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Sargent’s game-tying assist helps Werder Bremen tie Borussia Dortmund

Josh Sargent helped Werder Bremen to a 2-2 draw against Borussia Dortmund on Saturday.

The American forward registered a game-tying assist at Signal Iduna Park to help his team leave Dortmund with a point.

After Dortmund held a 2-1 lead going into the second-half, Werder Bremen hit back from a corner kick. Nuri Sahin’s corner was flicked to the back post by Sargent allowing Marco Friedl to bundle home the tying goal.

It was Sargent’s main contribution in the match, which saw him start and play 88 minutes for Werder Bremen. He has two shots in total with one of them being saved by Roman Burki.

He also won two of five duels and made three recoveries. It was also his first career Bundesliga assist.

Werder Bremen are 10th in the Bundesliga table following the draw and next travel to Eintracht Frankfurt on Oct. 6th.


  1. i am sorry but it tells me all i need to know that our co-leading gold cup scorers in a 433 were not playing 9 ie central striker but instead left side ie Pulisic and Arriola. most teams would be shopping their striker position if their would be starter stopped scoring halfway through the group round and had none in the knockout round. that’s precisely what you get when you pick a forward based on chasing defenders and minutes played. he’s played in every game but one and not done much with it.

  2. the scenario some of you are unwittingly setting up is second rate players with better club situations now being favored over tomorrow’s future stars because the rookies are just breaking in and the veterans are established. you notice nowhere in there did we actually make a talent distinction. it’s kind of the obnoxious over-swing the other direction from club snobbery, which is to pretend all things are equal and favor minutes over how they are used or where they are received. this is almost designed to favor second rate players in MLS and the English Championship who by virtue of club choice rarely leave the field. now, to me, it’s just as bad to favor the EPL or B.1 guys just for being on their teams. pick the ones who play well.

  3. the people who support holding players out like this tend to be idiots or sycophants. learn to love the goals/90 mins stat, because it corrects for playing time if a player is talented but underused (versus unproductive or a disused cypher). last year sargent had a goal roughly every 150 mins in age group ball and a goal every 100 bundesliga minutes. tim weah had a goal every 118 SPL minutes and a goal in just 53′ in Ligue 1. zardes this year is at a goal every 184′ playing in an easier league for a worse team. you can throw around minutes in the abstract but it’s how you use them. for contrast, this disused and slumping bobby wood not only sat the bench but only averaged a goal every 400′ when he was used. there are distinctions among players eager to get in games between players who used their opportunities — and are likely to flower if given more chance their club gives — and players who are scrubs or struggling. pulisic is another one…..we’re not seriously going to pretend he sucks if CFC benches him, right??? so how about we look for talent and keep an eye out for players who produce but just don’t get minutes.

  4. If he’s credited with an assist, that’s cool! …but if you tell me, he meant that as a pass and not a shot on goal. You are a fool!

    • Didnt make me wonder one bit…..if some fans would get over themselves and stop acting like they know better than actual coaches this fanbase will be better off…..Zardes was being called in over Sargent because he was playing and scoring goals, while Josh found it hard to get ANY minutes. Now that Sargent is playing he is being called in again…its really that simple, stop making a mountain out of mole hill

      • Bro Sargent was getting minutes before the Gold Cup. Don Nelson is right. Another example is how he does not rate Julian Green. When he should be getting a call p. Amon is back playing with his team and starting, we will see if Beerholder neglects him too.

      • No he wasnt and it showed in the GC camp and the friendlies before the tourney started so he got released, same with Amon, so lets not act like they havent been given opportunities….they havent used them well is the difference. Sargent is playing now and decently so he’ll now continue to get called in i preaume

      • From March to May 2019, Sargent played in one match for 7 minutes. He had 205 total Bundesliga minutes. He had 1000 4th Division (U23) minutes last year but all before Christmas.

      • @RonnietYes he was he got u 23 and one game with the first team. Everyone was horrible in the friendlies. Amon was injured I never said Amon should have been called up, he was injured. I said now he is playing and stadting again coming back from injury.

      • Mysterious maybe you didn’t see my post before you responded to Ronnie. In the three months leading to a GC he had 7 minutes total at any level. If you go further out it was 154 total minutes from Jan to May. He simply wasn’t playing in the 2019 portion of 2018-2019 season.

    • I don’t think that Julian Green had much to brag about last year, I wouldn’t have called him up then either. This season, he has had a few good games in the Bundesliga 2, but Bobby Wood and Terrence Boyd have both scored a few goals in the past, but failed to impress with the Nats. He will have to show some consistency if he wants any call-ups. At the position he is in, he is still well behind McKennie, and Pulisic( despite the present lack of PT). Though you can argue he does not play their position, where he is on the field is closer to McKinne and Pulisic than where Zardes, Morris or Altidore play. Another good attacking mid would be great, but he needs to show that with some consistency and he has not yet done that. Maybe in the spring.

    • Last time I checked was a week or so ago, but I doubt it has changed. Over the last 2 seasons Zardes has scored more goals in MLS than any other American. He also has a high work rate, plays defense, and has played and can play winger. That’s why he gets called in, not just by Berhalter, but by every other men’s coach since Zardes’ second season. In fact, about the only time he hasn’t been called in was when he was injured or recovering from injury. Those are all facts.

      • An aspect people forget also is when we only play one forward we aren’t going to bring in four strikers like Managers in the past did playing 4-4-2s.

    • Columbus is missing the playoffs because Higuain went down in May and Porter has almost completely rebuilt the roster. Not Zardes who has 13 goals second most among Americans.

      • Sargent was playing in 2018-2019 . He was playing for Werder Breman II and made some apperances for Werder first team. He also scored on Bolivia in May 2019. Beerholder is not good at evaulating talent. The kid was playing and even had scored for the senior national team May of 2018 and against Peru October 2018. The kid was playing he was bouncing back between the first team and reserves before the GC. He was playing!
        From Wikipedia
        Years Team Apps (Gls)
        2018– Werder Bremen II 12 (7)
        2018– Werder Bremen 14 (3)
        From transfer Market
        18/19 Bundesliga Bundesliga SV Werder Bremen 10 2 goals
        18/19 Regionalliga Nord Regionalliga Nord SV Werder Bremen II 12 7 goals

      • He scored on Bolivia in May 2018 not 2019. Beerholder is not good at evaluating talent. The kid was playing and even had scored for the senior national team May of 2018 on Bolivia and against Peru October 2018*.

    • Mysterious, 154 minutes in five months leading up to the GC not even 2 games worth of time. 7 minutes in the 100 days prior to the GC friendlies. His manger at Bremen saw he was struggling with the grind of his first season in the pro ranks. Berhalter had planned to include him that’s why he didn’t go to the U20 WC but then he saw it too during camp.

    • Mysterious- i’d like to call Amon in soon, too, but he might be injured again.
      after subbing in late in the last 2 matches, he wasn’t with the team at all today. didn’t even travel with them.

      • it boils down to, based on both their USMNT and club scoring rates, I would expect sargent to score more often than zardes for the USMNT. zardes/berhalter fans tend to make a circular argument that despite struggling for the USMNT favor him because of claimed club form, essentially making a “scouting” type argument for someone who already has a track record. but then they ignore jozy is as productive in less time and the kids are even more productive in even less time. basically all you’re doing is rewarding a guy for being on a mediocre team that relies on him heavily for minutes (and modest goals).

  5. Sargent did an excellent job on the game tying assist by aggressively went for the flick on the corner. Way to go young man! Didn’t watch Chelsea vs Brighton live this morning after checking on Chelsea’s starting lineup, but I did watch the extended highlights after the match. I couldn’t help but notice how hard and well Willian and Mount tackled and played defense. This is another area Pulisic needs to improve to gain playing time in the Premier League. The only 2 footballers in the world who don’t have to play defense hard were Messi and Ronaldo. Pulisic is not either of them and thus, needs to learn to play tough defense. Another observation (movement off the ball) during Wednesday’s Carabao Cup against League 2 opponent, Grimsby Town, Pulisic was twice a second behind teammate Michy Batshuayi to get to the ball. On both incidents, Batshuayi scored easily inside the box. With the USMNT, every US teammate is looking for Pulisic to feed him the ball. At Chelsea the situation is totally different. Nonetheless, kudos to Pulisic on the game against the lowly Grimsby Town, he was NOT as passive and showed aggressiveness to take a shot; however, Pulisic rustiness really showed due to not lack of playing time. Today Pulisic unfortunately again failed to get a single minute (the 4th time in 5 games since the international break) against Brighton. Willian, Mount, Pedro and Callum Hudson-Odoi are currently all ahead of Pulisic on the pecking order. Pulisic really needs to show these qualities and defensive toughness in practice to fight for playing time.

      • We are taljing about the top 4 best players in the world who don’t hardly have to play defense. Also some forwards and attacking miss do come back on defense.

      • Ok sorry I don’t understand the purpose of your first response then. Simon said he thinks Pulisic needs to improve his defense to get minutes at Chelsea. Then you named Mbappe and Neymar as guys who don’t play defense. What point were you trying to make?

      • Because he bought up best players in the world who are mainly attacking and hardly play defense. Mbappe and Neymar are on Messi and Ronaldos level and barely play defense that was my point. Dont get how you could not comprehend that!

    • …Zlatan, David Villa, Lewandowski, and Ozil… O wait…that’s right forwards and attacking midfielders don’t play defense, or else they would be called defenders.
      The reasons I think, that CPs minutes are in decline, 1) Minutes played for USMNT, (GC & friendlys), man is just 20, 2) returning vets coming back from injury, 3) Mason Mounts great play in comparison, ( why isn’t CP playing as well as him?) 4) acclamation to a different league, new team, (not knowing how teammates play), & country, etc, 5) Lampards tactics, (learning how the manager, wants to play.)
      While I Def appreciate your sentiment with USMNT, Simon, good point about the expectations w/ Chelsea vs USMNT. I gotta disagree with people, when CPs hustle, heart & overall skill is in question, i.e. – He needs to play better defense, he looks frail, or he’s playing timid. We root for the same team (USMNT), so I want us to think about something. After he was quoted “We (USMNT) still play scary vs Mexico.” How do you go back to Chelsea, with that on your mind? Not only are you physically tired, but you’re mentally drained, also. That’s a mental challenge, imo, that could affect a player on the pitch, especially if you’re considered a savior of the sport, for an entire country. I think, he gets more minutes, in 4-5 months, it’s still extremely early in the season.


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