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VIDEO: Sergino Dest discusses his USMNT debut



  1. Other than that one moment I thought he played a great game. He will own outside back start job if he plays with US. Dont know how many he has in front of him on the Dutch team. I believe that will make the decision for him.

  2. Aside from the nutmeg, I thought he did pretty decent for a debut. At least he has real technical ability with the ball, which is something we need more of in our player pool.
    He’s also only 18.
    This kid is the real deal. Hope we don’t miss out.

  3. I just cannot come up with a lot of reasons why he would choose the US. I mean, I’m sure he watched the Germany v Holland friendly earlier in the day. Or at least highlights. Countries aside, it’s hard to imagine a soccer player giving up a chance to play for that Dutch team to play with that US team we saw last night. Plus the traveling Dutch fans in Germany probably outnumbered to US fans in the stadium last night.

  4. Luckily he’s keeping his options open. He’ll probably pick the one were he’ll never has to see Corona again. ….except on his dreams.


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