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VIDEO: Breaking down USMNT newcomer Sergino Dest’s national team situation




  1. Players choose historically the better team. How many players with the opportunity to play for either a traditional soccer power or a non traditional soccer power, choose the latter?

  2. Let’s play him if he earns it at camp, and not if he doesn’t. Let’s keep calling him in if he earns it and accepts it. In other words, no special treatment. We should also keep in mind he will have to do a lot more defending against the speed of Mexico and Uruguay than he has done even at Ajax, we should probably temper expectations. And also, It’s nice to see more pieces by Ives!

  3. Honestly, I understand Dest and if I were a player I would not publicly comment on my commitment until I was cap-tied. While odds are slim, what if he gets injured between now and October and doesn’t get called up for a few years? What if he hates Berhalter’s approach/coaching? Any comments he makes would just complicate his life.
    I’m optimistic he’ll stay with the US. He has friends on this team, his English is pretty solid, the team is having a good youth movement, and he’s continued to accept call-ups all along. Unless the KNVB comes calling saying he’s going to be the first choice RB/LB of the future, he’s not going to switch.

  4. Don’t start him in the friendies, maybe don’t even play him. Invite him to the October cap tie games, and if he turns that down, we know his stance. We’re deep at right back, and this guy really isn’t a very good natural defender. We don’t need guys like nagbe or dest, whose hearts are not in it.

    • Lol peeople like yeveny MLS apologist and itsokaytothink got mad when I said how mls stuns Americans growth. Look at Adu they block youth from leaving to go to Europe. I have Busio loaned to my angers manager mode ligue 1 and I bought chri a Durkin and reggie cannon. They are great players but europe gives the players speed unlike MLS. Jordan morris would have been diff if he went to germany instead of signing for seattle. Sargent.wasnt play in mls and played for nats and a n amerteru club select twam in st Louis missouri and look at him he is a breast.

      • How did MLS block Adu from going to Europe? He was 18 when he transferred to Benfica, which was the earliest he could make that move.

      • Panda I never said they blocked him i said youth. Like Erick Palmer Brown. I was surprised they loaned Durrkin out to a Belgium Club. They also screwed Rodgers from going to Anderheit by setting the pricr hella high. If he made the u20 team he might would have been worth what Seattle was selling him for. MLS foolshments. Panda I see your are one of the MLS APOLOGIST ughh

      • “Look at Adu they block youth from leaving to go to Europe.”
        Your words.
        Adu could not have left MLS for a senior team in Europe any sooner than he did. That is not an example of Adu being blocked from going to Europe by the league nor due to any alleged stunting of his growth. If that had been the case, Benfica would not have signed him in the first place.
        Calling you out on your alternate facts doesn’t make me an apologist. It just means I’m calling you out on your nonsense. Don’t get angry and defensive. Just think before you post.

    • In the near future we could see a team of Sargent, Weah, McKennie, Pulisic, Adams, Yedlin, Brooks, Miazga and Steffen. Add Dest and that’s almost a whole team of “European players. The issue is injuries and Berhalter’s future player selections, not that we don’t have enough European based players.

  5. No pussyfooting around- it’s a no-brainer. FB has traditionally been and IS an area of great need in our program. Based on well…… pretty much any important, reasonable standard- talent, current form v level of competition/league, potential, roster needs… he deserves a look to start on our team. And……….. aborting the Adams at FB experiment and putting him where he belongs could push this team to a whole new level. Think you can’t make guarantees but you’ve got to make it really clear the confidence you have in him, create a clear vision of what role you see him fulfilling in the program and opportunity before him to hit the ground running and start immediately.

    • I agree Adams too deadly to play in midfield. If we could get Visio and Durkin in Europe in division 1 team in england Belgium france Germany or Italy that could give us CM dept. I know fifa is a video game but Visio is hella impressive with natural stats at 16. He is good enough to be the next American Andres Pirlo in the future

      • While I want as many of our players plying their trade in Europe’s top 5 leagues we are getting close to that goal. In the very near future we could see a USMNT “A” team with the following European selections:
        GK – Steffen, Horvath
        Defense – Brooks, Miazga, Yedlin, & Dest, w/ CCV, EPB, Robinson, Cannon/Moore as back-ups. (I see Cannon potentially moving to Europe before the next WC.
        Midfield – McKennie, Adams, Pomykal (I see Pomykal moving to Europe within the year)
        Attackers – Pulisic, Sargent, Weah, Boyd,

        That leaves very few roster spots for MLS players like Long, Zimmerman, Lima, K. Acosta, Arriola, Mihailović, Lletget, Servania, Durkin, Parks, Sands, Yueill, Morris, & Zardes. And fewer still in the starting XI.

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