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Julian Green bags first goal of new season

2. Bundesliga side Greuther Furth bounced back with a 3-1 road win on Friday over St. Pauli which saw Julian Green bag his first goal of the new season.

Green registered Furth’s third goal of the match to ice the road win and give his side their first three points of the season.

With St. Pauli pulling a goal back in the 45th minute, Furth knew they had to be weary of the hosts leveling. Green’s magical shot from long range found the top corner in the 70th minute to seal the win.

It was Green’s ninth league goal for the club since joining and a strong start to the season. He also finished with a 95% passing completion rate and six successful duels out of nine in total.

Green’s strong outing is something he will hope to build on as Furth tries to avoid any relegation fights in the bottom of the league table.

The club next faces a trip to Duisburg on Aug. 11th.


  1. He scored on Belgium and France. This sort of ephemeral close study of supposed momentary club form is an absurd and unnecessary roller coaster as with Sargent, who is similarly neither world beater nor sheer suckage at any given moment, regardless how his club sees him any minute. How about getting back to more stable senses of players based on talent and NT production?

    • Then why didn’t he score against Bolivia, Puerto Rico, or Azerbaijan? There has to be better way than he scored 5 years ago off a deflection to determine a players worth? Even if Green had played well against France you’d have an argument but instead he had two touches the entire half one comes after a mishit clearance that (again) deflects off the defender and goes in. How many times has JG played for the US that you said wow he’s the best player we have? Once at Cuba maybe? Should he be in the discussion sure but saying he’s a definite roster guy because of two goals is like saying Omar should have started in Trinidad because he had a great game against Ghana in 2014. When you’ve got 20 field spots and four practices in an international window you can’t be like well he hasn’t scored in 6 months in the second division but I hope he can regain that form from 5 years ago.

    • Imperative Voice’s commentary about what constitutes a “data point” for player is all over the place. Apparently Romain Gall did well enough in a seven minute cameo during garbage time of a soltary Sarachan Era friendly to impress him. And no, he is nowhere near a first choice player for Malmo. Go figure.

  2. I like that 95% pass completion statistic even more than the goal. He really should be called into camp and given a chance for the next round of friendlies. One thing the Gold Cup showed is that Mexico is still superior at ball control and passing. We need more players like Green.

    • Don’t misunderstand me, at this point he’s better than Mihailovic but his 95% passing is lessened if he can’t win a ball back. I could see him as a CP backup but I can’t see him and CP on the pitch at the same time because both are so offense first. However with Green it’s consistency we see a goal like this one and then he won’t score for five months.

      • The article says he won six out of nine duels. How does that translate into not being able to win the ball back.? We have 3 established midfielders–CP on the wing, McKennie probably a defensive mid, and Tyler Adams who Berhalter wants to play at RB. None of those are really playmaking mids in the Reyna mold. We have Lletget who can play in the middle or on the wing, but he seems to have become injury prone. Call me stupid, but I think Green is likely superior to both Roldan and Trapp and probably Bradley now. He may also be playing at a higher level than Lletget and Nagbe or any of the MLS youngsters. How is there no place on the roster for him unless you agree with Berhalter that MLS players should be preferred? It’s ridiculous not to even bring him in to compare him to those other options.

      • Dont disagree. CP is def offense first for us but when he has to, world class at ball hunting and tracking back.

    • Gary, you one of the smartest posters on here to be your trying to feign ignorance here. Of course he’s better than Trapp but he definitely isn’t going to play as a 6 so that’s a pointless argument. Green also isn’t defensive enough to play as an 8 so why compare him to Roldan or Nagbe? Green is not a playmaker either he’s an undersized second striker without the speed to play on the wing. He has 4 assists in 65 2.Bund. matches. I guess I could have been more explicit in my comment that as better than Mihailovic which would place him as Pulisic’s backup and thus available for call ups.

      • Agree JR, I didn’t understand why Gary went through a comparison of Green to all these midfielders who don’t play the same position. As of GC 2019, Mihailovic was Pulisic’s backup. That’s troubling on a number of levels. Green offers way more than Mihailovic, but is unlikely to be on the field at the same time as Pulisic.

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