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Who will the USMNT call in for October’s Nations League matches?

October’s Nations League matches are fast approaching, leaving Gregg Berhalter only a few more days to formulate the squad he will put together to face Cuba and Canada.

Tyler Adams has yet to return to action for RB Leipzig, putting the prospects of a USMNT return on hold, with DeAndre Yedlin also likely to be unavailable for the Nations League opener after only just returning to the field for Newcastle.

Injuries continue to be an issue for Berhalter’s squad, with John Brooks and Matt Miazga also still on the shelf, and Alfredo Morales having yet to return from the injury he suffered while with the USMNT.

One of the big storylines to watch in October will be what Sergino Dest chooses to do regarding his national team future. An appearance in Nations League would cap-tie him to the United States, so if he isn’t ready to be cap-tied yet, and is considering playing for the Netherlands, then Dest could pass on an October call-up, whether to buy himself more time on a decision, or fully commit to the Netherlands.

What could the USMNT squad for the October Nations League matches look like? Here is SBI’s updated projection:


Zack Steffen, Sean Johnson, Jesse Gonzalez

Steffen is the starter, while Johnson has established himself as Berhalter’s preferred number two. The third goalkeeper spot is wide open. Could Berhalter choose to fill the spot with a promising goalkeeper from an MLS team not in the playoffs? If so, FC Dallas’ Jesse Gonzalez would make sense. Berhalter could also take the opportunity to call in Ethan Horvath, who has been stuck on the bench at Club Brugge, but who remains one of the top prospects in the player pool.


Reggie Cannon, Nick Lima, Aaron Long, Walker Zimmerman, Ventura Alvarado, Tim Ream, Antonee Robinson, Daniel Lovitz

There are plenty of question marks in the defender pool. Will Dest play in the October matches? Will Berhalter consider calling in new faces like Alvarado, and will he consider DeAndre Yedlin even though he only just returned from injury?

Reggie Cannon is the safest bet among the fullbacks, with Yedlin still working his way back into full fitness at Newcastle. Berhalter can turn to Nick Lima once again, and potentially capitalize on Lima’s experience playing at left back.

If Dest passes on the October matches, that should solidify Antonee Robinson’s place in the Nations League matches, and likely mean another look for Daniel Lovitz, despite his lackluster performances for the USMNT.

In central defense, John Brooks has yet to return from injury, making his return for Nations League in October highly unlikely. Matt Miazga is also still sidelined by injury. Walker Zimmerman didn’t have the best showing in September for the USMNT, and has seen a bit of a dip in form, but he has an experience edge on Miles Robinson, who is also worthy of a look, but may just miss out. Cameron Carter-Vickers has also been playing regularly for Stoke City and could be another option.


Weston McKennie, Michael Bradley, Duane Holmes, Sebastian Lletget, Cristian Roldan, Wil Trapp

The hope was that Tyler Adams would make his way back into action for RB Leipzig, but while he has returned to training, he has yet to see the field in a match. That makes a call for the October Nations League matches

While Adams has yet to get back to playing, Duane Holmes has worked his way back into a starting role for Derby County, and is rounding into form at the perfect time for Gregg Berhalter to bring him in. Holmes could wind up playing a major role in the Nations League matches.

Other options in midfield include Jackson Yueill and Paxton Pomykal.


Christian Pulisic, Josh Sargent, Jozy Altidore, Jordan Morris, Tyler Boyd, Paul Arriola

Altidore should return to the fold as the first-choice striker, while Sargent should be called in ahead of Gyasi Zardes if Berhalter only brings in two strikers. Is Berhalter ready to leave Zardes out, or will he call in three strikers instead?

Sargent’s recent run of playing time at Werder Bremen should put him in position to challenge Altidore’s hold on the starting striker role, and Berhalter could look to start Sargent against Cuba, while starting Altidore against Canada in Toronto.

On the wing, Pulisic works as a winger again, with Paul Arriola returning to the mix, providing the versatility to play on either flank. Jordan Morris impressed in the September friendlies and has carried that over into continued good form for Seattle, making him the favorite to start on the right wing for the USMNT in October.

Tim Weah remains sidelined by a serious hamstring injury, which has derailed what would likely have been his push into the USMNT.


What do you think of this squad? Who would you call in that was left out? Who are you happy to see included in this projection?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Hearing Brendon Aaronson has been called in, and that there is a U23 camp this time as well. Ledesma is a name reported for that one but unknown if PSV has released him.

  2. Apart from the usual call-ups, I would invite Christian Cappis. I think he is much better than some of the 2-string MLSr that always get an invite.

    • I agree and while a game with Cuba appears to be a great time to experiment, I very highly doubt Berhalter would use any competitive game to try people out, no matter the opponent.

      • i’m sorry but there is a long history of the US playing second teams at Gold Cup and in semifinal round WCQ. there is an art to calibrating how good of a team do we need to get a result, what risks can i take, and still get a weak team result. to me it actually sounds like a bad team to feel compelled to bring out the big guns to swat mosquitos, and in so doing short term tire yourself out for the more important second game, and in the long term box yourself in with a roster set that already clearly can’t beat mexico. at some point c. 2015 it got where we want to win everything so bad we forgot ideas that contribute to winning over time. we select like a scared midtable team as opposed to a confident regional leader.

      • Because when FC Dallas tried to sign him as a homegrown, the league denied his chance to do so and he left to go pro, rather than languish in college. Fair enough for ya?

      • he wasn’t their homegrown, cappis and the servanias should have been dynamo youth. i understand why one might want to avoid that outcome but it doesn’t make it legal.

    • IV: I don’t think Servania is a Houston kid, he grew up in Alabama and moved to Dallas. I think Jaden just left for Dynamo because he was buried on the FCD roster but maybe I missed something.

  3. Kyle Duncan has apparently replaced Panamanian international Murillo for the Red Bulls’ right back. It is too soon to expect him to be called up, but it is likely to happen eventually.

    John Nelson was drafted by Dallas, but he sits behind Hollingshead who is probably the best US eligible left back in MLS. Nelson needs to switch teams. Nelson is a natural defender who has speed and makes a good cross from the left. He is another youngster who should get into the conversation eventually.

    • Dennis, I thought you’d given up on your John Nelson dream. At least he got some minutes for North Texas down the stretch. He really only got minutes this year when Servania, Cerrillo, and a Pomykal were at the U20 WC. If Cannon moves this Winter Hollingshead can move back to his natural right side and Johnny can get some time.
      Duncan has looked good the couple times I’ve seen him. He can play both LB or RB, he’s in the running for U23s

  4. Steffen, Johnson, Gonzalez
    Cannon, Lima, Miazga (CCV), Long, Ream, Zimmerman, Dest (Robinson), Gloster/Richards
    Bradley, Yueill
    McKennie, Lletget, Pulisic, Roldan, Green
    Boyd, Morris, Arriola, Ledesma , Pomykal
    Altidore, Sargent, Zardes
    26 because there island no roster requirements
    Subs: if ahead Zardes-Sargent,Roldan-McKennie, Green-Lletget
    Behind or Tied: Altidore, Pulisic, Morris
    McKennie, Pulisic
    Sub whomever

    • Mostly I agree.

      I don’t think Miazga will be available and I have not been that impressed by CCV, Also, I don’t think I would start either Arriola or Roldan.

      Against Canada, I would ask who in MLS matched up best against Kaye in midfield and use that as a guide, while I don’t know who that might be. From team results, Toronto tied LAFC while Seattle lost badly and tied, DC United lost, but that was early in the season. So I would go with Bradley. I think McKennie is also better than Kaye so agree that McKennie and Bradley should get the nod vs Canada.

      • I forgot Miles Robinson to be honest, I watch CCV some over the weekend, he looked good. Then in the 2nd when I wasn’t watching Stoke got killed so I don’t know. Robinson has been kind of bad since September. EPBs team has given up some goals but I have no idea if it’s his fault. Omar has made TFC far better so I wouldn’t be surprised if he was called. I just really like how CP, Arriola, and Jozy play together they just have a good understanding of where each other will be. Kaye was not very good for Canada this Summer as a LB but he was back in MF against Cuba. Davies and David worry me more than Kaye.

    • Pretty good lineups Johnny, about what I would go with given who’s available. I would say it’s pretty optimistic to assume Dest will be there, given his situation. I bet he passes on this window to at least explore the Dutch option, and can’t blame him really. So left back…back to the drawing board…

  5. What do Lovitz & Trapp have on Berhaulter/USSF that they continue to receive call-ups. Neither are worthy of a roster selection on a FIFA Date.
    If Dest isn’t willing to accept a call-up Use Lima or Robinson.
    Drop Trapp….Danny Williams is back playing 90’s and is a better CDM than Trapp.

    • Do you watch a lot of Cypriot League games? In Berhalter’s system he’d be a better replacement for Roldan. He went from being a Championship/EPL player to Cyprus? That’s a significant drop as if scouts know something we don’t since no one has really seen him play in 9 months.

      • Williams has played well the last couple seasons. The biggest issue for him is his inability to stay healthy and on the field. This inability to stay healthy is the reason why he couldn’t find a home in any of the more recognized/profile leagues….not his skills.
        Williams style of play is similar to Adams…High energy player who puts pressure on opponents, covers ground and clogs up the center of the field.
        Trapp is a decent player if you’re facing a team who’s going to park the bus…but his lack of speed is an issue when teams have speed and are willing to run at him.

        IMO the rank of CDM’s in our player pool are:
        1) Adams, 2) McKennie, 3) Bradley, 4) Williams, 5) Morales, 6) Trapp, 7) K, Acosta,
        8) Canouse, 9) Durkin/Servania

        The big problem is that Bradley, Williams, & Morales aren’t going to be worth a roster spot in 2 years….so we have to hope someone else can overtake Trapp the “Traffic Cone”.

    • I think he’s probably lost something to fall to Cyprus, Cameron is older and has injury issues but he still found a home in the Championship. I’m willing to bet Danny isn’t the Williams you remember.

  6. Ives come on dont be Lazy reposting the same article. I was wondering why comments from earlier in Sep 18th were on this post, when it was posted today 2 hour ago. Just wait until the roster is about to come out the same week and post the article. Making me go loco

    • It originally said (Updated) on the title there are some injury changes in the article but honestly who has looked any different in the last couple weeks to either go up or down.

      • it verges on absurd to take form over 2 weeks that seriously. injuries, yes, but following the roller coaster up and down every week is dense. you either have talent or not. we should be identifying that talent over a longer haul where it’s not just that you played two easy matchups for two weeks in a row and some form maven declares you awesome and en fuego. were you in the youth system. do you play for a good team. how have you shown over time. fwiw analytics doesn’t seem to prove squat. pulisic can barely see the field and he’s still our best player. analyze those stats.

  7. Canada has one game this set. We have two, the second of which is Canada away. As such I would field a fairly experimental side with some experience for Cuba first, and then an overlapping but distinct first team for Canada. This avoids the TnT trap of first team players tired for the more important second game. It also allows you to learn about some new players in a game where a short handed Cuba is easily beatable. Roughly 40 players total, my count.


    Steffen 1
    Horvath 2
    Gonzo 3

    Lima 4
    Cannon 5
    Miazga 6
    Long 7
    Lichaj 8
    Ream 9
    Zimmerman 22
    Brooks 23

    Arriola 10
    McKennie 11
    Adams 12
    Lletget 13
    Holmes 14
    Gall 15

    Pulisic 16
    Sargent 17
    Altidore 18
    Morris 19
    Boyd 20
    Green 21


    Horvath –
    Gonzo 24
    Frei 25

    Payne 26
    Lima –
    M. Robinson –
    CCV 27
    Zimmerman –
    Richards 28
    Moore 29
    Laursen 30

    Pomykal 31
    Morales 32
    Sabandzovic 33
    Holmes –
    Gall –
    Mendez 34
    (call E. Alvarez and offer him a call)


    Wood 35
    Soto 36
    Green –
    Amon 37
    Toye 38
    Sabbi 39

    For the second pair of LoN games, we begin with Canada at home, first team game, then Cuba in the Caymans, which if we have clinched, experiments/cap-tying again.

    • Some injured guys on your list; Laursen (not sure he’s even worthy), Morales, Amon, Payne hasn’t been in the squad for several weeks so he might be injured too.
      Do you mean Abel Sabanadzovic? I’m not sure playing in the 40th ranked league in Europe qualifies you. He’d also have to file a switch I believe because he participated in U21 qualifying for BH. He is yet to suit for AEK.
      If there is another U23 camp guys like a Toye, Richards, Soto would be better there. With 40 guys in camp your camp reps aren’t even going to be great.
      Alvarez is will be with Mexico’s U17 squad ahead of the U17 WC he’s committed to them through that at least. Efrain said that he and Berhalter have had at least one conversation and he knows the interest is there. Maybe he’d like a free trip to Qatar in January.

      • i am disinterested in an outcome where we send interesting players to U23 while the senior team struggles but calls older veterans out of what basically sounds like conservatism for the sake of conservatism. to me that sounds less like we are trying to build the best senior team and more like the U23 camp serves a double purpose that includes CYA for cutting/leaving out senior players. you then get to some game that counts — like this one — and the excuse is they have to be left out because it counts and they’ve not been tried before. basically sets up a feedback loop that protects the incumbents even if the team is struggling. i also think U23 is going to be more attractive to more marginal players. the ones who think they deserve more will see it for the demotion it is. the ones happy for it will be the ones who actually aren’t senior ready.

      • some of these players are dual national loss risks — like dest — and offering them weak sauce U23s or Qatar trips that don’t commit their nationality may serve restraint and conservatism but it doesn’t get them firmly inside the tent — which involves taking chances and offering important games. when we wanted pulisic he got 10 minutes in a WCQ.

    • You can still do this with 25 or 26 there’s no reason to call guys in to stand around at practice. Arena rotated no players you can still use a normal 23 man roster and rotate everyone look at GC vs Panama. At least you gave up on your ridiculous send each squad to different locations with different coaches.

      • italy last year did precisely what i propose here. one team was in italy for their uefa nations league contest against portugal to begin the international date. the other team went to belgium for their friendly with the US to end the international date. they got a tie and a win respectively. they played prospects instead of stars against us. i am just reversing the order. a shorter 23-25 man roster rotation requires you to start and tire out the same players who become the subs for game 2. a longer roster you don’t bring m/any game 1 guys to game 2 so the whole team is fresh. it also gets us out of the current bind — a conundrum we constantly stick ourselves in — where we heavily commit to a particular set of names only to not get results but then be faced with a game that counts where new players are risky, and thus get stuck in a conservatism loop. try some new players in the easier game, win by slightly fewer goals, identify new players who can help, and save the A team for Canada. we still get the results and we expand the set of reliable players to call upon so we can cut frustrating regulars like trapp.

      • Good try Italy did exactly what I suggested they used 28 players not your 40. 4 guys even started both games. They did exactly what the US does when it has two matches and the second match is a friendly. 5 veteran starters were sent back to clubs to rest, Immobile, Insigna, Jorginho, Chielini, and Florenzi. Kean and Tonali were the only youth experiments and Tonali didn’t play. Kean was a regular with Juve by the end of the season.

  8. We should have the best from all Europe and start bringing in youth for experience but no more zardes and will trap. I’m still waiting for Morris to shine like he does with sounders also goes for roldan. We really can afford to bring in some new prospects from Europe we are playing against Cuba and canada the latter will be the most challenging but not extremely challenging.

  9. It sounds like mostly the same old, same old. Somehow, GB expects a different result? Im only going to make one comment here. GB needs to look at Matt Turner from the Revs as a GK. That guy is fantastic and makes world class saves every game and deserves a chance. I would put him up against ANYBODY in our current pool

    If GB snubs Sargent over Zardes he should be fired. He cannot win games with the player he’s picking and if he won’t change that, he needs to go cause he’s not showing us anything so far

  10. Michael Bradley and Wil Trapp selected on this team AUTOMATICALLY means the USMNT will be knocked out (possibly even early) in this competition. Haha, nothing like good old American comedy!!!

    • Canada away in the second game is a trap game. If he calls the wrong people and then plays the same starters vs Cuba and Canada he sets up a TnT scenario. Tired team playing Canada away for the second game in a few days. Canada would then have 9 pts and us 3 pts and the best we could do is tie. He needs to select wisely and then save them for Canada. Even if he won’t do my idea of two almost separate teams, he has to rotate. I think it will be the one rubber-hits-road game of this fall. The rest of this should be easy but if they win we can only equal their points total. And I think despite recent struggles the coach hasn’t been held to account or been forced to “grow up” on selection. There is every reason to believe it will be more of the same give or take some players like Weah, Holmes, Horvath, and whether I like it or not defenders like Brooks and Yedlin. I don’t think the coach has a clue on selection and that BMO game will be a test.

  11. Yedlin and Adams? These guys have been out for months, and have not yet played a match. I just can’t see how they could be match fit for NT duty in a couple of weeks. I never heard update on Brooks but can’t remember the last time he was healthy for the US. I would expect the team to look a lot like the one that tied Uruguay, with Bradley and Altidore thrown in.

    • Yedlin played this past weekend against Leicester City as a sub, he looked awful though. So yeah you re right about his form being off.

      • you don’t need Yedlin. Cannon and Lima looked fine. Yedlin is fanboyed by Eurosnobs who apparently missed Chile and Peru. Adams is more complicated bc I think you could do something serviceable at DM with McKennie and/or Morales but it wouldn’t be as good, but if you put Bradley and Trapp out there (and that will be GB’s first, stupid instinct), they constantly get burned for goals and an upset could be possible. my dark horse would be stick Holmes out there, who can play offense but was also a defensive fighter like Morales. I think the forwards and backs and keeper can hold their own but we need some mids out there Canada has to take seriously and can’t just run by.

    • JB’s comment was from the original that had some of those guys in the roster who haven’t made it back. Canada’s midfield is week. Their forwards are really good. In the GC he used Kaye as a LB and had Tiebert, Pierre, Osorio, and Will Johnson. They used a better lineup in September with Piette, Osorio and Kaye, but they are still all MLS guys. Jonathan David is a beast up front though 10 g 5a in Belgium and Europa League play this season in 15 total matches.

  12. Just one piece of data but whoscored ratings of US AM, MF, and DMs in MLS.
    1.Lleget 2.Pomykal 3.Parks 4.Roldan 8. Nagbe 9. Mihailovic 10. Yueill 12. Bradley 14. Trapp
    Ratings when playing DM
    1.Roldan 2. S. Davis 3. Yueill 4. McCarty 5. Bradley 6. Canouse 7. Nagbe
    Ratings when playing CM
    1. Corona 2. Parks 3. Nagbe 4. Bradley 5. Bedoya
    Ratings when playing AM
    1. Pomykal 2. Mihailovic 3. Kljestan 4. Amaya 5.Aaronson
    Playing as Attacking Wings
    1. Morris 2. Saucedo 3. Ebobisse 4. Arriola 5. Sapong

    • For all the Zack Steffen haters he has the best whoscored rating for GKs in the Bundesliga with more than 1 appearance. 13th among all players who have played in all four matches.

      • we have no choice but steffen and he will suffice for these type games. however throwing out league stats when in the NT he has given up 2 goals by distribution just since the summer, and not looked as dominant as before, is silly. on a more accountable team that sort of form fade would earn him competition and not engraved title to his position. at some point you’re going to catch on that the most material thing for a NT player is how they look in our jersey and that club and country can be different things.

    • Aaah whoscored ratings well lets see

      Not only does MLS not cut it in terms of top leagues around the world (we can’t even compete with Liga MX) but US players can’t cut it in the very league that can’t cut it on the world stage, so how are we ever suppose to produce a team (filled with US MLS players) worth competing against the very best in the world. To put things into perspective, foreign players in MLS, many at the end of their careers, NOT EVEN CONSIDERED FOR THEIR RESPECTIVE NATIONAL TEAMS dominate almost even positional area in our league. Here are some US players, who are the best in their position according to stats

      Top LB in MLS
      Ryan Hollingstead is The highest rated US player, the only US player to make the top 3 sheets of whoscored and rated the highest in his field than any other player in theirs….not to mention he plays leftback (just an FYI)

      Top RB in MLS

      Top CB in MLS
      Miles Robinson
      Ike Opara

      Top DM in MLS
      Christian Roldan

      Top CM in MLS
      Sebastian Lletget
      Darlington Nagbe

      Top CAM in MLS
      Paxton Pomykal

      Top RM / LM in MLS
      Jordan Morris

      Top Forwards in MLS
      Jozy Altidore
      CJ Sapong

  13. I’d love to see the US try a 4-2-3-1 formation ala Seattle Sounders where Pulisic plays the role of Lodeiro with Jordan Morris and Cristian Roldan/Weston McKennie alongside him, and Altidore/Sargent as the back-to-the-goal #9. Having two DCM’s behind him frees up Pulisic to be the creative spark without having to worry as much about defense and commanding the middle of the park as he would as a central mid in a 4-3-3. The two DCMs could be some combination of our many options there: Adams, Bradley, McKennie, Morales, Trapp, Yueill.. Then you have two overlapping fullbacks in Dest/Fabian Johnson and Yedlin/Cannon/Chandler, with Brooks and Long/Robinson in the back. Steffen or Johnson as goalkeeper. (Steffen, Dest-Brooks-Long-Yedlin, Adams-Morales, Morris-Pulisic-McKennie, and Altidore)

  14. Please no Trapp or Bradley. Bring in Morales if he is recovered. Whether anyone likes it or not, Zardes will be on the team. He is much superior to Boyd. Roldan is okay and can play more than one position, but I would prefer to see Green. He belongs somewhere on the team. Cuba will be no contest. Canada will be much tougher, but we should win even there, so I prefer to see a more attacking side than is provided by players like Trapp, Bradley, Boyd, and Roldan.

    • I think we’re seeing the effect of Boyd not taking vacation this Summer went straight from Anakaragucu to the GC and then started training with Bestikas. He was lively in the GC, MotM vs Guyana best player in 1st halves vs TNT and Curaçao. Now he looks slow and lacking of ideas. Holmes for me has the same ability to play multiple roles as Roldan but is quicker and more skilled. I like Green against Cuba when they’ll put 11 behind the ball with his shooting ability. Pomykal getting his 2nd start of the season at RW vs Seattle tonight, might be coincidence after coming in as RW for US.

      • Pomykal came on at LW. Interesting he played on the wing for Dallas, though. He played there the first game with the U-20s as well if I’m not mistaken.

      • Shaggy he subs there some and certainly gets into wide positions a lot for FCD but most of his starts (all but 2) have come in the 8 or 10 spots. Maybe not as fast as Arriola but similar motor and better crosser.

  15. For the most part I’m OK with the suggested roster.
    Keeper: The 3rd spot is up for grabs, and would be fine with any of the following (Gonzalez, Horvath, Miller, or Guzan). All comes down to the coach and if he’s looking towards the future or wants another Veteran in the locker-room.
    Defense: Miazga is nearing return for Redding, so he might sneak in. CCV is also seeing consistent minutes in the Championship so may be an option as well. I actually really like the idea of Avarado getting another look…has the same skill set as Ream but is younger & faster.
    Midfield: There are to many CDM’s in this group and not enough creativity. Would drop Trapp at the very least for someone like Holmes or Green.
    Forwards: There really aren’t any other options available. The closest player not named would be Soto & Zardes, but their only shot should be as injury replacements right now.

    While the Cuba game should be fairly easy….we need to make a statement against Canada. A convincing win against them on their home soil will help smooth some of the concerns about the program, and tell the rest of the Mid-Level CONCACAF sides that we haven’t become a wounded animal. Should give our young players confidence when we have to play Honduras, Guatemala, & T&T away.

    • Toye started over Soto for U23s and scored although Soto played 2nd half and drew the penalty. Soto May struggle for time this season given he’s made it clear he wants out, could be like Fulham not playing Hyndman.

      • soto needs to be cap-tied and at some point you need to trust your U20s are your foundational future. i would also pick toye. i think you’ve developed ageism or short attention span if the MLS flavors of the month make it before the U20 studs.

  16. Miazga, Adams, Morales, Brooks, Yedlin, and Weah still injured currently. Yedlin is due to return soon. I found out last week Adams groin issue has healed but he injured a foot when he returned to training and that is the current injury.
    Yeuill for Trapp. Morales got called last month is Chandler next? Will another youth get a call in Mendez, or Toye?

    • Yedlin? hahahaha. Yeuill? Morales? those are your bright ideas? the last couple sound more like it but then you just got through knocking experimentation on my post, so hmmmm

      • First half is a list of people who are injured since the names were coming across in a lot of people’s starting lineups but probably won’t be available. Yueill is likely choice having been in camps and is having a great season with SJ, he forced Uruguay to change their defense with his early passing. Chandler Luke Morales been mostly left out and is playing again although in a role that doesn’t exist in our formation but he’s a possibility. Toye regular starter on one of the better teams in MLS 8 goals in 18 appearances, scored for U23s against Japan. Mendez, starting in Dutch 2nd for most historic club in Netherlands, two other U20s made their first appearance in September Mendez would be next line from that squad. So it’s not experimental it’s a reasoned approach beyond give everybody a chance like it’s parks and Rec.

  17. i have previously advocated calling up two different teams for consecutive games. i would call a sizeable amount of players, run out an experiment for the easy cuba game at home, rest the starters, and then play the A team in Canada. i might even have the starters just go to canada, practice there, and wait. i would have as little overlap as possible so the A team is as fresh as possible. this allows you to both experiment and yet chase max points. if you have any confusion at all, canada already has 2 games in the can and only has to play 1 game this international break — us. they do not have a friendly scheduled the other date. so it also makes sense as a competition strategy just like tournament squad rotation.

      • how is it a bad idea? last time we played cuba we won like 6-0. they have had defections during LoN already. this will not even be close. and i guess you’re too brain dead to understand how my approach avoids the Couva Conundrum of they only play one game and we will be on our second. we can tire out players in the first game we need for the key second game, or we can accept, say, 3-0 in a more experimental cuba game, and start our canada game players as fresh as theirs. historically we have gone through earlier rounds of qualifying with less than the first team. people also seem to forget we beat panama 4-0 with the same starters who lost 1-2 to TnT. your lack of foresight and imagination is not my fault.

      • what some of you fail to factor in is this canada away game could decide the group. Canada already has 2 wins. if we lose away our maximum potential is to match their 3 wins and advance on a tiebreaker. if we win or tie away and take both games that puts us driver’s seat to advance. canada away is the second game we will have in a week. it will be their only game this international break. you can either play into their hands tiring people out against cuba at home, or you can plan ahead. do you want to repeat Trinidad or can we plan for a change.

      • i am convinced that with full information of how recent games have gone plus knowing the risks of running out the same players two games demonstrated in couva, many people would just repeat their mistakes over and over while chanting the “play to win play to win” mindless mantra. sometimes winning involves squad rotation and other approaches that are not playing the same guys all competition. as well as some roster evolution based on performance over time.

    • It’s not your problem, I think most people see that’s a problem. It’s your solution that is nonsensical. With a 23 man roster you can rotate players to keep them fresh especially considering the travel from DC to Toronto is minimal. Also there is not a 23 man limit for the week so you could bring in 25 or 26 and rotate. To bring in 46 players you will definitely be bringing either just plain prospects or guys who are not good. The message you’d send to those Cuba team players by not even having the regular coach there would be awful too. Start some backups rotate starters out but not bring in a completely different team.

      • your argument is abstract theoretics. see above. i dismiss your theory with my actual names, who are not so horrific experiments they will trip over the ball. i am talking U20s, U23s, pipeline players, and a couple MLS shooting stars, plus people who got calls this and last year but haven’t been given a long run.

  18. Forward up top Altidore
    Foward on left wing Arriola
    Foward on right wing Morris

    Left midfielder Lletget
    Creating center midfielder Pullisic
    Defensive mid Bradley
    Lb Dest
    Lcb Miazga
    Rcb Ream
    Rb Cannon
    Gk Steffen

  19. I still have Horvath on the roster. He only lost his starting job because they brought over that keeper from Liverpool. I know everyone is clamoring for Alvarado just because Necaxa is in first but I don’t see him making the roster. Trapp needs to sit out this tournament he’s just not getting it done. Heck I’d rather have Bradley playing his role. Boyd wasn’t great in these last friendlies but when the alternative is Zardes. You take Boyd.

      • You’re a pretentious ass. He was last a starter for Liverpool three seasons ago. Why should OPs be forced to memorize the name of scrubs?

  20. I’l like to see
    Players in ()=if previous player still on the shelf

    GK-Steffen, Miller, Johnson
    CB- Brooks (Alvarado), Ream, Long, Miazga
    LB- Robinson, Dest
    RB- Yedlin (Lima), Cannon
    DM- Adams (yueill) , Bradley
    CM- McKennie, Roldan, Pomykal, Holmes
    W- Pulisic, Arriola, Morris, Weah (Boyd)
    S- Altidore, Sargent

  21. Leave Trapp home zardes home and play pullisic as a midfielder in the center and leave Boyd home all he does is whip in crosses Morris can do that and he at least showed some progress against uruguay on the wings. Call in Lynden Gooch and Keaton parks.

    • It will be interesting to see what happens with Parks. If he stays in MLS definitely in line for a Jan camp. I believe he’s eligible for the Olympics. So he could get called to an U23 camp this Fall.

  22. the forwards are generally fine except for boyd, who hasn’t scored or shown much except that first game against guyana. i would shop that spot or maybe even consider sargent or jozy wide right. if you wanted to take a risk i would call soto and lock him down.

      • Is Ledesma better? More technical maybe not as athletic. Then you have to say which is better Dutch 2nd or Danish 1st Division? That being said I don’t think either are quite there yet, if Pulisic, Arriola, Boyd, Holmes and Morris are available. Ledesma obviously has a bigger chance to get there if he can start getting minutes at PSV. He’s been playing more AM so having 2 positions could also benefit him.

  23. at mid, what exactly do trapp or roldan “do?” there are people like morales who actually “do” defense, though i think they are redundant of and lesser than adams. there are a list of better attackers, eg, green, gall, holmes, pomykal, mendez. why are we rostering players likely to be AM spots who aren’t actually good at attacking and not really ball winners, either? i may give a prize to the first person to say, “but they are two way 8s.” yeah but i want an actual 10 good at something. so no prize on second thought.

    • Morales is hurt, I wasn’t able to find the results of his MRI to judge if he’ll be back by then. I disagree with Ives list because it includes three 6s (Trapp, Bradley, Adams). For balance you’d think another 10, Green has been scoring consistently in Germany, Holmes had a decent run before his injury problems this Summer. I would think Holmes has the advantage having been in camp with GGG but Green’s shooting might be beneficial against the Cuban bunkered defense.

  24. on defense i am cheered to see that as the games go to counting — and we intend to take that seriously — the suggestion is back would come dest, yedlin, brooks, and robinson. who cares if we need to defend i guess.

  25. i’m sorry but upping or downing people based on club fortunes is silly unless we’ve seen it spilll over to the NT already. horvath has been benched but prior to that played 2 league games, 2 wins, allowing 1 total goal. 0.5 GAA. his issues are between him and his club. he shouldn’t fall from second string to left out that fast. absurd. if you have any concerns, he can play the cuba contest, home game, weak team, low risk.

  26. If Duane Holmes is playing like he has been since he returned to Derby’s lineup there is no way he’s not called in. Trapp needs to be left at home, along with Zardes. It may be too early for Greg to reach out to Nagbe for another call in, considering he’s turned down the last 2 call ups and actually wants to be there(c’mon Darlington lol), but that midfied just not do it for me and if we continue to want to play out of the back we need players with great ball skills and who aren’t afraid to be brave in tight spaces.

    • I agree with all points, but mostly that Trapp should be left at home. Beyond that, I wouldn’t invite Trapp, and if you are looking for a defensive midfielder anyone but Trapp will do. That is all!


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