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A closer look at Sergino Dest’s decision to play for the USMNT



  1. I would like to see him at left back these next couple of nations league games to see if it bodes well for him. Then right back during fifa fixtures that is his natural position come qualifying I want no experiments I want players playing in there natural positions.

    • are you playing him ahead of Yedlin though?? Because, while he may have a more attack minded approach to his game, he is just not the defender that Yedlin is and quite frankly Deandre ain’t no slouch offensively!

  2. Some countries have a high percentage of naturalized players playing for them. Some have ethnically split players who could choose from 2 or more countries. It’s the norm. France, Canada, Germany more than the past, England, Netherlands, Belgium, and USA all have this issue. Players having to choose between countries where they spent 10-12 years growing up or countries where they have family or other bonds. Is suspect it will continue to be a reality forever.

  3. When Dutch TV interviewed him, indirectly and politely they basically said, “Why are you playing for that crappy US team? Is it only because you know you can start for them and you may not make it onto our wonderful Dutch team?” Hopefully with him and the other youngsters we have in the pipeline we will be pretty good by 2022.

      • right…this idea that because a country is full of stars on a global level does nothing when it’s time to suit up and everyone has to go out there on the pitch and put a performance worthy of winning something is on the line! So while the Dutch have been to several finals, it says something that they have yet to win one, and justy maybe Dest fees like there is more to gain from reaching a higher level with the US

  4. Who remembers this classic?
    Not good enough for your home country?
    Nothing to do this summer?
    Would you like to meet your father?
    Give us a call!
    Our player development system is specifically designed for those with no national pride but would like to increase their net worth by being a part time USMNT player.
    Our industry leading team of beggars, hucksters and posers will help you navigate every issue you could encounter such as:
    Genealogy: who’s your daddy?
    FIFA Regulations: are you American enough?
    Tattoos: Ol’Glory or Bald Eagle?
    Give us a call today and stop those harassing overseas call at once.
    Operators are standing by.
    Collect calls accepted.
    We’re an equal opportunity employer.
    Se habla German.

    • Ha, there are countries where having a grandparent from a country is good enough for a player to qualify to play for that country. If anything, the US has tougher qualifications than many countries.

    • STFU you are a racist prejudicw pieceof crap. All the players of African, Lain American, and Caribbean descent that European countries have taken and used for their national team stfu ROB!

    • It ain’t 1950 Mr Rob. Plenty of duel citizens/multicultural people everywhere. The world is more integrated, national identity more fuzzy. I happen to think that is a good thing. Our good neighbor Mexico development philosophy doesn’t seem to have much conflict scouting US born and developed players. Why should they? France is absolutely littered w/ players w/ multiple options. And on and on. And…? So what? The national pride / citizenship meter is rubbish. There is no gradient. The law is clear- you are or you aren’t. I say this with my own perspective… as someone with equal love for 2 countries/cultures that is unique to each… comparable to that of my mother and father.

      As for Dest- I suspect much of his decision stems from a sense of comfort and loyalty born from a long history playing with the US in international competition- a bond with many of the players and recognition that the program gave him an opportunity long before the Netherlands ever gave him even a sniff. These things aren’t that hard to relate to I think.

  5. The original Dest article generated 21 “shares” on this website – the kaku article, which is an issue I’ve found remarkably difficult to care about, generated over 170 of these same “shares” – how is this possible?

    Anyone not utterly thrilled with Dest’s decision has his head buried in the sand


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