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Tyler Adams expected back with RB Leipzig in 2-3 weeks

Tyler Adams is expected back in full training with Bundesliga side RB Leipzig in two to three weeks.

The U.S. Men’s National Team midfielder missed out on international duty in the Concacaf Gold Cup due to a groin injury which also carried over to preseason camp with Leipzig. Adams, 20, made 12 appearances in all competitions for Leipzig since joining from the New York Red Bulls, adding a versatile piece to the squad’s midfield.

“We’re regulating and structuring his training because we don’t want [his body to have] a bad reaction,” Nagelsmann said following his side’s 4-0 opening day win over Union Berlin.

“Sometimes we increase the intensity and then see how the body copes with that. If you see a reaction then you take things down a notch. There’s nothing unusual about that; it’s the normal procedure. We have to build him up so that hopefully in two or three weeks when he returns to training he’s back at 100 per cent.”

Adams helped RB Leipzig finish third in the Bundesliga last season as well as make the German DFB Pokal final. Leizpig recorded a 7-3-2 record in matches in which Adams appeared.

Adams endured a long run of action after jumping right into the middle of the last Bundesliga season after a full 2018 season with the New York Red Bulls, a workload that ultimately led to groin issues that wound up keeping him out of the Gold Cup. It was believed initially that having the summer off would be enough to get him ready for the start of the Bundesliga season, but his recovery has been slower than expected.

If Adams can return by the start of September, he could be back in time to be available for the start of RB Leipzig’s participation in the group stage of the UEFA Champions League.

The timetable laid out by Nagelsmann would rule out Adams from being part of the U.S. national team’s upcoming friendlies against Mexico and Uruguay in September. Should he return to full fitness and stay healthy, Adams would be expected to be part of Gregg Berhalter’s Concacaf Nations League roster for matches against Cuba and Canada in October.

RB Leipzig hosts Eintracht Frankfurt next on Aug. 25th before traveling to Borussia Monchengladbach on Aug. 30th.


  1. Say what you will about Bradley but at least he’s been available for selection 95% of his career…luckily it’s only friendlies this time around, but it would be nice to get every expected starter into camp for a change.

    • This is an often overlooked facet of what contributes to the DNA of the very best. Donovan included. Obviously there are exceptions – reyna was a great player but riddled with injuries throughout. I will always stand by the fact that the most elite in mind and body “know” how to stay healthy. Again, unless they’re truly done in by the less favorable parts of their DNA. But Jordan, Kobe, lebron, to reference another high intensity sport, these guys virtually never got seriously injured. A testament to their ability to manifest their craft to a science, down to the most minute detail

    • There is some truth to this “knowing how to stay healthy” and part of that is “knowing how to protect yourself” in the moment. But there is also an element of pure chance, where none of that matters. Look at Klay Thompson- a guy everyone would argue has that healthy reliability. He went up for a layup and got undercut from below and had to land awkwardly on one leg from an angle, tearing his ACL. This was totally out of his control in any way.

  2. Finally, an update. I don’t think anyone realized how serious the injury was.

    What is the injury anyway? Has been really vague.

      • Thank you! Is that right – is that what an abductor injury refers to?
        I really had no idea. Ive seen that injury type alot lately but never really knew.

      • I believe it was an adductor injury—as in the muscles on the inside that bring the legs together (ad = towards), as opposed the abductors on the outside that move them apart (ab = away).

      • Good catch Jamie the adductor would be the inside or area commonly referred to as the groin. The abductor would be on the outside of the hip. I searched Adams injury and found stories claiming both but I think you are correct it was the adductor.

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