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SBI USMNT Man of the Match: Tyler Boyd

Tyler Boyd’s first competitive start for the U.S. Men’s National Team could not have gone much better.

The recent addition to Gregg Berhalter’s squad scored his first two career international goals in the USMNT’s 4-0 Gold Cup win over Guyana, while also having numerous positive moments as well at Allianz Field.

Boyd’s ability to get after defenders was on display early as he made some positive runs behind the Guyana backline. He may have missed two shots in the first-half, but was not shy of testing his luck in front of goal.

His goal was a clinical one after halftime, stroking a right-footed shot into the bottom-left corner. Boyd’s night was not done there as he crossed a ball to the back post for Paul Arriola who missed just wide of goal.

The winger added his second of the night at the top of the penalty box, beating Axel Clarke to the top-right corner.

Boyd’s addition to this roster adds another valuable weapon in the attack as the team now prepares for Trinidad & Tobago on Saturday.

Boyd beat out Paul Arriola, Weston McKennie, and Michael Bradley for Man of the Match honors.

What did you think of Boyd’s performance? Can he continues to win a starting spot in Berhalter’s starting XI? What do you expect out of Boyd in the upcoming group stage matches?

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  1. I think the extreme weakness of the opposition makes any conclusions on what player showed promise a bit too hasty. Quite anybody would look good against Guyana let’s be honest. Point in case with Arriola. Looked sharp in the game, but consistently out of his league against any half-decent team.

    Until we face a Mexico or a perhaps Costa Rica, we won’t really be able to see who “belongs” or not.

    Even the Panama and T&T game won’t show much – they’re objectively very weak teams by world soccer standards.

    Let’s hope this group gels and gains confidence as they progress in the tourney.

    Go USA.

  2. Boyd was very good, but I would give it to Arriola. I have never seen such control and technique from Arriola before. I always knew he was fast and made smart runs, but hadn’t seen him do much after that until last night. The way he brought down numerous long balls was really impressive, and his finish was clinical. The defense and defensive midfield still seemed a little shaky, there is definitely some work to do there. Zimmerman and Lima were the best defenders for me, and Lima did well going forward. It’s easy to pick on Zardes, whose touch let us down a few times, but his runs and work up front were part of the reason Boyd and Arriola had so much space to exploit. We will see what happens when we face more organized defenses. Guyana was better than I expected, I don’t think they will get run over by the other two teams.

  3. What does it say that a guy on loan in Turkey comes in and is instantly the best player on the pitch?

    How many other Boyds are out there uncapped and eligible for the US?

    Tyler’s going to get a nice transfer if he keeps this up.

    • Bro you act like he scored a brace against a top 10 FIFA ranked national team like France, Uruguay, or Croatia.????

      • You either came away with the conclusion that a new key player was born in that game or you’re a total moron. The fact that many of his club goals looked exactly like the two we saw is telling. He sets up defenders, pushes the ball onto his right foot, uses a quick burst and unleashes. Textbook quality that’s called. Against stronger opposition that can defend, maybe he gets bottled up. But he’s a rarity and could literally save berhalters sack. He’s a piece we unequivocally need in our 11 and a piece that berhalter absolutely needed to find. Stretching defense with speed and displayed quality keeping the ball and range of passing.

  4. Boyd showed that he belongs and should only improve with familiarity with his new teammates. Arriola showed up to play and it helped that he had Pulisic on that side. McKennie seems to be the player that is asked to play several roles including always needing to get back on D to cover for Bradley. Whatever Berhalter thinks that Bradley adds to this team is completely offset with his total lack of any kind of defensive presence. Zardes was comical and embarrassing in his play. Lima was solid.

  5. Boyd beat out Michael Bradley? Michael Bradley? How are you all in the media still pushing this agenda. Michael Bradley sucked. And sucked really hard (remember when Guyana countered and two guys ran right past Bradley while McKennie had to sprint from the opposite side of the field to break up the play while Bradley stood and watched, yeah, that guy). Please don’t mention him in the same sentence as Boyd or Arriola. I thought MOTM was tied between those two since technically Arriola hit the shot that went off Zardes and Boyd’s second shot also was deflected into the goal. Both Arriola and Boyd were like mirror images in this game.

    • Technically nothing, the rules of the game are who ever the ball goes off last is whos goal it is. Grinds my gears when people dont comprehend that and try to find some type of loophole around it. Give Zardes his goal and stop the the technical false would of should of could of

    • I genuinely don’t understand how some fans watched that game and thought Bradley controlled the midfield. Even my wife, who never watches soccer, laughed and asked, “Why is that guy always running and passing the wrong way?” That about sums it up.

  6. Very encouraging. Boyd showed he can hit a dead ball previously and showed he can shoot and make good decisions and hit dangerous balls in space. I’d give an honorable mention to Arriola as well…. very confident performance with some excellent control touches on wide balls.


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