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Adams withdraws from Gold Cup roster due to injury

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Tyler Adams will miss the 2019 Concacaf Gold Cup due to injury.

U.S. Soccer announced on Tuesday that Adams has been diagnosed with acute on chronic groin issues which will require a minimum of six-to-eight weeks recovery period.

The 20-year-old had been expected to join the USMNT camp today after given a lengthy break after the end of this domestic season at RB Leipzig. Adams’ last club appearance came on May 18th against Bayern Munich in the German Cup Final.

With Adams off the Gold Cup roster, FC Dallas defender Reggie Cannon has been named in Adams’ spot.

Cannon, 20, has won two caps with the USMNT. He made his debut in a 1-1 draw against Peru in Oct. 2018. One of MLS’ top right-backs, the defender has made 40 appearances with FCD since signing for them in 2017.

Cannon will fight with Nick Lima for the starting right-back spot in the Gold Cup, both who bring versatility and speed to the mix.

The USMNT are coming off back-to-back friendly defeats to Jamaica and Venezuela respectively. Gregg Berhalter’s side opens group stage play on June 18th against Guyana in Minneapolis.


  1. I might be looking forward to the Gold Cup MORE now.
    There are going to be some interesting games with the diminished Mexico and US teams.
    From the US standpoint, this could be very ugly. You know who GB has as favorites, they aren’t mine, you know what we don’t have as an option, you know the other CONCACAF teams are getting stronger and stronger.

  2. Berhalter is another one of these guys who thinks he is Pep and can reinvent the wheel. He is more concerned with proving how tactically brilliant he is than just putting the best team out there, give them a workable game plan and let them play.

    • have to laugh at your Pep comment. I dont like the guy’s arrogance either but you realize Pep just won back to back Premier League titles (100 pts, 98 pts), has won the CL, Spanish titles, and Bundasliga titles? And is still a really young manager.

      I can’t stand the guy because all he has done is manage top talent and never had to prove himself before the big time. you or I could manage a team with Messi and do well. I respect his back to backs with City more than anything.

      So if winning is “reinventing the wheel”, I want that.

      I believe our current pool needs more than just a “game plan and go out and play”.
      OUR CURRENT TALENT DID NOT QUALIFY FOR THE 2018 WORLD CUP. Status quo does not work. We need to do things differently! There will be growing pains and we are in it. This crap should have been worked out last year but the USSF screwed us.
      So here we are.

      Not saying Berhalter is the answer and don’t take my comment to mean I think Berhalter is anywhere near Pep’s galaxy.

      “put our best players out there” – this is not a video game or an all star team. Our best is not good enough to be an all star team. We need tactics, a plan, we need a team.

      small example, Bruce Arena – ’02 World Cup. Played 4-4-2 in group play. Barely got thru group. Rd. of 16 vs Mexico – swtiched to 3-5-2, took Mexico off guard.
      Managers job is to put their players in the best position to win – based on their strengths and opponents weaknesses. Players execute and win games.

      Besides, what “best players” are we missing?
      Do we really think a Weah or Sargent would make that much of a difference right now?
      PS – Weah just had a couple of great moments vs. teenagers but certainly didnt dominate.
      Sargent, had his shot. (argument there but does he make a difference?)

      Will keep saying this but Adams positioning is an example of my point.
      He is one of our best players. Ok, you put him at CDM, where he will be running around putting our fires and then trying to be dangerous too.

      Fine. Then our RB position.
      Who goes there – let’s see, Lima, Yedlin (when healthy), Reggie Cannon, anyone else?

      So then you are degrading the RB position. Which seems to be a total American thing to do. The fullback positions seem to be so underrated. But they are extremely important in the modern day attack.

      I’d rather Bradley do the bulk of the dirty work and allow Adams to still do what he does (from a RCM position) and being given the freedom to push forward from there. The trick is finding someone that can do this from the left side.

      The real argument made should be if we have the talent behind him to cover for that gap when pushing up. I would say that we have seen gaps all over the place in a traditional fullback setup so WTF is the difference?

      I want to see these tactics implemented in a competitive tournament.
      They could sink. I’d rather see us try different things during this time, then kicking the can down the road, do the same old, same old.

      Soccer has evolved and CCAF have caught up to us.
      Unfortunately, the modern American player does not have that grit that we are used to. Believe me, I miss that. That generation is gone.

      All this said, I love the pressure by the fan base being put on USSF and the manager to win.
      And the arguments on both sides. Means we care and want more.

      If Berhalter is indeed a losing arrogant theorist, than this tourney will show that.
      Would rather that be shown now than by masking it and figuring that out in qualification.

      • Mysterious,

        Chandler? my man, he played 16 minutes this year. On 5.5.19.
        I have treid to defend him countless times to my friends last cycle. Fact is, he
        has had horrible showings in the USMNT shirt.

        Lichaj – I’m with you on him, versatile – full back on both sides. in the current situation, would
        rather see him as the LB.

        Shaq Moore? Sure, RB potential. Made bench in La Liga for last game of season.
        Potential but heading into this Gold Cup, don’t think he is there.
        Over Reggie Cannon? Splitting hairs.

        CCV – i like him, always liked him over Miazga.
        And wouldnt oppose that but as a traditional RB.
        He has two things against him. Lack of speed and would bring nothing offensively.

        Valid mentions, especially when you are in the situation we are in without Adams.
        But when Adams is back, none of these guys convince me.
        Adams improves the RB position and also potentially improves the play of the CDM (Bradley).

      • With Chandler I was saying GB should give him a look cause he was making the first team bench for the Europa League final rounds against Chelsea last month in May

  3. I will miss seeing him play, but I won’t miss worrying about him picking up a new and more serious injury on artificial or temporary turf, or against rough opponents with dubious officiating, which I imagine is something that any player already starting on a good international club team would be concerned about in Concacaf for entirely valid reasons. Surely this tournament is better suited to working on the depth and teamwork of the team as a whole anyway, even if it looks like there’s still a lot of work to do. Hopefully more international players will be available again by the time WCQ really gets going.
    I still have a couple of questions that haven’t really been cleared up, maybe because I didn’t get them posted early enough and this forum has no homepage where you can see new activity in ongoing threads.
    One is whether you experts really like the idea of either 4-1-4-1 or 5-1-3-1 defensively, all the more so if you have fewer world-class individual players and thus need to work more in packs and help each other out. It seemed to me that that system puts a lot of responsibility on whoever the 1 DM is, so much so that it easily might not have helped enough anyway to have a really good “hybrid RB” only moderately close by. Though I also agreed that giving Adams that kind of extra responsibility didn’t seem entirely fair in the first place.
    The other is why you are all saying, if I understand correctly, that Adams isn’t as good at RB. I haven’t seen him play but a few times overall, either at New York or at Leipzig, but I thought he had played there at least a few times since being at Leipzig and had also done pretty well. Is that not right? How many times has he played at either position for either team?
    Or did you just mean that in this team, unlike his club team, he was more urgently needed in defensive midfield? I would have thought that would have been true if Yedlin had been available, but not necessarily now that both RB and LB are both question marks.

    • I’m no expert (sic) whatsoever. In some ways, I think you actually answered your own questions (at least partially). Personally, I don’t “like” or “dislike” any given defensive formation (per your question). I also don’t expect Man. City (name your team) futbol from the MNT. I DO expect a sense of cohesive and forward-flowing play with players best able to carry out a particular objective….certainly with an eye to the upcoming future.

    • Bradley? the guy is only on this squad because of Berhalter and the old-guard. Pulisic and Bradley are nowhere near each other right now. laughable to group them together.

    • Bradley is currently suffering from an ongoing injury. Isn’t that why he did not play in the two friendlies? And how did we do without him?

      I don’t know that he is the answer – especially in the long run – but we certainly don’t look good without him in the line-up.

  4. RB Leipzig: “Still a Hybrid RB???? WTF? Physio sez you need more time to heal that injury. ” [Rangnick rolling eyes]

  5. Now lets see WHAT SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED with Tyler Adams NOT playing the “Hybrid right back” role ?…….Get well soon kid ???


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