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Report: Netherlands Football Federation to meet with Dest soon over future

The Royal Netherlands Football Federation is reportedly planning to meet with Sergino Dest in the near future in regards to his international career.

According to Dutch outlet VI, the Dutch are planning to meet with Dest after failing to do so earlier this month. Dest, 19, made his U.S. Men’s National Team debut in friendlies against Mexico and Uruguay, but is still eligible to switch to the Netherlands.

“We invited him for an interview and he subsequently had to cancel because he had obligations with Ajax,” Netherlands U-21 head coach Erwin van de Looi said. “We hope that this agreement will be reached as soon as possible.”

Dest starred for the U.S. Under-20 Men’s National Team at this past summer’s FIFA U-20 World Cup in Poland. Domestically, he’s earned made eight first team appearances with Eredivisie outfit Ajax this season, appearing in the UEFA Champions League, Eredivisie, and Dutch Super Cup.

The USMNT is next in action in October as they face Cuba and Canada in its first Concacaf Nations League group stage matches. Should Dest be called in and appear in either of those matches, it will officially rule out any switch to the Netherlands.

Meanwhile, Ronald Koeman’s side is also in action next month, facing off with Northern Ireland and Belarus in  2020 UEFA European Qualifying matches. The Dutch are currently third in Group C with nine points from four matches and have four qualifying fixtures remaining.

Dest and Ajax are next in action on Sunday against Eredivisie rivals PSV, looking to remain unbeaten this season.


  1. Cap tie him, but not in a game that will cost us when/if he gets nutmegged or run around like potted plant again.

  2. Maybe the Dutch will cap tie him then just never call him … just to keep him from coming here? On the other hand, he would have to deal with Beerholder picking MLS average players over him. Tough call if Im him.

    Remember that kid from NJ…. Rossi…. He had dreams for playing for Italy and shunned the USA offer to come to camp …. even though he was born here. He played a few times for the Italian NATS but it didnt work out the way he dreamed. This could well be the Dest story too

  3. Ajax played him at LB all Summer. Maybe he looks at it like we pushed a guy that started in the EPL last year out of spot so you could start against our biggest rival.

  4. Well, I wouldn’t have just Berhalter talk to him. Remember that Earnie Stewart was born in Holland and spent almost all of his professional career there and played for the US anyway. If anyone can relate to Dest, it should be Stewart who speaks the same language, in more ways than one. I think Stewart can talk up the US success in recent youth World Cups, how so many of those players are now doing well and how Dest can be an immediate part of that going forward. I would hope that we have at least a 50/50 chance of keeping him.

    • Agreed. If he defects, cant blame US Soccer on this one. We did the right things – brought him up thru system, called him up to senior squad early, started him. Vs Mexico no less in a passionate game. At the end of the day, its a players decision. U can sell someone up to a point. I hope Dest sees the potential as you said. Committing to the dutch wld be a risk. They shld get Jermaine Jones to talk to him.

      • KC- Your last sentence made me laugh!! Jermaine “ I share people’s private conversations” Jones, ‘because I don’t know what the meaning of ‘tattle telling’, aka “Dry Snitching!”, is German. Btw, only accepted Bob Bradley’s invite because a serious injury, and Germany’s talent, kept him from competing for “Die Mannscraft!” Now we want him, to talk to a player, who’s Dutch, about joining a national team for America. Yeah, right!! I’ll bet Jones will post on IG, about Sergino, not wanting to play for America because he’s a millennial, who likes video games and would rather be close to his family.
        Earnie has more in common! ?

      • Its OK 2 think. I could be wrong but i think u have ure history wrong. He got hurt after committing to the US.

        Kept him out of ’10 WC with us. He committed to us bc he knew he wldnt have a shot with germany. Idk about the first part of ure comment but JJ embraced our team and country and became a leader. Thats why i mentioned the idea. We gave him the opty to play the tourney of his life in 14, score a beauty on world stage. So….Its Ok to Think…..

      • @It’s Ok 2 Think so you being okay with players not pushing themselves to their full potential is whats wrong with our national team. JJ was not wrong for calling out Jordan Morris for his decision and his excuses. A girlfriend and dog can move with you! Also it is 2019, this man can video chat via a phone or a computer.

  5. Love this kids game. Really hope he stays- could add something we’ve rarely if ever seen at LB/RB. Likely comes down to a choice between a chance to play with our National team immediately vs an opportunity to play with NED u23/u20 side and compete to eventually maybe play w/ the full NED side.

  6. Berhalter: We think u got potential but we’re going to play u at LB instead of RB because we really believe in young Reggie Cannon who is having a great year in MLS.

    Dutch FA: Really Sergino they started Cannon over you in your only call up and pushed a starter at a UCL club out of position to make room for a player in their own league.

    But seriously if I’m Dest who wouldn’t wait a little bit before getting cap tied to the USA all he has to look at to know how that goes is Alfredo Morales, Danny Williams, and Terrence Boyd.

    Will be shocked if he doesn’t pick up an ‘injury’ right before the October window.

    • Reggie Cannon is good enough for a div 1or 2 European team In Germany, Holland, Div English Championship. I will be honest it was Reggie Cannon fault we conceded the Uruguay goal, he did not get back and Long tried to contain the Uruguay player, but he still managed to get a shot off, that blasted past Long and Guzan. Dest had that awful cringe worthy, nut-meg against Mexico. So they both were not perfect in both friendlies.

    • It does not matter what the Dutch FA and manager thinks! Holland aka Netherlands has also never won a WC! What matters is what Dest chooses!

      • Well.. That depends on who Dest listens too, and apparently he is at least listening to them at this point.

        As for the Dutch never winning a WC they made multiple Semifinals and Finals and probably more importantly to Dest’s decision their FA may not be in great shape right now but it still makes USSoccer look like rank amateur hour.

  7. With the US he has a quick chance to be our starting fullback. Seems like with the Dutch he has to start with the Under 23 team or Under 21

  8. Cap tie ASAP berhalter better convince him. I don’t want to hear all these coments of I only want to see those who want to represent our country and have pride to play for us because pride won’t get us anything in soccer anymore those days seem long gone in 1990 and died in 2014.Pride can be a motivational factor but not the only reason to cap tie a player the talent should be the main reason. After that everything else is a plus. I hope he chooses us.

    • Loyalty to club or love of nation exist, and help motivate, but I think are over rated when it comes to consistent performance on the pitch. Many, many many…. MOST high level players are are there for a reason- in addition to talent- they are self motivated, highly competitive, would break their neck to beat their own brother at ping-pong. Many mannnnnny players play with passion whenever and wherever they hit the pitch, move from club to club without missing a beat because they love the game, have passion and pride in themselves, and hate to lose or even be beaten on a single play. These qualities are what a manager should be looking for, not some immeasurable, impossible to quantify patriotism. Does anyone really believe the most patriotic team wins?


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