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USMNT to host Cuba in first Nations League match

The U.S. Men’s National Team will be at home for its first match in the inaugural Concacaf Nations League.

U.S. Soccer announced on Tuesday that Gregg Berhalter’s side will host Cuba on Oct. 11th before traveling to Canada four days later.

The group stage will conclude in November as Canada visits the USMNT on Nov. 15th before the Stars and Stripes travel to Cuba on the 19th.

No sites have been determined yet for the USMNT’s group stage matches. The top team in Group A at the conclusion of the group stage will advance to the semifinals while the last place team drops into Group B.

The USMNT is also planning on participate in friendlies during the September FIFA dates.

The Nations League groups are:

A — United States, Cuba, Canada

B — Bermuda, Mexico, Panama

C — Martinique, Honduras, Trinidad and Tobago

D — Costa Rica, Curacao, Haiti


  1. Depending on where Canada decides to host their match against the U.S., expect venues in Northern U.S. cities to host the U.S. vs. Cuba match. For the November matches, Southern U.S. cites will be under consideration. Logistically, this is to reduce travel time. Think Atlanta, Columbus, Jacksonville, Minnesota, Orlando, Portland, Seattle, Tampa.

  2. The comments above are take US money and distribute it to teams we compete against.
    If this is all we play we are going to be in trouble.


    Both are true. NOW whatcha wanna do? Cause Europe said, we are locking out other nations playing us. South America obviously doesn’t need anyone, they could hold a better World Cup with only their 10 teams ( less bad teams ).
    So. Yes it is going to be US playing regionally.

    BTW, I think these league of nations are a travesty, but money rules the path and CONCACAF/US ain’t in the drivers seat.

    • Basically the same reason that the Gold Cup is always held in the US.
      For CONCACAF to make money off US, Mexico, & Canada fans and redistribute that money to the minnows of our region allowing them to continue to field men & women teams.
      It’s basically worthless for the US or any of the other top tier teams. But for all the minnows or countries that have a hard time scheduling games (no interest or lack of funds) it gives them a chance to get games as a team.

      • Yea, sure you are spot on.
        I get it though – we want those funds distributed to our competition. High tide raises all boats.

        But if our national team continues with the ridiculous high ticket prices for crap games, ticket sales wont be there.

        I just dont get the competitive end game? No bearing on the Confeds Cup.
        That is seemingly going out the window, I think?

        They will try and build this up as the “champion of CCAF”. But that’s a paperweight title.
        Qualification is the real fight.

        Bright side, hopefully it keeps us sharp and humble when it comes to CONCACAF.
        And gets more of our fringe players opportunity to play in “competitive” matches outside of January camp friendlies.

  3. I don’t care who the coach is, if this is the caliber of teams the USMNT will be playing the next 3 years, WC2022 will be a very short tournament for our boys…

    • definitely not practice for the world cup, but at least it will prepare us to play the crummy teams that we couldn’t handle during the last World Cup Qualifying Stage so that MAYBE WE CAN MAKE IT TO THE CUP THIS TIME!!! I still don’t think it was fair that we had to play both Trinidad AND Tobago at the same time.

      • You’re right, Lil Bobby. With Vela, Hernandez & co. not taking international duty seriously, Tata has a real challenge ahead.

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