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Video: Recapping the USMNT romp over Cuba




  1. Here are my two questions:
    Does this signal that Yeuill has passed Trapp or is their an unannounced injury ?
    Who plays LB against Canada? Will Ream move out or will he stay at CB and Lima come on, please tell me Lovitz is not the plan.
    Bonus question
    Does Adams fit better in 3Gs 8/10 role that Roldan played last night than Yeuill’s 6 position. Strictly from a skill set not because you don’t want someone to play.

    • I hope it is so. He is already as good… actually a better player and for sure has a much higher ceiling than Trapp. I’ve tried to like him/give Trapp the benefit of the doubt… Berhalter has given him more than that and is watching the same games we are. He has shown little to merit being inked on the callup list.

      • People forget that Sarachan made a Trapp his captain and played him almost every minute of every match. Trapp would have been fine Vs Cuba but I don’t think he hits some of those passes Jackson did. Can he replicate those passes against international pressure is the question.

  2. To be honest, Arriola and Boyd worked very hard (much appreciated though) after they were subbed in; however, the level and quality of play dropped significantly in the 2nd half. Pulisic apparently showed rustiness and poor decision making during the 60 minutes of play due to lack of playing time in club football. I’m praying that Pulisic will have a breakout performance against Canada to help boost his confidence.

  3. So…. the party line refrain says that this tourney is good for the small fish in CONCACAF. Didn’t appear that way at all. That was hard to watch.

    I would suspect the only way it is good is for lining the pockets the officials in the small nations. Fine. Cut them a check and be done with this. That match didn’t serve either team or the game.

    • It’s good for the countries that are in League B and League C. Or countries like Curaçao and Martinique who can use the increased competition to attract dual nationals. If Cuba was in League B they be competitive against those teams. In the past the smaller nations would play maybe 5-10 matches every four years this gives them more matches to build their programs. Finally this team is bad even for Cuba, they are usually at least more organized. It also benefits the Honduras and Panamas of the region who usually are stuck being fodder for too SA clubs in friendlies or having walkovers against Concacaf minnows.

      • I see what you are saying for sure but do wonder if the teams we aspire to be / UEFA, France and Spain see it as a priority to pull up Moldova and San Marino to their level or think it remotely possible. At times it seems a pipe dream that we will see top level soccer, but at the very least we have a country with the size and resources that make it a possibility. Let’s speak truth- with the way qualifying is now set up- by CONCACAF as of this year- the Curcaos and Martiniques stand even less chance to qualify for WC than ever. I’d put it at Zero. Who thinks otherwise?

      • Rico- Martinique can’t qualify for the WC because of their status as a part of the French Football Federation. Curaçao if it can beat Costa Rica and gets some help has a chance to make the Hex. If Curaçao can continue to get players from the Netherlands they have a good chance of sliding into that 5th or 6th best spot in the region. Realistically 8 teams in the top a Division would be better but then it’s just like the Hex over again.

      • Thanks Johnny good info- knew they were a French influenced/territory, not that they were part of their football fed. Of course… Martinique being a part of the French Football Federation makes things seem even more nonsensical from my standpoint.

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