured” sounded on the nasty end of the sprain spectrum. I figured a month, 6 weeks.

      • A few days after Berhalter made a comment that he expected McKennie back because it was not a severe injury. I think it’s more a translational issue with the word rupture.

      • By my count we are roughly 2 weeks from the injury and back to practice. I understand you’re into apologia but if you’ve ever sprained an ankle that is fast, no matter how you grade it. That looked nasty. Harvard Med says 3-6 weeks grade 2 and months grade 3. I remember being on crutches for weeks. I am sure you can get someone back faster but I also remember tweaking the ankle all the time, and I know from an ankle injury I played through in college that it can stick with you if not rested and healed right.

      • A classic IV comment: overall negative view, claims to know more than the experts (doctors, managers, other training staff), reminds everyone that he played in college.

      • i am not a negative person, i just don’t bother posting cheerleading, and i sure as heck wouldn’t post an excuse for questionable decisionmaking. i didn’t claim to know more than anyone, i cited harvard med’s treatment schedule. i do consider myself relevant because the ankle i played through in college still hurts. i don’t want another holden or o’brien. if you want to call that “negative” have at it. it’s actually i care that these guys don’t get broken to try and fix relegation issues. you taking up for the team is only “positive” in a narrow sense, and may result in a more long term downer.

      • Given those Harvard online estimates are really for the average person that isn’t receiving on going daily treatments the difference between your 3 weeks and 2.5 weeks isn’t much. I don’t know when you went to college but from your description of your treatment it doesn’t sound like they followed current rehabilitation practices, which as your Harvard website points out makes it more likely that a person could experience injury recurring or long term pain. Or you simply had a higher degree sprain than Weston.

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