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Report: Motherwell ‘desperately’ after Gboly Ariyibi

Gboly Ariyibi has impressed on-loan at Scottish Premier League side Motherwell and the club is reportedly interested in obtaining his services permanently.

According to the Nottingham Post, Motherwell are ‘desperately’ trying to acquire Ariyibi from Nottingham Forest. The 24-year-old winger spent the second-half of this past season with Motherwell, scoring two goals and adding two assists in 17 appearances.

“We’re desperately trying to keep him and negotiating with Forest,” Motherwell manager Stephen Robinson said. “We’ve got a lot of players to sign and we’re actively trying to do that.”

Ariyibi joined Nottingham Forest from Chesterfield for roughly £500,000 in 2017 but has yet to make a single appearance for the English second-tier side. He’s spent time on-loan with MK Dons and Northampton Town, scoring three goals in 34 combined appearances.

The American-born Ariyibi has featured for the U.S. U-20 and U-23 Men’s National Teams in the past but has yet to earn a call-up to the senior team.

Motherwell finished in eighth place in the SPFL, posting a 15-17-6 record.


  1. I have him on my Fifa 18 Leicester City career mode. I feel like he can get to Premiere League level for a mid table team in a couple year’s.

  2. These stories crack me up. Motherwell had attendance of about 5k per game….in Scotland.
    But somehow the American readers are going to care in droves.
    Meanwhile a 16 year old scores 4 goals IN THE US, in front of an actual crowd.
    Motherwell fans, not trying to insult root away. good luck.

    • I count 3 articles in the last month that the first word in the headline is Busio. SBI doesn’t search out transfer rumors when others report them they report. When someone writes about teams interested in Busio they’ll share those here.

      • Well it is possible I missed it. If so, sorry… But most likely it was U-17 stories, not stories on how guys like him are doing in professional ranks. Which are VERY lacking.
        My point stands. I don’t hate this guy, I hope he crushes it. I just think there are MANY other players better than him. And the play in a league that the readers actually watch. Players who have been called up to the Nat team, but players we didn’t even barely know who they were…and we watch MLS all the time.

    • Sad we live in a world where you feel inclined to only praise one person and not the other. Busio and Ariyibi are both American, both excelling at their age. Why are you against Ariyibi finding a new club and why are you upset that a team has shown such vocal interest in him? This should be good news but you’re trying to say “No, screw this dude! Let’s focus on 16 year olds on a streak (as if every european team hasn’t had their fair share of 16 year old prodigys).

      Sorry to whine about soccer in the US, but the sport is bigger than the MLS. Once MLS fans realize that, maybe the country can grow a little more

      • Mr Hockey, Quit Whining never said screw this dude. In fact he said he hopes he crushes it. But my beef is with your past paragraph. MLS fans are quite aware of where the league stands. Perhaps you are not aware where the league stands (kind of the thesis of the original post). Your comment pretty much proves that by simply including ‘the” prior to MLS and then with the actual content of your statement. I can see why I was the only reply – it was so off based Quit Whining probably didn’t want to justify it. The only other explanation for the last paragraph would be your just a troll.

    • Bro, it’s in your name …”Quit whining” … “But most likely it was U-17 stories, ” …UM, no. The stories were about Busio’s rapid ascent and development in the pro ranks. Kid is hot fire. I’m sure that in the last year there have been at least 5 articles where he’s had a headline or paragraph written about him.

      Quit Whining … start reading … nobody is overlooking the young cats. In fact, we used to complain on here that Ives (and crew) were giving too much ink to the hyped and underperforming kids who couldn’t break into their respective MLS/European sides. My my how things have changed.


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