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Sergino Dest confirms contact from Dutch Federation, keeping his national team options open

Sergino Dest’s recent breakthrough into the first team at Ajax has attracted the attention of excited U.S. Men’s National Teams at the prospect of a young and talented fullback playing at such a high level.

Unfortunately for the USMNT, its fans aren’t the only ones to take notice of Dest’s recent rise.

The 18-year-old fullback, who is taking part in his first USMNT camp ahead of September’s friendlies against Mexico and Uruguay, confirmed on Wednesday that he has been contacted by the Dutch Federation, which wants to meet with him about a potential call-up to the Dutch Under-23 national team.

Dest, who was born and raised in the Netherlands but has represented the United States at Under-17 and Under-20 World Cups, said he isn’t making any final decisions on which country he will ultimately settle on.

“(The Dutch Federation) said something to me, it was not the first team yet, it was with the Under-23s. They want to have a meeting with me. I keep the options open.”

Dest is currently in his first USMNT camp, earning the nod after an outstanding Under-20 World Cup, and more recently with his run of first-tea matches with Ajax.


“I’m happy for this opportunity, and I’m happy that I’m here right now,” Dest said. “I don’t know for the future yet. You guys will see what happens in that time.”

When asked if he would consider skipping the October Nations League matches in order to avoid being cap-tied to the United States, Dest was non-committal.

“I don’t know yet. I can’t make that decision yet,” Dest said.

The fact that Dest is keeping his options open may worry USMNT fans who will fear losing one of the best young talents in the pipeline, but Dest did offer some evidence of a clear appreciation for his place in the USA setup, including his recent senior team call-up.

“I was a little bit surprised, and I felt like, how you say, valued,” Dest said. “I like to play for the U.S. so I love that opportunity.

“It’s a big opportunity, and I’m also proud to play for them,” Dest said. “For me, they give me a lot of chances when I was younger so I appreciate that.”


  1. Player 1: “I cannot commit to the USMNT because of family”
    People: Band him from the USMNT

    Player 2: “I will play for now but I cannot commit to the USMNT because I want to keep my options open to possibly play for a better country / national team
    People: “lets hope and prayer he will select the USMNT”

    Haha ???……gotta love the implicit bias when it comes to certain players for the National Team!!!!

    • Dude, this kid has more potential so obviously I care more about him playing for USA. You’re trying to put Nagbe in the same category as an 18 year old starter for a top European team. I almost spit out my drink laughing at how terribly off you are.

      • Myle,
        That would have been a waste of your drink as YOU are way off. Look at the big picture. Everyone jumped on Nagbe because he “showed lack of patriotism” for not taking the opportunity or wanting to play for the National team. Dest should be no different…..especially at a younger age. He has represented the US at the U-17 level, he has represented the US at the U-20 level AND HE STILL DOESN’T HAVE THE RED, WHITE AND BLUE FLOWING THROUGH HIS VEINS???? He too, ESPECIALLY AFTER ALREADY PLAYING FOR US AT THE YOUTH LEVEL should be blamed evenly for not taking the opportunity or wanting to play readily for the US National team. Simple

      • Panda,
        You mean call-ups that don’t tie him to the USMNT….of course, and because he doesn’t have a talentless Bradley blocking his growth. If a younger MB somehow played in his spot, that would have been a rap!!!! He would have DEFINITELY played for the Netherlands then haha???

    • I fhe xhooses Holland T leadt we have Chris Richards and Aboubacar Keira from Columbus Crew he will be good enough for Arsenal in 4.5years.

  2. Have a bad feeling on this one.

    Say it again, why a start vs mexico needs to happen. Get him involved in a passionate, high level game.

    I’ll be surprised if he accepts a cap tie game in Nations League at this point.

    • we need actual wingbacks to upgrade the positions right now, not speculative efforts. next month they start counting. he was being offered a fast track favor. his comments basically act like the favor means nothing. i would be calling in committed options and once he ran his mouth on to plan B.

    • There are several big differences. The main one being that he has accepted the call-up and playing for the US right now as he always has.

  3. He seemed pretty uncomfortable answering those questions. I feel we are doing all we can to try to seal the deal with this kid. Hopefully Berhalter invites him to play in Nations League, he agrees and we cap him and move on.

  4. “please don’t go
    don’t go
    don’t go away
    please don’t go
    don’t go
    i’m begging you to stay”
    -KC and the Sunshine Band


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