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Pulisic, Adams, Bradley headline USMNT Gold Cup roster

Christian Pulisic, Tyler Adams, and Michael Bradley lead the 23-man U.S. Men’s National Team Gold Cup roster, announced on Thursday, with Josh Sargent among the players who failed to miss the cut.

Sargent headlined the list of players who were left off the final Gold Cup roster, joining Antonee Robinson, Cameron Carter-Vickers, Sebastian Lletget, and Joe Gyau among those who missed out.

“As always, there were some difficult decisions to be made for this roster and I’m extremely pleased with how the players have shown so far this year overall,”  Berhalter said. “We’ve had a chance to look at the player pool for the last six months and we feel great about the group that will take on the task of trying to win the Gold Cup. This is only the start of the journey. Our ambition is to progress as a team throughout the tournament and put ourselves in a position to be playing July 7 in Chicago.”

Berhalter announced postmatch on Wednesday that Sebastian Lletget would not be included due to an injury picked up in MLS play with the L.A. Galaxy.

USMNT newcomers Duane Holmes and Tyler Boyd did make the Gold Cup squad. Holmes made his national team debut on Wednesday, playing only 29 minutes as he returned from a calf injury. Boyd did not dress for the friendly and is waiting to win his first cap for the USMNT.

The USMNT faces Venezuela on Sunday before kicking off group stage play on June 18th against Guyana.

Here’s the USMNT’s final 23-player roster:

GOALKEEPERS: Sean Johnson (New York City FC; 7/0), Tyler Miller (LAFC; 0/0), Zack Steffen (Columbus Crew SC; 9/0)

DEFENDERS: Tyler Adams (RB Leipzig/GER; 10/1), Omar Gonzalez (Toronto FC/CAN; 50/3), Nick Lima (San Jose Earthquakes; 3/0), Aaron Long (New York Red Bulls; 5/0), Daniel Lovitz (Montreal Impact/CAN; 4/0), Matt Miazga (Chelsea/ENG; 13/1),
Tim Ream (Fulham/ENG; 29/1), Walker Zimmerman (LAFC; 6/2)

MIDFIELDERS: Michael Bradley (Toronto FC/CAN; 145/17), 20-Duane Holmes (Derby County/ENG; 1/0), Weston McKennie (Schalke/GER; 8/1), Christian Pulisic (Chelsea/ENG; 25/10), Cristian Roldan (Seattle Sounders FC; 10/0), Wil Trapp (Columbus Crew SC; 16/0)

FORWARDS: Jozy Altidore (Toronto FC/CAN; 110/41), Paul Arriola (D.C. United; 22/3), Tyler Boyd (Vitória Guimãres/POR; 0/0), Jonathan Lewis (Colorado Rapids; 4/0), Jordan Morris (Seattle Sounders FC; 27/5), Gyasi Zardes (Columbus Crew SC; 44/7)



  1. Sargent omit is unfair, but there is some talent there. The telling one is the inclusion of Trapp after being victimized by Jamaica. That suggests the fix is in and what happens in games barely matters. Even. While. He. Loses. You. A. Game. This is your favorite from club but he played badly and if you can’t cut a bad player because they are your favorite, that;s usually the telltale sign when the good coaches go bad. And to me he hasn’t done anything truly good yet.

  2. Bradley has been injured and I suspect Trapp was included in case Bradley is not fully recovered. Else there is no other reason for both and I think GB has determined that Bradley>Trapp.

    Without Yedlin, the US is still short on fullbacks, now both right and left that probably explains the list of Adams at RB and the inclusion of both Ream and Lima; I think that also is the reason GB is working on a 3-2-2-3 (or 5-4-1 depending on when you look at it).

    I like Sargent, but he is still a youngster; it might have been better for him, I think, to have been with the U-20s. As it stands, he will be in neither the U-20 WC or the GC. Morris is still a one-trick pony; when his speed doesn’t work, he has no subtle moves or hold-up play to provide, Sargent might have been a better choice, I like the movement he has shown in past games and he can provide hold-up play.

    In back, Long has been injured. Miazga and Zimmerman are two solid, if not spectacular CBs and they should be able to handle things until Long is fully recovered. I think no CCV is good, he is a physical brute, but too often is judged by referees (fairly or not) for misusing that physicality so I view him as a liability. Gonzo has a reputation as a mistake per game waiting to happen, to be fair, the same cold be said of Ream. I am sure both are painfully aware of that and have worked to improve their concentration.

  3. .
    As fun (and a bit lucky) as the U20’s have been, I was disappointed by the men’s anonymous performance too (not to mention the awful uniforms with the invisible blue numbers!), and I also find the MLS-heavy team selection a bit depressing. I would have liked to see Green, Johnson, Chandler, Nagbe, and maybe some others from European lower leagues as well. (Not actually sad about Sargent, though, if his form just isn’t that good at the moment either here or for his club. He’s young.)
    But a couple of people were right to point out that most fans don’t know a lot about what’s actually going on behind the scenes. Joe Dirt showed that with his concern for Horvath (which I would have shared), before it emerged that Horvath had also had an injury, like Brooks, Yedlin, Lletget (and who else, we may now wonder). If websites and indeed networks that cover US soccer were able to report more factual news such as the physical status of potential US players, it might help fans understand more about team decisions.
    The other thing we don’t really know is what each individual player really feels about the Gold Cup, or indeed about Concacaf games in general. It would hardly be surprising if at least a few of ours overseas, like apparently several overseas Mexico players, didn’t actually enjoy or look forward to it, since the surfaces can be as tough as the play. (Though this time at least Minnesota and KC seem to be on grass?) For some, it might look like not much chance to really improve as a player or advance toward the World Cup, but a better than average chance to pick up an injury that could really set them back at their clubs.
    So we could understand if a few, say, quietly admitted that they would rather try to heal completely from even a minor or chronic injury, or just have the time off to rest (or for Nagbe, time with Atlanta), at least in a year so far before WCQ. In the larger picture, it’s really just a practice tournament, right? So sending a not entirely A team, and giving a last outing to faithful players from past teams, isn’t necessarily a terrible idea. (Though the people who were sniffing at Jamaica’s team should look up Leon Bailey — is he really going to play?)
    I have at least been impressed that Pulisic has shown up, and with how patiently he has handled the naive questions that assume he’s thrilled to be here. I assume he’s a nice young man and is indeed pleased to be healthy and have the chance to help the team and to score some international goals. Whether he’s actually looking forward to playing Panama, T&T, or Guyana might be a different question.
    Hopefully they will all be happy enough if they can be played in their natural positions, with enough people on the field with the technical skill to possess and control the ball and go forward. Whether Berhalter is the right person to make that happen is still an open question for me too.
    I can’t tell much about him yet except that he seems to be more a conscientious worker than a charismatic leader, which if true might partly explain why he seems to favor players with similar traits. That does remind me in a not good way of Arena, and make me miss at least some aspects of Klinsmann, who came across as smarter and more energetic than either.
    But if GB can eventually get a mixed group like this to play well enough together that we can enjoy watching them in the tournament, and they can enjoy playing, he may be right to push back a little against the most impatient fans right now. Much of the drive and energy may just have to be generated by the players themselves. But maybe enough of them, like Pulisic, Adams, McKennie, Miazga, and yes, Bradley, Altidore, and Zardes, will be up to that task. I think they all have it in them, if they can find it.

  4. Zardes 44 caps, 7 goals, 9 assists, 36%; altidore 110 caps, 41 goals, 13 assists, 49%; donovan 157 caps, 57 goals, 58 assists, 73%; dempsey 141 caps, 57 goals, 21 assists, 55%; bradley 145 caps, 17 goals. 22 assists, 27%; sargent. 7 caps, 2 goals, 0 assists. Why would sargent automatically be given a spot instead of being given an opportunity to win a spot? Sorry … Guys like altidore, Zardes, and even maybe bradley might be the best players we have right now. Bradley is definately better than will trapp. The truth is zardes has actually been pretty productive for the nats.

    • Do u watch the games? Zardes as a good a person as he is doesn’t belong on this team, and Bradley has been a trooper but time to go. Trapp is garbage, alitdore I’m ok with. Morris is fast bag of poo with out a left foot.

      • I do watch the games. Im not saying any of those guys are great but hey are probably better than the unproven players. You think i dont watch the games … How many training sessions did you watch? Im,guessimg none. Comtributing a goal or assist better than once every three games on average is pretty good even if you have an elephants touch and arent very flashy. The players all of the coaches play from klinsmanm, arena, to berhalter are probably the best options we have (except,klinsmann cutting donovan).

  5. This team does not look very good in the central midfield defensively. We really don’t have two really natural d mids Bradley is past his prime and trap has had several games and I have not been impressed. Also a back three with gonzalez you really need center backs with great technique and footwork to pull that off. I was hoping to win the gold cup this year but even adding pullisic Altidore arriola whomever doesn’t give me confidence because other teams will be like double team pullisic and boom we have no creative player which means losing. The good thing though is the u20 U.S. team is really playing good soccer against good teams and power houses and yes Tab Ramos deserves credit %110 crossing fingers for him to be next coach but also hoping for the best at the senior national team level.

  6. There are always other factors that can impact the coaches roster choices. Injuries, club team considerations, and player attitude are all factors. So, we don’t always know the whole story. Furthermore, just because a player is on a European club roster does not mean that they will play well on the national team. Chandler, Licaj, and to some extent Fabian never looked that great for the national team.

    • Yet, Lovitz, Roldan, Trapp, Lewis, Morris and Zardes have looked that great? Its a double standard. If you’re playing pickup you don’t pick scrubs over ballers to be on your team. And all those guys you mentioned have 1000’s of accumluated minutes in the Bundesliga so they are ballers.

      • Joe, the people you are screaming for haven’t proven they are ballers. You are making my argument. I really like Sargent. But, at this point, he hasn’t proven that he can play well consistently on the senior level. The body of work for the “ballers” I mentioned would leave you to believe that they are locks for the national team. But, Chandler may never get called back, Fabian acts like he doesn’t want to get called, and Licaj has been pretty much overlooked by three national team managers.

      • Yes he was. He was maybe our best player at times. But, he has had some duds since and just doesn’t seem to want to do the international thing anymore. The original point is wad that just because you are on a European roster does not mean you will be a star on the national team. You can’t just automatically assume that.

      • But, Clover, thanks for the reminder. Fabian was very good at times. I maybe need to remove him from that group even though he was really bad his last few outings.

    • And how do you explain “Give the game away” Omar Gonzalez being included? He was a total disaster during the Hex. I’d much rather take my chances with CCV.

      • I don’t know why Berhalter made all the choices he did. It’s obvious Berhalter is letting players start with a clean slate. I just refuse to believe that Berhlater looks at players perform in training and then chooses the players that performed worst. If he thinks these are the players that can beat execute his system the best then I say ok. I will judge him based on results.

  7. What a classless move to screw Josh Sargent out of the under 20 WC. As I suspected GB is a putz. Get ready for more of the same as “the coach” so eloquently stated in last night’s post game interview.

    • You would rather believe that he screwed him than think that he had some other reason for not selecting him. From the beginning, it seemed he was giving Josh a chance to train with the senior team and make the GC roster. He didn’t think he was ready based on what he saw. That’s not far fetched and definitely not the end of the world. Josh is going to continue to get his chances.

    • With the roster rules changing at the U20s they had to pick one or the other. Berhalter talked to Sargent and early on they decided not to put him on the U20s to give him a chance at the GC squad. Considering he was the last man cut, the gamble didn’t pay off for Josh (barely), but he’ll be the first one called up when Jozy goes down with a hamstring.
      The dude is 19, we are still going to be able to see plenty of him in the future.

    • Nahhh. You can only be “screwed” out of something you are entitled to. Love Sargent but- a 19 year old with no senior experience and little playing time in recent history is in no way shape or form a lock much less entitled to a roster spot on the senior team. Competing for one is great experience and falling short ought to be great motivation to spark his upcoming push for playing time with WB and in the future with the Nat.

    • I can understand leaving off Sargent in some circumstances. However, I’m not convinced that Jonathan Lewis is better. Hei’s a speed guy who has some uses in the last 20 minutes, but he has yet to show he is a starter anywhere. Sargent is the future and I don’t see Lewis being that way. Should have picked Sargent over Lewis.

  8. Sargent didnt have service Holmes was the only one giving it to him. Why was Horvath cut over Tyler Miller? Moore or Lichaj should have been our starting RB. Wonder why Greg never though about using Carter Vickers as a RB. I want GB fired? water Sargents time he could have been on u20s

    • In regards to Horvath, we actually cut a player who earned Champions League and Europa League starts this past season and our manager evaluated him to be worse than the other three options. I do see Steffen as a good option too but dang cutting at guy who earned Champions League and Europa League starts is insane when the other all play in MLS. What must guys like Pulisic be thinking about this?

    • Tyler Miller is an interesting insertion, period. I think there are a few keepers out there not included who are stronger right now. Is he being included because of his potential?

  9. I’m cool with this roster, the reason guys like omar, lovitz and jozy are there is cause those young guys haven’t stepped up yet. Sargent isn’t ready yet, same for robinson and CCV. I like this team for where we’re at right now.

  10. Ladies and Gentleman….

    The roster you see presented before you will more or less be the same roster we will be using to start WC qualification next year. How are ya’ll feeling about that?

    My opinion is that there are better options than Roldan, Trapp, MB, Lovitz, Lima, OG, Arriola, Lewis, Morris, Zardes, and Ream. My only hope on this is that this is a developmental roster but then why Zardes, MB, OG, Ream, Altidore and why no Sargent?

    I feel sorry for guys like Pulisic, McKennie, and Adams who will get the blame for having to work with such trash beside them when this doesn’t work out. Winning GC is not an accomplishment for the US and it would NOT validate the GB hire. What will validate his hire is our performance on the field, are we progressing as a nation technically and tactically creating more offensive opportunities while being solid at the back against high level competition which other than Mexico Concacaf is not. So we won’t know for some time anyway. In the meantime,

    I believe there are other players far more deserving of being on our NT roster than the names I mentioned and I’m giving GB the benefit of the doubt that he’s seeing this roster and GC as a heavy developmental opportunity for our domestic talent. Still even if that was the case I’d have like to see a few other inclusions over the players I mentioned.

    I’ve got a bad feeling about this…

    • What would you change? Robinson, sargent and CCV aren’t ready yet, we saw that last night. And those younger guys might be ready for WCQ next year and should definitely be ready by the business stage of WCQ, add in pomykal, weah and maybe a couple other u-20s to the group.

      • Its should be obvious who the better options are…

        Agree on Pomykal being a good prospect for the future from what I saw the other day. On players I’d have taken Morales, Green, or Nagbe over any combination of Roldan, MB, Trapp and used Adams at CDM. I’d have called in Wooten, Wood, Sargent or Novakovich over Zardes and Morris. I’d call FJ over Arriola or Lewis. I’d call FJ, Chandler(who was making Frankfurts bench in May coming back from injury but so are others caleld in), or Lichaj over Lima at RB. I’d call FJ or Lichaj over Lovitz at LB. I’d have called EPB or CCV(wer’re talking about OG) over OG. Depending on his position I’d call EPB or CCV over Ream at CB or FJ, Garza, Lichaj over Ream if he’s playing LB.

        Generally I’m okay with the Aaron Long and Walter Zimmerman call ups I see both as solid defensive options. Both position well but maybe could improve their distribution if they want to make it out of MLS.

        Anybody arguing that Trapp is a better option in our MF than Adams or Morales is being disingenuous. Same goes for Lima/Lovitz over FJ and Zardes/Morris over Wood.

        As a general rule I discount any accomplishment at a lower level of competition such as MLS compared to players playing at higher levels in Europe and I also consider leagues like EFL Championship, Eredivise, and 2.Bundesliga to be above MLS is overall quality. I do think there are good MLS players that could or should have made this roster over some of the call ups too such as Darlington Nagbe. I do think there are some very good MLS players but don’t believe they should be getting called up over players who’ve shown enough talent to be earning or having a track record of quality play in European leagues. I’m a ATL fan too and not an MLS hater as some would believe I’m just being a realist. I do hope one day the roles are flipped and soon.

      • Minutes played in the Bundesliga this season according to TransferMkt:

        Brooks – 2610
        McKennie – 1746
        Morales – 1525
        Wood – 1181′
        FJ – 1019
        Pulisic – 926
        Adams – 721 (since Jan)
        Sargent – 205 (since turning 18)

        Also forgot Wood was injured so scratch that from above comment. Otherwise we have plenty options at Forward too though Wooten or Novakovich in better form at higher levels.

      • Forgot about someone..

        If we cut a player who earned starts in Champions League and Europa League last season would that matter to ya’ll. We did. Horvath had several starts in both Champions League and Europa League and go cut from this GC roster. How insane is that. GB rated a player who played UCL lower than starters in MLS. I get Steffen he’s a baller but how do you not call up Horvath?

        I know you probably agree with me on some or most of this so not trying to sound argumentative just bringing up what you asked for. I should have scratched Wood and Garza out of the earlier post forgot they are injured again.

    • Thank you Joe Dirt for making so much sense, and I really like your options for alternatives. Do you notice a trend regarding those picks? Anything about them not being “American” enough and/or not being MLSers? (and I am an MLS fan and believe that many MLS guys should be called in, but lets be realistic about rating that league and evaluating performance of guys within it). These are continuing bad signs I don’t like what I am seeing going forward with Berhalter. Even if we manage to qualify for the world cup, we will underperform with this type of leadership. At this point, I would hope that he fails fast so we can find somebody else before too much damage is done. Anything less than making it to the Gold Cup Final (we will and should be expected to lose to Mexico) should be considered a disaster. I hope we get knocked out in the Semi’s or sooner. The only question is how bad does it have to get before Arena 2.0 gets fired.

      • Morales barely got any time on the later part of the season, and horvath is injured thats why he’s not included.

      • Thx. Totally agree. I’m still holding out hope that this ‘system’ might come around and show fruit but we won’t really know that until the Hex itself and who wants to guess for that long? I’m have serious doubts and butterflies about GB, the Horvath cut is a big one given his Champions League experience this past season. I mean how does that happen the manager evaluates a GK who started multiple games in both Champions League and Europa League last season and determines he’s not as good as 3 MLS GKs, albeit I do like Steffen. Also, Fj could have filled four different positions for us in some way, RW, LW, RB, LB but didn’t get even called to prelims over some of these MLS guys. My only hope is GB is seeing this as a developmental January style camp roster with a few vets mixed in, but he hasn’t said that.

        Again I’m having serious butterflies about GB the same ones when BA ignored Chandler when Yedlin was injured and wanted to start Zusi at RB during the Hex or when he started ignoring FJ and other too. We can’t ignore talent. At this point he’s married to his system with these type of callups and better damn work.

    • Thank you for mentioning Green (who is still quite young) and Nagbe. Both are very technically skilled, something most of our MLS players lack. A couple of years ago when everyone was going ga-ga over Nagbe I kept pointing out on this site that he was good at dribbling out of trouble and getting the ball from one box to another, but had few assists and fewer goals. I think once people realized his limitations they went too far the other way. There are many times you need a guy like Nagbe to beat a high pressing team. He should have been included over a number of players selected. As for Green, in the last couple of friendlies he played he showed that he is one of the more creative players we have and can be that play making mid we have lacked since Reyna. Not saying he is that quality, but he seems to have some real potential.

      • Gary, thanks and I completely agree. I was never big on Nagbe either for the same reasons but I agree he’s more talented than others who made this roster. Same goes for Green, Morales and even D Williams who no one even remembers anymore. As for Green I’ve been a fan of him since I saw him drive at two defenders for 40+ yards and calmly make his move and fire a shot for a goal in a friendly years ago albeit against a Concacaf minnow but forget which one. He came thru Bayern youth as an upfront stiker then Raneri was calling him up to the first team as a replacement for Mueller at false 9. JK used him at LW for US. I’ve always thought his natural position is false 9. At Fuerth they use him at ACM and pointed out a few times he never really learned this position in his youth or earlier senior career and it would take a year or two to see fruit if it did work for him at ACM. I’m still a fan of Green as a false 9. Watching him over the years what I believe he’s naturally talented at his a first touch finishing on goal. He has a uncanny ability to finish a well served ball on his first touch. He’s a bit to slight to be a lone striker though but as a false 9 dropping a little deeper making a later run into the box and getting on a ball that’s been dropped back towards the top of the box he’d be deadly. Alas, in our federations infinite wisdom we hire GB who prefers others at both ACM and forward who have less touch and technical ability than many other options we have available. I would have called Green over Roldan every day. Just preaching to choir I know on this but thought I say it anyway.

  11. What is with Eric Lichaj getting absolutely no love? Klinsmann did this too… I have always thought he has put in pretty good shifts in the U.S. jersey and can play anywhere across the back line. Players with similar or worse pedigrees get called but he gets the shaft… dumb.

      • Agree on Pomykal being a good prospect for the future from what I saw the other day. On players I’d have taken Morales, Green, or Nagbe over any combination of Roldan, MB, Trapp and used Adams at CDM. I’d have called in Wooten, Wood, Sargent or Novakovich over Zardes and Morris. I’d call FJ over Arriola or Lewis. I’d call FJ, Chandler(who was making Frankfurts bench in May coming back from injury but so are others caleld in), or Lichaj over Lima at RB. I’d call FJ or Lichaj over Lovitz at LB. I’d have called EPB or CCV(wer’re talking about OG) over OG. Depending on his position I’d call EPB or CCV over Ream at CB or FJ, Garza, Lichaj over Ream if he’s playing LB.

        Generally I’m okay with the Aaron Long and Walter Zimmerman call ups I see both as solid defensive options. Both position well but maybe could improve their distribution if they want to make it out of MLS.

        Anybody arguing that Trapp is a better option in our MF than Adams or Morales is being disingenuous. Same goes for Lima/Lovitz over FJ and Zardes/Morris over Wood.

        As a general rule I discount any accomplishment at a lower level of competition such as MLS compared to players playing at higher levels in Europe and I also consider leagues like EFL Championship, Eredivise, and 2.Bundesliga to be above MLS is overall quality. I do think there are good MLS players that could or should have made this roster over some of the call ups too such as Darlington Nagbe. I do think there are some very good MLS players but don’t believe they should be getting called up over players who’ve shown enough talent to be earning or having a track record of quality play in European leagues. I’m a ATL fan too and not an MLS hater as some would believe I’m just being a realist. I do hope one day the roles are flipped and soon.

    • I used to say the same about Lichaj….except whenever he did play he was never all that impressive defending or passing wise. Looked like the average mid level championship player he is. He used to be one of my “why isn’t he here players”, but I now get it. He ain’t no savior or upgrade to anything. Run of the mill. Nothing to get upset about one way or the other TBH.

      • I don’t think he is a savior but he is much better than Lovitz or a Lima… he is a solid pro who has played hundreds of games at a good level.. he can play anywhere across the back line and is only 30.. he could help us win this GC

      • With HTM on Lichaj over Lima. Lichaj has been a auto starter in EFL Championship for years and although he’s no savior he also no scrub.What has Lima done outside of one great assist in his first game to get that spot over an experienced pro like Lichaj? I guess the answer to that is he ‘fits the system’ better. That answer is going to get might hard to keep giving if we aren’t playing well. Same goes for Trapp and MB.

  12. Robinson not on US list wow after struggling so much with that left back position. Also no josh sargent yesterday he had chances but not great service wow I don’t think Bradley has much in the tank remember he was a box to box not anymore this will trap guy Greg has a bias from columbus. I’ll keep saying it if we don’t win gold cup fire berhalter and Hire Tab Ramos.

    • The way it works is if you play overseas like Robinson or others (Morales, Wooten, Novakovich, Green, Sabbi, Lichaj, EPB, Chandler, FJ, Amon, Wood, AJ, Weah, Hyndman) you have to light years ahead of whatever MLS competitor there is for the same position even that MLS competitor hasn’t done much in a less competitive league like MLS. Thats how it works at US Soccer. You can be less talented but domestic and get called ahead of more talented players. They will then tell you things like well he didn’t play much or last time three years back he wasn’t good in the shirt or he doesn’t fit the same position so its not like for like or he doesn’t fit the system or he doesn’t show enough grit or he doesn’t like to travel, etc, etc. All excuses to continue to call in less talented players who are MLS based.

    • Robinson was simply awful Wed. night. Four or five times, he tried to beat Powell 1 v. 1, and each time, Powell stuffed him. Apart from one cross, he didn’t add anything to the attack. IMO he’s much too inexperienced to get meaningful minutes w/ the MNT. The best course would be for him to go get ready for Everton training camp and hopefully get a loan somewhere he could play regularly in Europe. In 2 years, I think he’ll be much better. I do think he has potential, and given our continual problems of finding a LB, he will be part of the MNT and may be on the plane to Qatar. Right now, not so much.

    • Sargent isn’t going up against Morris, who will be playing wide. He’s going up against Zardes and Altidore.

  13. Does anyone get the feeling that Berhalter is intentionally setting himself up against the majority of the fan base? Fans: “We don’t want Bradley or Trapp!” Berhalter: “Bradley and Trapp are my main guys.” Fans: “Play Tyler Adams as a CDM!” Berhalter: “Adams is a defender.” Fans: “That game was awful last night and not worth the ticket!” Berhalter: “Expect more disappointment.”

    Seriously, I don’t want to judge the guy based on a few months in charge, but it seems like he is intentionally marginalizing a majority of the fan base. Starting to wonder if the USSF hired him just to say, “Hey fans, we heard you and we really don’t give a crap what you think.”

  14. I’ve resigned myself that either Bradley or Trapp will be on every USMNT roster through WC 2022, but why the redundancy? We don’t need both. Keep one if it makes you feel better to have that kind of coverage (even though we have Adams and McKennie who can play that 6 role better than Bradley and Trapp).

    And do we really need 6 forwards? It seems clear that Altidore, Zardes Arriola have staring spots locked up. Honestly, looking at this squad, pretty depressing without Brooks and Yedlin in the back, and having Bradley and Trapp in midfield.

  15. It’s always interesting when people complain about who’s chosen. But, they don’t provide any viable alternatives. It comes down to preference when you are choosing between a number of these players. It’s not like it’s a big difference in talent.

    • There is definitely a gulf of talent between Tyler Adams and Will Trapp, yet Berhalter refuses to concede that. You could say, “Adams is not a number 6.” Well, he isn’t a right back either. I think Yedlin at right back is much better than Trapp at CDM.

      Lineups aside (we all have our preferences), my biggest frustration is that Berhalter just deprived Sargent of the opportunity to enjoy a run in the U-20 World Cup? Nonsensical.

      • I agree with you on the talent gap between Tyler and Trapp. But, it’s mute because Berhalter doesn’t play them at the same position. So, he isn’t choosing between the two. In his system, he feels Tyler is a hybrid RB/MF. Let’s see if it works out.

      • Not playing Adams in his best position is such a waste. Start Adams in the midfield with McKennie and Pulisic and get your best proven Euro based guys in there in their best slots. Messing around with Adams as a RB is total nonsense, considering the one “bumping” him into that position is an overage Bradley or a mediocre MLS level player such as Trapp. Dump Trapp put Adams in mid and get another RB.

      • Read my post. This average run of the mill player is much better than that one!!!!

        Folks, The EFL isn’t a great league. History has shown that even when MLS was in it’s infancy, and over the decades, they really don’t make much of an impact for the Nats Yes, someone will pull up an exception like Eddie Lewis now, pull up the two dozen others who did jack, and who were screamed for constantly. Yawn….tedious, obvious and boring. If Eric was here great, not, great. Whatever. He has done little for the Nats whenever called. Just a screaming point for the net disenchanted know it alls yawn.

    • That’s what “uber fans” do…..everywhere. Predictable. It’s no different in any nation anywhere. Hell, even when Germany, Brazil and France release rosters you see the same exact things. It’s a different level of talent, but the nit picking and know it allism is exactly the same. That’s what the internet and message boards are….place for people to complain and know it alls. I’m not even trying to diss anyone just so that is clear. That is the way it is. Anyone who can’t see that then the internet is absolutely the right place for you. Do I wish I could go anywhere else in this country to find out about soccer prospects, tactics and news. Yup. Unfortunately, while it’s improved immensely in the last 30 years it still is terrible. Alas, I have to check in to places like this and sewer of society message boards. Is what it is.
      Next year, after the U20’s, and Olympic qualifying, and these young guys get another year under their builts, we will hopefully have players who can push the run of the mill stuff on the roster. there will always be the cry for the alternative run of the mill player, the young, he is clearly a star player, etc. Will never end. We just need to keep broadening the pool, and improving the youth system, so the level of complaining will be about a higher class fo player.
      That’s all. We are what we are, but we should, with the number of prospects we have, have a few better choices come next year. Folks fo get that Pulisic, McKennie and Adams, all 20 (21?) and under for Christs sake, are just the tip of the spear in acadamy development. It’s only going to improve, but you can’t speed up time to make those players we want to come through….actually come through now. OK……now some typical defensive responses about what the “know it alls’ just know they can do now (!!!!!), no matter what the pool, and back to being smarter than every coach out there. God bless the internet.

  16. Sargent’s exclusion is odd. Just throwing it out there…… when does Bremen’s preseason begin? Maybe GB thought it was in Sargent’s best interest to get a full preseason under his belt to establish himself in the rotation for Bremen.

      • Then you wouldn’t be seeing Soto get this opportunity.. Josh already has a good situation at WB.. a good U20 world cup doesn’t do much to advance his career… This has been great for Soto.

        Josh gets have a good summer break and then report to Bremen for a full pre-season and try to earn a more consistent place in the 1st team. That’s probably what is best for him.

        Worst case scenario is being part of the GC team, getting limited PT and then showing up late for pre-season and behind the eight ball with his club.

      • Probably, but that’s not who he is competing against. The question is, is Sargent better than Lewis. I think he is.

  17. Let’s let the results talk to GB’s competence, but you can’t tell me we don’t have anyone better than Roldan or Trapp or Morris or Arriola. All 4 of them are second rate on their best days and shouldn’t be anywhere near this team.

  18. Pretty disturbing trend starting to emerge about who are Berhalter’s favorites. Ream has no business on the national team, and he is likely going to be a starter! Trapp is a marginal player at best but also is looking like he is high on the pecking order. Sacrificing playing a champion’s league midfielder out of position because you have a gimmicky system that is weak against teams that can counter effectively (like any decent National team) is a huge mistake. I’ll eat these words if we win the Gold Cup, but it’s more likely ream give’s away 2 plus goals in the semi costing us even a chance.

    • Even if we win the GC you are still right. Remember that time we won the GC and the new manager had gone undefeated as manager in his first 10 matches only to then missed WC qualification? You’re still right even if we win GC.

    • yeah, that’s just poor planning. If GB thought Sargent was on the fence to make the GC roster, then he should have let Tab have him for the U20. It’s a waste of a summer for a kid in need of playing time.

      • agree, I never thought he was gonna be part of the GC team, always had jozy, zardes and wooten ahead of him. Don’t know why he wasn ton the u-20s, but hey we found a new prospect in soto.

    • Yeah, that’s just poor planing. If GB thought Sargent was on the fence to make the GC roster, then he should have just let Tab have him for the U20 team. This is a wasted summer for a kid in desperate need of playing time.

      • Exactly, Soto is obviously doing great for U20’s but its gonna be a real head scratcher if he goes down or is sat due to card accumulation later in this tourney and we dont have Sergent there. This seems really odd I was under the impreasion that if hes not with u20s hes a lock to sit and learn and pick up garbage mins at GC. Not be sent home

  19. What a joke this has become, its bad that this coach has a plan that makes no sense and wants to over think everything and put together this big picture. Why bring sargent in and cut him instead of getting starts with the u20s. This man had basically a year to evaluate this team before he got the job he knew he had and he has turned it to sh!t. I couldn’t stand Arena but this guys ego might be worse. It doesn’t matter if they win the gold cup or not there is no progression

    • I get your point of view and was surprised about Sargent myself.
      I think Berhalter gave Josh a shot. He didnt win the spot.
      Puts one away last night, I’d feel differently. Jozy and Zardes have that target forward spot.
      Unfortunately, Sargent doesnt beat out either one at the moment.

      I understand your point about the u20s but we also have to think of it as player progression and where Josh is at. I think he progressed from the u20s and not sure how playing in a youth tourney would help him right now. Could say that about Weah but I actually think Sargent is a more mature player right now.

      He started off hot with Werder but then faded onto the bench.
      Silver lining is that now he can solely focus on the upcoming club season and win a starting or super sub role there.

      Your point about Berhalter overthinking it, we’ll see.
      Honestly, I’d take overthinking the details over the hippy approach of Jurgen!

      On paper, I can see where he is coming from with his selections.
      Building a team for a tournament.

      for example, seeing Lewis listed and not Sargent is a head scratcher. But Lewis brings a “Yedlin in ’14” kind of spark off the bench.
      And Gonzo, would much rather see CCV there but I get why you have Gonzo. Big man on set pieces and a vet within that backline. Do I want to see Gonzo play?
      Against Guyana, sure. haha

      I’m personally relieved that Robinson got the red tag in his locker.
      Don’t care for Lovitz but he is a LB. Would much rather see a Lovitz have a quiet game than a Robinson dribble into defenders and get caught on counter.

      We’ll see!

      • At the risk of saying this too often, but Gonzo does not belong on this national team roster, nor any other. After the last Hex, where he pretty much cost us the World Cup, any coach who would bring him in isn’t qualified to be a national team coach, IMO. BTW, I used to be a fan of OG.

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