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Aaronson, Zardes, Long headline USMNT pre-camp roster

Brenden Aaronson, Gyasi Zardes, and Djordje Mihailovic headline a 20-player U.S. Men’s National Team roster pre-camp roster ahead of November Concacaf Nations League matches.

USMNT head coach Gregg Berhalter announced his roster on Thursday, which features 20 MLS players who have already completed their respective seasons. With the pre-camp falling outside the FIFA international window, the European-based players that will be part of the USMNT roster will arrive in Orlando beginning Nov. 10, when the formal camp opens.

“We have the opportunity to take advantage of the MLS post-season window to start preparations for the matches against Canada and Cuba,” Berhalter said. “It’s another week to keep progressing as a group as we focus on getting the results we need to advance to the knockout phase of the Nations League.”

The USMNT will host Canada on Nov. 15th at Orlando’s Exploria Stadium before taking on Cuba in the Cayman Islands four days later in its final Group A match. After losing to Canada 2-0 in October, the USMNT are in a must-win situation for both matches if they want to finish atop the group.

Also, included in the roster are three additional players seeking their first senior caps. New England Revolution goalkeeper Matt Turner, Philadelphia Union defender Mark McKenzie, and Minnesota United’s Chase Gasper join Aaronson in that category.

Veteran Brad Guzan joins Zardes as two of the more experienced players on the current roster. Several other MLS players could be included following the end of the MLS Cup Playoffs on Nov. 10th in Seattle.

Here’s the full 20-player roster:

GOALKEEPERS: Brad Guzan (Atlanta United FC; 62/0), Sean Johnson (New York City FC; 8/0), Matt Turner (New England Revolution; 0/0)

DEFENDERS: Reggie Cannon (FC Dallas; 9/0), Chase Gasper (Minnesota United FC; 0/0), Nick Lima (San Jose Earthquakes; 9/0), Aaron Long (New York Red Bulls; 14/2), Daniel Lovitz (Montreal Impact/CAN; 12/0), Mark McKenzie (Philadelphia Union; 0/0), Walker Zimmerman (LAFC; 11/2)

MIDFIELDERS: Brenden Aaronson (Philadelphia Union; 0/0), Sebastian Lletget (LA Galaxy; 12/2), Djordje Mihailovic (Chicago Fire; 5/1), Wil Trapp (Columbus Crew SC; 20/0), Jackson Yueill (San Jose Earthquakes; 4/0)

FORWARDS: Paul Arriola (D.C. United; 30/5), Corey Baird (Real Salt Lake; 4/0), Jeremy Ebobisse (Portland Timbers; 1/0), Jonathan Lewis (Colorado Rapids; 5/0), Gyasi Zardes (Columbus Crew SC; 54/10)


  1. I guess GB doesnt feel the displeasure from the fans at the lack of progress and success. He loses to Canada again and people will want his head. SO he brings in a bunch of new players….. how are they going to get his system when none of the others get it?

    The only thing that caught my eye was Matt Turner. I am a Revs fan and he is an amazing shot blocker. If hes given a chance GB can’t help but see how good he is. Send ole man Guzan home. Hes too slow now and not good enough

  2. “Brenden Aaronson, Gyasi Zardes, and Djordje Mihailovic headline a 20-player U.S. Men’s National Team roster pre-camp roster…..”

    That comment in itself is so troubling

  3. I’m not going to fault a manager too much for selection of players, none of whom are really stars. But some fault can be leveled if there is system set up that is complicated enough the manager isn’t comfortable enough to be able to continually try new players. Because that is what this program needs to be doing right now, before qualifying starts, keep trying new players in positions of need. We are a young team in total rebuild mode, settle on a set squad later. There are at least 3 or 4 names below that deserve a look, and I think of 3 or 4 veterans still playing that might be an upgrade over the current veterans involved.

    • Berhalter’s system is a mess right now. It’s possible that it could work with enough time, but I don’t think US Soccer can gamble on that. The downside dwarfs the potential upside.

  4. Remember back in January when he called in a bunch of guys nobody’s and we blew it off by thinking it’s Camp Cupcake most of these guys will not play in any meaningful games beyond maybe 1-2 standouts? Remember that after that he more or less called in the same group again for March friendlies and for Gold Cup? Remember it was all justified by GB because other players in the pool weren’t ‘familiar’ with the system so therefore to him it makes sense to ignore better options and keep calling up his MLS guys who were more ‘familiar’ with the system.

    This pre camp nonsense is the same smoke screen so he can get more MLS players familiar with his system and justify ignoring more talented players outside of MLS since these call ups will now have more ‘familiarity’ with the system. Guys, please tell me we’re not buying this bs anymore.

    • Meh. Basically this argument is that Berhalter is willing to *consciously* select inferior players for some reason, despite the fact that he is on the hot seat…. Why would anybody do this? He is suicidal? Some SUM/MLS conspiracy (which won’t benefit Gregg Berhalter at all if he loses matches)?
      As far as I’m concerned this is all a bit tin-foil hat to me. To me the simplest explanation is that he is a questionable evaluator of talent. No coach is in the business of selecting players they themselves believe to be inferior to other options. Opportunities to manage at the top level are too precious to knowingly throw away like that .

      • Except the whole SUM/MLS/USSF interlinking and conflicts of interest are no longer in conspiracy land at this point. We saw that all flushed out this past election. Read the Garner interview done by Grant Wahl.

        It is another step to say that SUM/MLS mandates certain call ups or a minimum number of MLS based players on a roster, but there’s a lot off smoke there and given the overlapping boards and monetary conflict of interests, we’ll where there’s smoke there’s usually fire.

      • Wake up dude. This is par for the course in global soccer. You think our conflicts of interest are bad, just check out how things operate in Mexico or Germany. The idea that we will ever have an FA that operates entirely independently of the domestic league is delusional at best. Might not be the ideal, but you can’t convince me that both USSF and MLS are not keenly aware that qualifying and performing well at World Cups is not the most important thing that can happen to lift both organizations. And what does Berhalter, who has no economic interest in MLS or SUM, get from knowingly firebombing his own team by selecting inferior players?

      • Your assuming they actually know what they’re doing it’s pretty clear they have no clue at building a highly successful and competitive NT that can reach a men’s semifinals in a WC. They are highly capable at marketing and the business side of soccer so much so this trip headed monster has a virtual monopoly on just about any soccer competition in the US above the youth level, mls, usl, icc, USMNT, WNT, YNTs, and all foreign NT playing friendlies in the us. CCL is about the only thing at the pro level they don’t fully control. Check out what they did to the Allianza youth tournament something they never controlled they de sanctioned it and tried to run it out of town, ditto for NASL but that whole nother story all together. They have a real monopoly on any soccer at the pro level club or NT inside the US, SUM is getting a cut. We all need to wake up to this and realized we are getting played on our fandom by a corporate interest who’s doesn’t have a clue how to advance our NT to the level where we actually can compete for a WC, they’re core competencies are in the business side but they run the show.

        In the end hard feelings Gomer I’ve agreed with you plenty of times here but I disagree on SUM/MLS not having a serious conflict of interest that then leads to multiple bad decisions on the soccer side.

      • Nah no hard feelings ever Joe — always respect your takes. Like you say we prob just feel differently on this one.

  5. I really don’t care if you call it a pre-camp or anything else. If you’re going to call a group of players together it should be the best players available to you. Looking at the group of players it just appears as if Berhaulter is doggedly trying to prove that some of “His Guys” belong. Why else would he continue to entertain calling up Lovitz, Trapp, Baird, etc….
    Where is the creativity? Why isn’t he trying to find better options for problem positions?

    The following are some of the players I think should have been called up for this Pre-Camp:
    Hyndman – Creative CM. Had a better year than Mihailovic & Aaronson.
    Nagbe – A better option than Trapp any day of the week. Able to receive a pass under pressure, and move the team forwards quickly.
    K. Acosta – A versatile CM who play the 6 or 8, or at LB…where he can’t be worse than Lovitz
    Servania or Sands – up and coming CDMs.
    Parks – An option at the 6 or 8 position who has very good distribution.
    Ferreira – an up and coming option at forward….a position we need help at.

    I get that there isn’t a whole lot of options when limited only MLS….but there are still better options than what was call.

    • Agree with everything thing but Nagbe, he has turn down at least 2 calls up in the past under GGG so don’t expect him at all

    • What happened to K. Acosta? He was in camp cupcake and was the only field player sent home, never to be seen from again? Not only can he play 6/8 he’s good with set pieces too.

      • He scored in the Colombia game then allowed them to come back with two goals and win the game after that Sarachan threw Acosta aside. I believe the inconsistent and fitness were a problem for Acosta.

  6. Also where is pomykal. Aaronson gets a call over pomykal what about servania. This coach is just garbage. Horrible tactician bad call ups not a great motivator. Hoping if we get knocked out of nations league he’s gone. I heard Bob Bradley is not busy now neither is Brian schmetzer after MLS final or Matias Almeyda. USSF start making calls berhalter isn’t taking us to the world cup trust me the stadiums are getting emptier we don’t have a home field crowd ever. We don’t have an identity. The team is deteriorating my game. USSF Jay Berhalter: hmmm how can we help my brother? I know let’s have a precamp so the players can better understand him. What a joke.

  7. Same time, same team, same bat channel, same smashing square pegs into round holes. Grab your pitchforks it may be the only way to unseat Gregg….

  8. For what it’s worth, Lawrentowitz looked like a superior player to Bradley last night. If you’re taking the time for an mls camp, then turn over all the stones…

    • I saw the game last night and didn’t see Bradley do anything except get a yellow.

      Also I’m assuming Miles will still be out injured for this so called pre camp too. If not something is wrong.

    • Get this. If Bradley wins the MLS Cup his option is automatically picked up for next year at…………wait for it……… 6.5 mil

  9. Roldan is in playoffs so is bradley. Roldan looks great with sounders you have to think that berhalter is not playing him right. He covers so much ground for them remember he rated will trap higher than roldan that’s sad I do think roldan has potential in a different system as a left or right sided defensive midfielder.

    • I think Roldan is an above average MLS player, something like a B+ or A-. Internationally, he is effective against lesser teams. The problem is when we face tougher international competition like Mexico or even Costa Rica. He’s just not good enough now for that next level up. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

      • I put Paul Arriola in the same class as Roldan. Actually most of these players are the same, high energy guys that play it safe. Mostly because they can’t work in tight spaces and back pass all day.

  10. So another pre camp so that they can develop no chemistry together and not understand berhalters bogus system. Also none of these players will play together at any point except for maybe centerbacks and right wing.

  11. Why no Jesse Gonzalez or Bill Hamid. Happy to not see Roldan and Bradley. But he still love Trapp. His name even tells what he is a Trapp that holds the team back from winning. SMH! #MAJOR PUN INTENDED

  12. So pretty much…if you haven’t been called up in the past year then you cant break into this team. And that’s my main problem with Berhalter, lack of being amendable. For instance his lack of calling in guys like villafana whos clearly better than lovitz is ridiculous. Or even a guy like opara, at least take a look at him.


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