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SBI USMNT Man of the Match: Jordan Morris

WASHINGTON — Weston McKennie may have scored a record-breaking hat trick, but there was another player who put in even more impressive work in the U.S. Men’s National Team’s lopsided victory.

Jordan Morris had a hand in five goals as the USMNT routed Cuba to the tune of 7-0 in a Concacaf Nations League match on Friday night. Morris not only assisted on three goals in the bloodbath at Audi Field, including McKennie’s first two tallies inside five minutes, but also scored one himself and helped force an own goal.

For his efforts, the 24-year-old Morris claimed the SBI USMNT Man of the Match honors.

It was an exceptional showing for Morris, who came out of the gates flying with his game-winning helper after less than a minute. The Seattle Sounders attacker kept taking full advantage of the space in behind during the early going, repeatedly racing forward and delivering a steady dose of pinpoint low balls across the 18-yard box.

Morris also got on the scoresheet during the Americans’ incredible start, slotting in their third goal, off a pass from McKennie, with ease in the ninth minute.

Honorable mention for Man of the Match went to McKennie, who was lethal in the early going. McKennie’s finishing saw him break the USMNT‘s record for fastest hat-trick, which had previously been set at 21 minutes in a 2002 Concacaf Gold Cup match vs. El Salvador by striker Brian McBride.

Who did you think was the best USMNT player on Friday?

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    • so what, you play who your scheduled to play. The team gets criticized for not blowing out caribbean and lower level teams, but yet still gets criticized when the do blow them out….this fanbase will never be satisfied and that’s an unfortunate reality when actually we have not reason to have crazy expectations or ego considering we couldnt beat some of these teams 2 years ago….what a world smh

      • Ha yup. Welcome to the “new” USMNT fan base, where good performances are an inconvenience, and wins are something to make excuses for.

      • Dude calm down not saying they didn’t play good and it was expected to be a blow out. I Didn’t criticize anyone. But the fan base also takes these games and think the US turned some magical corner and are expected to be so much better than they are right now. I’m a realist and can understand where they are at right now which isn’t that good overall. They have some really good pieces and some potential but not buying in on a game against Cuba. I think the problem is with ussf attempt to try and justify this coach and act like they are building this program which isn’t true. National teams are basically all star squads, build around the best players don’t build around the coaches ideas. I know its early in GGG reign but he hasn’t shown enough against quality opponents yet. He’s had bad games then a game like this and gets a pass cuz they scored 7.

  1. Morris and McKennie looked great. Kinda liked what I saw from Yuiell, allowing for the poor opposition, but still. Can play the long diagonal, pretty clean on the ball, and even broke up a counter or two. He might be one to groom for the future. Pulisic said he wasn’t frustrated, but he kinda looked that way. It would help if we had a leftback that could combine with him…I assume Lovitz is a competent defender cause otherwise I don’t get it.

    • Yeah in a game like tonight everyone should look good and Lovitz managed to only look ok. If you couldn’t connect given the time and space tonight. He even misplayed a couple defensive situations. Even Villafana would do better. Please Sergino cone back.

  2. Ballsy take giving this to Morris over McKennie, but they were both excellent so I guess it’s a high class problem. Those guys were silky today…. won’t always have comical amounts of space like that, but they spotted it and maximized it…. all you can hope for. I hope and suspect that this will leave Pulisic hungry.


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