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Report: PSG will listen to offers for Weah

Timothy Weah has yet to fully grasp a starting role with Ligue 1 giants Paris Saint-Germain and the club reportedly will listen to offers for him.

According to RMC Sport, Weah will not stay at the club next season. The 19-year-old recently spent the last four-and-a-half months with Scottish Premier League side Celtic on-loan.

Weah scored four goals in 17 appearances for the Glasgow side, but saw his loan cut early by Celtic boss Neil Lennon. The forward has returned to PSG before he links up with the U.S. U-20 Men’s National Team, who head to Poland for the FIFA U-20 World Cup.

Crystal Palace and Rennes are reportedly linked with Weah, while a third team is also in the mix. Weah is currently under contract with PSG until 2021, but only has made five senior appearances.

Weah has won eight senior caps with the USMNT, all in 2018 under then interim head coach Dave Sarachan.


  1. I’m really excited for the next two months of soccer. If nothing else, it will mean a nice new set of actual, direct data points and a reprieve from these terrible comparison-by-proxy arguments about “who’s better”

    • Here’s the deal, you can do apples to apples with him. He had a goal last year in 8 caps. There are players “ahead” of him who have never scored for the US, or have as many goals as he does in their past several years. The proxy game is then usually played backwards to try and erase that. “But what does he do for club?” In that backward sense it is actually intended to erase apples to apples in favor of apples and oranges. We then start talking up Zardes, Baird, and all manner of club-happy relative rubbish. I think you are right that it will end those games. But the intent of those games has been to almost argue away how a player already looks in the shirt, which is not a proxy, but instead should be the point. I could get the anti-club arguments if like Wood he had gone cold everywhere. But he had 6 goals in 111 minutes — barely more than a full game — albeit spread across like 20 sub appearances.

      • You are making the assumption that 3G calls in his 23 best players each time. Gregg told the media that is not the case so quit trying to read Tea leaves and making huge assumptions and relax.

      • you’re making the mistake of assuming he is in the neighborhood of his best 23. and my POV is I can only evaluate who he brings in and if he repeatedly goes with someone i start to assume they are his core. since they aren’t being rotated.

  2. Weah, had a lot of variables working against him with ‘Tic. His production rate tells a lot more truthful story than anything else.
    Lennon, was putting out his “bhoys”, a lot of the loan players sat on the bench. In fact, by the end of here, all four of Rodger’s latest transfer guys were on the bench. Clearly Weah was favored more by Rodgers, who was not in a coaching audition, and didn’t care if a player was on loan or not.
    Fact is, when Weah played, he played well for a young buck and under difficult circumstances (plenty of 81st minute subs), If Rodgers has stuck around, his loan would have been far more productive on the stat sheet.

  3. @The Imperative Voice, I really hope your boy Weah will back you up and shine in the U20 World Cup. Let’s talk again in a month, Extracting apple to orange statistic is meaningless. Let’s see if Weah’s performance in real competitions is as good as what you are selling him to be.

  4. They are smart for choosing Weah for the u20s. And he is for going. For him, he will get euro suitor eyes on him. Especially, if he leads scoring board. Gold cup wont do squat for him. And i dont think he is ready. How many times have we seen young guys burn out quick. Need the guys to develop and fight for it. Sargent, is a more mature player, for his position as target man. Unlike Weah, he has a club and can use the GC to build off of into preseason. Weah scoring in a friendly last year is meaningless. He has talent, clearly, but needs consistency and improve his all around game. For the senior team, he will need to be more dynamic if he is to compete on wing. I think he shld be a striker. Prob with senior team is that we play with a target fwd and the pecking order is out of reach for him at moment.

    • sorry, no, if i take baird (0 NT goals) or lewis (doesn’t start in MLS, 0 NT goals) or Zardes (1 goal in 3 NT years) or ebobisse (0 NT goals) or Nova (0 NT goals), leaving off the guy who has in fact scored for the national team is kind of jacked up. and from where i am sitting, not wanting the next twellman or wondo, i care if they can do the productive job on the team i want them for.

      • Imp Voice is correct. Although Zardes is a fine choice, we don’t have a ton of choices.

      • If you want to argue that Weah should be on the national team simply because you think he is better than the competition, go right ahead. But basing your argument on goal scoring numbers is a little misleading when Weah has a grand total of one goal for the national team. Sure, one goal is better than zero goals, but it’s not like Weah has been tearing it up. And yes, Zardes has only one goal in three years, but he only has 13 appearances for the national team since 2016. Weah has one goal in 8 appearances, which is not much better than Zardes’ production since 2016, and slightly worse than Zardes’ overall production for the national team (7 goals in 44 appearances). Which is not to say that Weah shouldn’t be on Berhalter’s radar, but he needs a club situation where he’s getting on the field regularly.

      • To be clear, in a perfect world, would love to see Weah with the full team.

        I’m no advocate for Baird (dont know enough about him), I do like Lewis based on the Jan friendlies but your point is very valid (i do think he brings a spark of bench with his speed and crossing ability. We don’t have many in the pool that can cross, honestly).

        Zardes – is playing really well and his touch and hold up play have dramatically improved. (see his last assist to CP? That touch off the long ball was world class. I argue that he rivals for the top spot at target forward vs Jozy, assuming he is still in the picture.

        Look, I’m being realistic with Weah, his club situation, and Berhalter’s system.
        Weah is not a target man at the moment. I like him at striker in a two man system. not how greg primarily plays at the moment.

        Weah’s summer and the club decision could make or break his trajectory.
        If he can get loaned out or sold to a team in the eredivisie or even stay in france next year ,get in the starting 11 week in and week out, that’s it right there.

        I’ll be closely following both tourneys – excited for the u20s.

      • i get what you’re saying and the U20s aren’t horrifying. that’s better than the u23 fakery when he may be unavailable. but he has a goal on the senior team so i am lost why he has to go back down and show bona fides. and whether we should be comfortable with the GC roster and this decision relates a lot to who is on the GC team. if some scrubs make that team and i am still hearing how it is that weah needs to prove himself, that’s kind of ironic. and there is a lot of that going on around the field, defensive players who get beat but we don’t try new people, trapp and some others in the midfield, some of the 3rd keeper choices. it’s like if he’s on the team why not a b c d. and then the excuse why is usually something that if i applied it to trapp or the like they laughably meet no better.

  5. I think he needs to do well in the U-20 WC to land at a decent club. Right now I think he appears like an under achiever or else Celtic would play him more or PSG hold on to him. There would certainly be nothing wrong if he lands at a mid table club in a top 5 league and plays fairly regularly. He needs opportunity to play and develop and he really hasn’t gotten that yet.

    • I think it’s an arrogant American thing to consider seasons of less than a jillion goals as under-achievement. he’s sitting behind mbappe and neymar at PSG. at celtic he was on the SPL champion team, sitting behind some good scorers after coming over mid-season, and himself contributing 6 goals this season at a rate of 1 goal every 111 minutes he played (for comparison, Zardes scores every 262 minutes….but he starts). with that strike rate plus USMNT goals in the bank already it is foolish to leave him off the team like he sucks and is underachieving. for a real comparison, zelalem i think has like 1 career professional goal despite “Arsenal,” and has done zip for the US. as far as this “top 5 league” malarkey clearly you haven’t learned from his past couple years or several other similar players sitting the bench around europe. what he needs, if but to shut up the snobs, is playing time.

      • I’m talking about how other teams probably view him, not necessarily how I view him. If PSG thought he had a real future, they wouldn’t want to deal him. This sounds like they want to unload him because they don’t think he will ever be good enough for PSG. As for his future with the US, what has been a standard rule of thumb is that anyone good enough to start for a team in a top 5 league is good enough to start for the USMNT. We are a little better than that now, but I’m no snob about these things. Dempsey was undoubtedly our best pure striker and his Fulham team only finished in the top half of the table maybe once. Also, several seasons Dempsey started on the bench and had to earn his way onto the field. I think Weah has a lot of potential and just needs the opportunity and he could be a mainstay for the national team for a long time, but it depends on how hard he works and his desire to achieve.

      • this is really not complicated. if you are at Dortmund or PSG not emerging as a superstar starter is not some massive slam. they have a ton of youth talent. they can buy anyone they want to start ahead of you. mcbride failed at wolfsburg. landon’s career started with him not cutting the mustard at leverkusen and coming back to SJ on loan. Fulham was bottom half of the EPL when Clint started there. one can argue the player made the team rather than the reverse. so i want weah to go someplace that wants him and will showcase him. you offer a nice goal but when many of the players playing in elite leagues are like Yedlin, so what. that doesn’t make him better than Adams, who was NYRB almost last week, or Cannon. it would be great to have a team composed of the best from the champions league but the reality is we have like 4 players in the whole tournament so engage with reality. and more pointedly, if we give weah crap for not starting at PSG and then start Baird from RSL that is absurd.

  6. this is all for the best. i think he should already be on the senior NT for GC based on scoring for them last year ( i understand he may have chosen U20, but I think he and sargent should be with the adults). when he does play for Celtic he has a high strike rate. but for those who crudely throw around playing time, getting him out of PSG and playing every week will shut the lame excuses up. i think the only people with a problem on this will be the name brand club snobs putting “PSG” over actual career trajectory.

    • The French U20 team would win the GC. He really looked lost in his last couple of USMNT games, but I wouldn’t have been mad if he’d skipped the U20 WC for GC. Not sure what to take from his stint in Scotland. It’s obvious that Lennon didn’t like him as much as Rodgers, but when you look at Ariyibi who had similar success at Motherwell despite being able to find any first team minutes in the English Championship. It makes it hard for me when he was on a team with far superior talent than the opposition almost everytime and only scored 3 goals in a league worse than MLS.

      • Oops typo Gboly Ariyibi couldn’t get on the field for Nottingham Forest. He never had more than 3 goals in his years in League One. In his half season in SPL he had 2 goals and 3 assists compared to Weah’s 3 goals and 1 assist. To be fair Ariyibi has a lot more minutes even though appearances are similar.

      • yeah that distinction is important. Ariyibi had more than twice as many minutes as Timo did.
        1269 minutes vs 522 minutes.
        Tim had a goal or assist every 104 minutes.
        Gboly had a goal or assist every 254 minutes.
        i don’t consider that production to be similar at all.

      • you’re just running right past the goal every 111 minutes bit and the rest is noise. all he needs is someplace to play. when someone scores at that rate, it’s the coach’s fault for not playing him. to imply the coach has it right with those numbers is dense.

      • and the worst part is you ignore weah had a USA goal last year. oh but let’s sit him behind Baird, or Zardes, or any old dingbat we can come up with. i mean, do people realize Zardes has like 1 goal in 3 years? whatever measuring stick is being used is not being applied evenly across the board. but then i remember people touting Berhalter when Tata and others were available, so we don’t seem to care about the actual best anymore, but rather what we can argue is value.

    • But if you score every 115 minutes and you aren’t a regular player for your team what does that say. Celtic is good for Scotland but they didn’t even make the quarters of the Europa League so it’s not like they are loaded. He had a good scoring rate for PSG in his two matches but they still brought in Chopo Martin on a free transfer to play instead. So two clubs saw enough deficiency in his game to not play him despite his goal numbers. As someone above said the U20 WC provides him a much better chance to play in front of European scouts and actually probably more talented competition than the first rounds of the GC. Finally he’ll be able to join PSG on time for preseason to prove to them he needs to stay. Of course he’s better than Baird but that doesn’t mean the GC is better for him.

      • Celtic are loaded. The guys in front of Tim deserved to be in front of Tim.
        The big difference between Rodgers and Lennon was rotation.
        Rodgers looked at managing his stockpile of available dudes like they were toys to play with.
        Lennon looked at them as a burden on his efforts to win back the dream job he was canned from 5 years ago.
        it’s not a coincidence that pretty much all of the guys Rodgers brought in during the winter window were forsaken once Lennon got there.. Bayo, Burke, Toljan, Timmy.

      • I think it depends on what your referencing. If you are talking on his development as a 19 year old it’s a good year and an excellent learning experience. If as IV is trying to say is a clear indication he should be on the GX roster than no it’s not an accomplishment that proves that. What is more impressive is he scored 3 goals in 140 roughly minutes and had one assist in his first two weeks with the club. However, even with those impressive numbers and his 2 goals in three matches with PSG both Lennon and Tuchel passed on him. Tuchel didn’t even set him on the bench after week 2. I just get the impression there are problem areas in his game that his clubs see that we don’t because of his limited time. I think we’ll see another loan, unless someone makes a crazy offer. An outstanding WC could boost that number I don’t think a good GC would really move that needle.

    • East: Very different clubs but it does say something that Ariyibi won a starting spot and kept it. Using the goals per minute stat is deceptive guys like Alan Gordon and Conor Casey has great GPM stats over the years but we’re not very good.

      • do you not think Tim would’ve been a starter for Motherwell?
        i watch these matches. i watch SPL.
        Weah > Ariyibi, and it’s not close at all.

      • i’ll put it another way: Ariyibi wouldn’t have made the bench for Celtic a single time this season.

      • The point is scoring 3 goals in the SPL is not that big of an accomplishment not that Ariyibi is better than Weah.

      • if that’s your point, Johnny, then i respectfully, wholeheartedly disagree.
        scoring 3 SPL goals for Celtic during 4 odd months of spot minutes in SPL under 2 different managers is a fantastic accomplishment for Tim.
        add his 1 SFA cup goal and 2 PSG goals to that, and i suspect this whole year only served to increase Tim’s value.
        i’ll be shocked if he gets sold for less than €10 million.

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