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Andrija Novakovich makes permanent move to Frosinone

Andrija Novakovich on his way to Italy.

Reading announced that Novakovich has been transferred to Serie B side Frosinone for an undisclosed fee. He is under contract with the club until Summer 2022.

Novakovich returned to EFL Championship side Reading after his loan at fellow Eredivisie side Fortuna Sittard ended in May. The 23-year-old scored nine goals and added two assists last season with Sittard in 29 league appearances.

He also spent 2017-18 on loan with Dutch second tier side Telstar, scoring 19 goals in 35 appearances.

The Wisconsin native joined Reading in 2015, but only has three league appearances for the Royals since. He made an eight-minute cameo on Matchday 1.

He’s won three caps with the U.S. Men’s National Team.

Frosinone was relegated last season, but seeks an immediate bounce back to the top-flight.


  1. Very disappointing. With all the allure of Europe, he is going to be playing at a level below MLS. No way he deserves to be in USMNT over Zardes and Jozy unless he is scoring 25 goals a season or more

      • Boyd never played for the Red Bull’s. (TFC). I see we are still having OUR opinions as facts again. “Take a few, plays off champ!” (Mysterious) Contradicting yourself isn’t a good look, my friend!! MLS apologist?! …then you list American players, who came from Europe, and are playing, in the MLS! During the GC, you also posted how well Zardes played in 2015 vs Netherlands, (which I went back and refreshed memory). Two weeks later, you called Jordan Morris names, for not going to Europe, like YOU wanted him too. Problem with that, is he also played well in the same match, you suggested everyone watch. It’s not much to ask for consistency from other grown ups!! Americans are growing into the sport, on a daily basis, and SBI is bringing people, into it, who could care less about the sport. There was no sites, or digital magazines for people like me, 10-20 years ago. My Point: There is someone always seeking to learn/understand the sport!! You have the ability to Tune people in, or Turn people away.

      • @ Its Okay 2 think. Please think before you post, you just ranting. What is your point! Zardes has always played at the same level aka MLS. I made one mistake Boyd was not memorable. He never played in Bundeslige 1. When he played for RP Leipzig they were in Bundesliga 2 not Bundelsiga 1 like they are now with Adams on the team. Zardes should have gone to Europe in 2015 we maybe would have qualified. That was when Jordan Morris was still playing college ball. He was in better from coming from Stanford and regressed. I was not the only one who said it Jermanie Jones said it too. The reason was he wanted to stay with dog and family. He could have moved them to Germany accept his dad who works for Seattle. Bump home sickness JM was not about getting at the top of his game. Look at Sargent. He went to Germany after a strong tournament, he was not even playing in MLS. He was playing for a select amertuer team in St. Louis Missouri. Glad Sargent didnt go to MLS he would be a scrub MLS player who has regressed. Dont come for me inless I send for you. MY point is MLS stuns players growth also Zardes had European based USA national teams around him even Alfredo Morales was playing that game. Also have you not see how they block young players going to Europe. Erick Palmer-Brown could have been like De Ligt from Holland but nope MLS put him in shackles and blocked multiple European deals. Look at Freddy Adu how they destroyed his career. He was way to young to have that much pressure on him. SMH

    • Many of these guys couldn’t get playing time in MLS. So many very good imports.
      Really makes what Toye is doing so impressive, scoring crazy goals carrying his team to 3rd in the West by beating LAFC.

      • Lies! Parks plays for Benfica B which is like 2nd division and he gets plenty of playing time for MLS at NYFC. Terrence Boyd is another example got tons of palayong time the short time he was there for Red Bulls. He was not even at Red Bulls for a whole year. He could not even score in MLS. He was never a good player in my opinion and was very underrated. Why are all the MLS apologist coming out their rabbit holes on thos post.

  2. Shout out to Johnny Razor for the inside scoop. He called this happening on another post. I hope he plays a lot and hopefully they can make it to the top flight. Beerholder ? also needs to give him a chance with some call ups.

  3. If Frosinone can return to the top flight this could be a solid move. Interesting to see an American in serie A again. Hopefully he’ll get the playing time he deserves. He should be able to find the net in Serie B.


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