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SBI QOTD: Should Zlatan be suspended for Johnson incident?

It’s safe to say that L.A. Galaxy striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic is one of the most talented forwards in Major League Soccer. It’s also safe to say that Ibrahimovic can cause drama whenever on the pitch.

After an incident with Real Salt Lake’s Nedum Onouha two weeks ago, the Swedish forward was involved in another confrontation this past weekend against NYCFC.

Ibrahimovic and NYCFC goalkeeper Sean Johnson grappled in Saturday’s inter conference showdown at Dignity Sports Health Park. Johnson bumped into Ibrahimovic after the striker missed an effort on goal, forcing the Swede to retaliate.

Ibrahimovic grabbed the neck of Johnson which saw both players fall to the ground. Johnson acted like was violently grabbed by the striker, but video review showed that Johnson looked to have been gripped up by Ibrahimovic causing him to fall.

Although Johnson looked to have fallen pretty easily, there is still zero excuse for Ibrahimovic to raise his hands towards the NYCFC goalkeeper. Both players received yellow cards for the incident but remained on the field.

Johnson was quoted post match saying that NYCFC got the best of Ibrahimovic during the scuffle. MLS has yet to decide any ruling involving the incident, but Ibrahimovic’s past altercations could lead to a possible suspension.

So, SBI wants your opinion on the incident involving Ibrahimovic and Johnson. Should the striker be suspended in order for MLS to set an example that no player is above the law? Should Johnson receive punishment for embellishment?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. If MLS is going to suspend him, do it quick and only for this weekend cuz I have tickets to the LAG-Orlando game next week…

  2. Inside the jawbone underneath is a pressure point – Zlatan knew exactly what he was doing and needs to be suspended for a few games.


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