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Who should the USMNT start against Cuba?

The first match of the U.S. Men’ National Team’s foray into Concacaf Nations League is a tricky proposition. Not because Cuba is a big threat, but because Gregg Berhalter will need to navigate the first match while also considering the next match, just four days later against Canada.

The days of saying the USMNT can overlook an underdog opponent disappeared on THAT fateful day in the Caribbean two years ago, but as much as Berhalter will talk about respecting Cuba and not overlooking the tiny rival, the reality is the USMNT is more likely to deploy a stronger lineup against Canada than on Friday against Cuba.

Why? For starters, Canada won’t be playing on Friday, and facing a rested Canada with a tired squad could be a recipe for disaster. Secondly, there are some key USMNT players who Berhalter isn’t likely to want to give two starts, such as older players Michael Bradley and Tim Ream, and DeAndre Yedlin, who played his first full match in more than five months on Sunday.

Does that mean Berhalter will deploy a full-blown second unit against Cuba, like he did against Panama in the Gold Cup group stage in June? That may be an extreme the Americans can’t afford given the reality that goal difference could play a part in which team wins the Nations League group.

There is also the reality that some players, namely Christian Pulisic, can use the minutes, so the Chelsea winger should be the first name on Berhalter’s team sheet for both matches this month.

So what will the USMNT lineup look like on Friday against Cuba? Here’s a look at the lineup we could see:


Zack Steffen isn’t likely to feature in both Nations League matches, leaving the Cuba clash a good opportunity for Berhalter to turn to Sean Johnson, who has established himself as Berhalter’s number two in goal. Brad Guzan is another option, but Johnson should get the nod.

Steffen didn’t take part in full training this week, increasing the likelihood that Johnson or Guzan will get the nod against Cuba, though Berhalter stated that Steffen is healthy.


Reggie Cannon should continue his run as the starting right back against Cuba, but look for DeAndre Yedlin to step in against Canada. At left back, Nick Lima is a good candidate to start, though Daniel Lovitz has been high on Berhalter’s depth chart. We could see Lovitz against Cuba, with Lima earning the look against Canada.

In central defense, Aaron Long is a player who has shown himself to have the stamina to handle heavy minutes, so he could be one of the few players who starts in both matches. A Long-Matt Miazga tandem makes sense against Cuba, with Ream stepping in next to Long against Canada.


Michael Bradley is a safe bet to start against Canada, but Berhalter should turn to Will Trapp in the defensive midfield role against Cuba. Jackson Yueill is another possibility, but Trapp should get the nod.

At the number 10 roles, the Sebastian Lletget-Cristian Roldan tandem looked good against Uruguay and could get another run, unless Berhalter decides Weston McKennie is another player capable of starting in both matches. If he does, then a McKennie-Lletget tandem works against Cuba, while a McKennie-Roldan airing would be a good bet against Canada.


Pulisic should hold down the left wing role in both matches, though we can expect his minutes to be limited against Cuba if the USMNT can put up a good number of goals. That could open the door for Tyler Boyd to get some minutes working on that wing.

On the right wing, Jordan Morris has established himself as a good option, but Berhalter could be tempted to start Paul Arriola against Cuba, leaving a fresh Morris to face Canada.

At striker, Jozy Altidore’s absence leaves the job up to Josh Sargent and Gyasi Zardes. Berhalter could decide he wants Zardes’ experience and defensive work rate against Canada, which would leave Sargent to lead the line against Cuba. That said, Berhalter should be tempted to give Sargent some invaluable experience on the road against a tough opponent in Canada to help continue his growth as a key part of the USMNT’s future. (UPDATE- Berhalter said on Thursday that Sargent would start against Cuba).

Look for Berhalter to start Sargent against Cuba, and if he lights it up as he very well could, then we could see Berhalter stick with Sargent for the big showdown against Canada.


What do you think of this projected lineup? Who would you like to see start against Cuba?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Meh. I feel like I am hearing way too much concern here for guys being “tired” for Canada. Pretty much all of our European players are youngsters at the beginning of the season. They’ll be fine. And it’s only a few of the MLS guys who even have anything left to play for. Not to mention we are playing a very sorry Cuba side, who should hardly be running us ragged.
    Personally, I’d rather just see us run our “A” group in both games (excluding those who are unavailable due to injury, etc). There aren’t many guys in the team who aren’t known quantities at this point. No “diamonds in the rough” to be uncovered. Why not get our best group some competitive reps together and build some much needed confidence?

    • I think what gives people some pause is Canada does not have a match. We could run out a 3/4 first team and sub out CP and another at 55/60 minutes and one last sub closer to the end. It should be 4 or 5 nil at half based on their recent results.

    • whether the B team is worth a crap is on GB’s shoulders for selecting this bunch. and couva happened precisely this time period 2 years ago when you claim players should be fresh and ready to handle it. learn your darned historical lessons. even if canada played twice, squad rotate. and since they actually play once and we play twice, protect your starters. it should be two different teams, just like the third pointless game at gold cup.

      • Nah. Not buying it. No way fatigue should be a problem here (and no, it was hardly the problem in Couva — does anybody really think this?). I can see taking a guy like CP off if there Cuba are fouling hard and there is injury risk, but that is about it. Give me reps with the A group. If a bunch of early 20 somethings are “exhausted” on Tuesday after a glorified scrimmage against today Cuba in mild October weather, then I’d say its a conditioning coach we are looking for.

      • did you see verlander pitching on short rest? do you see the upsets that happen when teams play on short rest at monday or thursday night football? i thought we looked leg weary in couva and i think even a modest little bit of heavy legs even on professionally fit athletes can make a difference in a second game a few days later. the differences among players are not huge and tired legs can erase your margin.

      • Verlander is hardly a good comparison, pitchers don’t typically pitch on short rest, players play in two games a week quit frequently and often against opponents that don’t.

      • I’m not even sure why the term “short rest” is even being used here. Friday to Tuesday is the living definition of “normal rest” in international soccer. It is exactly what we will see in the hex and anywhere else. Plenty of time given the non-challenging opposition and beautiful weather. I expect our guys to be every bit as sharp vs Canada (sharper actually, given they will have had an hour plus to play together as a group).


    For the ignorant people, and I’m talking the brainless, empty-headed and vacuous group of half-half witts who never seem to do their research, know stats or read about a player or give any logical findings….and I will not call names but you know who you are (Mal), stats and how you stack up against other players in respective fields matter, and translates directly to performance on the field especially if you are playing in a league like MLS (with the end goal of going toe to toe with world class opposition)


    • But what it doesn’t tell you is how MLS stacks up against say the Championship or Eredivisie. That’s where things break down. Also since I can never found a full list of Opta Ratings outside a pay wall it’s hard to really use this to evaluate anything. It also doesn’t help much since most on this list are not US eligible. Being to reliant on stats is dangerous too it doesn’t measure things like did your run open up a teammate or did you covering for someone keep them from getting a negative mark, it doesn’t measure you were in position so the pass was never made vs you were out of position but you get a toe on it and you get a deflection point. You have to use multiple measures along with watching matches.

      • Johnnyrazor, I hear you but:
        “……it doesn’t tell you is how MLS stacks up against say the Championship or Eredivisie”, that’s True but base on “compare and contrast”, FA Cup results btw EPL and Championship league teams, the lack of serious competitive atmosphere of MLS……I can say, hands down, the Championship teams AS A WHOLE are better than MLS teams

        is an analytical site that covers the world of football stats in depth
        “It also doesn’t help much since most on this list are not US eligible.”……Yes, maybe for certain player traits but what that is really saying about “most on this list are not US eligible” is that most of the US players in those positions are not good enough (this season) or are not the best in that position. So, it tells you something about the ones that are on the list.

        Yes, I agree that stats alone doesn’t measure certain qualities a player might have or certain traits that could be valuable to a team but we can both agree that it says a lot about a player

  3. i think we could have run out a somewhat experimental group of like:

    Lima CCV M. Robinson Lichaj
    Holmes Lletget Gall
    Zardes Soto Wood

    and whooped their tails and learned something about some players we could add in

    instead a full rest lineup for cuba would look like

    Lima Miazga M. Robinson Lovitz
    Trapp Roldan Yueill
    Baird Sargent Boyd

    which is very very meh and would be a close scoreline

    but since we won’t just squeak one game to optmize the second, i instead expect something like what SBI suggests which will tire half the squad you might then want to use for canada, who will be fresh

  4. basic problem with this call sheet is the B team bench you should use on cuba to rest for canada, sucks, which encourages you to use starter type players for cuba, which undermines any strategy of freshness. we still haven’t really learned the couva lesson that overkill in the first game makes you feel better but undermines winning the second game.

  5. It doesn’t really matter much, I hope, who we play against Cuba. So, I agree with Ives that we should save some players for Canada, which is much better than in the past. Canada is typically a team where the total is less than the sum of the parts. Looking at the resumes of many of the current Canadian players, they should be about as good as Costa Rica, but they aren’t close to that. Still, they could be dangerous.The major complaint I have here is that Ives seems to rate Roldan higher than Lletget. While Roldan may be a bit more versatile, I think Lletget is much the better choice for an attacking mid. That means starting Roldan vs. Cuba and Lletget vs. Canada.

    • which i what i think we will see…Lleget injury history over the last few seasons has see the likes of Roldan, Djorde, Yuiell and others step into his spot for looks, but none of them has shown enough to pass him on the depth chart in my opinion and i think we will see Greg verify that with the Canada lineup

    • I don’t think Gregg sees Roldan and Lletget as the same position. If Lletget starts it will be as a 10 and Roldan as an 8 if he starts.

    • i am concerned that GB’s B teams have looked bad against Panama, Venezuela, and Jamaica, and he will be in a bind between playing them or running out starters. a lot of our issues with these two games would be solved by a coach with a clue on selection. this shouldn’t be close, but based on his choices, can be.

      • what are you talking about, “released?” it’s an international date for a competition. we get who we want unless their team declares them injured. since you asked, soto holmes gall green mendez ledezma richards pomykal horvath j. Gonzo CCV Moore amon sabbi sabandzovic laursen lichaj toye on and on. that group would probably beat the selected “B” squad straight up. the internet game of “but who else is there” doesn’t work for GB selections because he is soooo far off there are a pile of missed opportunities. the u23s do not address the older players, and the reality is many of them would not be released for march qualifying so it’s kind of a fib to have them in U23 camp now.

      • At least half the people you named are on the U23 squad a couple would have been but likely weren’t released for the U23s and a couple are hurt. Two would have to file switch paper work so technically wouldn’t be eligible either. Also clubs can ask that guys stay if they aren’t going to get big minutes since most have friendlies over the break. The US can force it but it’s better for the player in the long run to stay in their club lineup.

  6. Lineup vs Cuba! — Sargent – 9
    Arriola – LW Boyd-RW
    CP- 10

    McKennie -8
    Trapp- 6

    Ream -LB Miazga, Robinson- CBs Cannon- RB

    Guzan- GK

  7. Unfortunately the players who should be starting the game against Cuba either weren’t called in or turned down the invite. So instead we’re stuck asking the question who will Berhaulter choose to start….
    Subs: McKennie, Pulisic, Sargent if we’ve failed to score
    Bradley, McKennie, Sargent if we’re winning with 30 minutes to play.

      • I didn’t say this was a good starting XI….but I think this is along the lines of what we’ll see from Berhaulter against Cuba in the belief it’ll be good enough to get 3 points and still have our best players fresh for the game against Canada.

  8. What I think we’ll see with my choices in ()
    Gk: Guzan (if no Steffen)
    Def: Cannon, Miazga, Long, Lovitz (Lima if Ream is playing LB against Canada)
    DM: Trapp (Yueill)
    Mid: Roldan, Lletget
    Wings: Boyd, Arriola
    FW: Zardes
    I can see Pulisic and McKennie starting and going 55-60 minutes.

  9. I’m just embarrassed that this writer was able to write, with a straight face, ” the big showdown against Canada” and, ” facing a rested Canada with a tired squad could be a recipe for disaster.”

    How low we have fallen.

    • Turk nice to see you back. Please see Bizzy’s comments extolling the virtues of Wondo below.
      Canada is better at least up front David is scoring like crazy in Belgium, Davies is a bench player for Bayern and Hoillett has had a long career in the Championship with a few EPL seasons mixed in. Cavallini had 11 goals in LigaMx last season. Throw in Kaye and Osorio and the front five will be tough. The back half isn’t much to write home about, but a win is their only chance at the Hex so they’ll be motivated.

      • We have fallen…….with the firepower we have in Leagues overseas and some in MLS, Canada should not be relevant at all but of course with USMNT’s lack of continual growth every game is fair game

        “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning” ……B. Franklin

      • who is this firepower you speak of, because i just don’t see it?? And see this is the problem with our fanbase, we tend to anoint those aren’t ready to be anointed, so again tell me who are the sure fire players that got snubbed that are big difference makers?

      • Ronniet,
        There are too much to list – Anybody playing regularly in EPL, Championship, Bundesliga and Bundesliga II for sure. Now look at Malmo, Kortrijk (Belgium PRO league), Austria Wien and you might find a diamond in the rough

        Remember, if the selection is Lovitz, Trapp, Bradley 0.5, Zardes etc, who are not even outstanding in a league inferior to Liga MX……the bar is really not that high for better replacements

  10. 1………….Sargent………………………………………………….Arriola…………………Morris………………Pullisic………………………Mckinney…..Lleget………..Lima…….Long…..Miazga…..Cannon.
    We don’t need trap or a defensive mid for Cuba they aren’t a tough team.

  11. Imagine if the USSF had chosen really to look for a coach then we might actually be developing a lineup that one day could do some damage. Now we pin our hopes on Roldan and Morris types of players. Hey they’re getting club minutes. Morris May have wheels but like Zardes has one foot and lacks vision. I’d rather see Arriola out there any day of the week.

    • No respectable federation does that. Feds don’t develop players clubs do. In a window you might have 4 or 5 days of training you aren’t going to take a guy who is not ready and suddenly make them ready in that time. JK suddenly made everyone think you could because of Pulisic and Morris. Pulisic has been training with Dortmunds first team for several months and played a couple a Bundesliga matches before his appearance. Morris basically just ran around fast which took athleticism but not skill. One could even argue the early call ups allowed Morris to not improve his game, he just this season began to even try to use his left foot. Would he have worked on this sooner if wasn’t getting prospective call ups? Who knows. These U20s look good because they are playing against other U20s. Even though they were the most talented to come along in awhile they still only made the quarters losing twice to more physical teams. Three days practicing with Gregg isn’t going to make them strong enough to ward off grown men.

      • There are plenty of young(ish) players who are actually seeing consistent minutes with their clubs 1st teams. I’m guessing that these may be the players that Glove69 was referring to:
        A. Robinson, CCV, EPB, Green, Holmes, Hyndman, Wright, etc…
        Add in some of the older players playing abroad (Avarado, Morales, Williams, etc…) and there’s really no reason to keep rolling out the same group of MLS players who’ve failed to impress over the last 6-9 months (Lovitz, Trapp, Baird, etc….). There are options out there, it just seems as if Berhaulter is too intent on “His Guys”….just like JK & Arena before him.
        And we all know how those situations turned out.

      • Robinson lacks basic skills a defender needs, he can make up for some of that with his athleticism but again Berhalter doesn’t have time to fix those, he needs to work on that at Wigan. CCV is in a numbers game with Miazga, Brooks, Ream, and Long being better, and better at playing the ball with their feet. He’s improving with this but his constant loans keep losing time and his starting position always in flux. EPB couldn’t beat out Opara and Besler, his loan last season at Breda led to relegation and his loan this year is a step down in league, Green is an AM who doesn’t score or assist, he’s behind Pulisic. Hyndman in MLS has weaker numbers than Pomykal, Yueill, and Aaronson and no where near Baird or Roldan (in the same league). Wright is athletic but he’s on a bad team and can’t score in league not known for defense (aka work in progress). Morales wasn’t fit at the time rosters had to be set, Williams dropped all the way to the Cypriot league, Alvarado like CCV plays a position of depth I’ve watched him several times over the last month he’s not an upgrade does he deserve a look probably but he isn’t a significant upgrade.
        If you look back at 3Gs comments from March he talked about not wanting to force clubs to release guys that aren’t going to get a lot of playing time. He’s not going to force a guy like CCV to make the trip and risk his spot to play 30 minutes off the bench. How many minutes is Green going to get behind a Pulisic? So instead you can bring Baird whose not going to lose his spot and isn’t going to play in a meaningful match.

    • Johhnyrazor
      “Robinson lacks basic skills a defender needs,”….hahaha, yet starts and plays 90 minutes for Wigan Athletic (team far superior to montreal impact) and you don’t have a problem with Lovitz?? Forget top players in MLS this season, Lovitz doesn’t even rank in the TOP 10 among American players as a defender in Tackles per game, Outfielder Block Per Game, Clearances per game or Interceptions per game……IN MLS…AS AN OUTFIELD PLAYER

      “…Long being better than CCV?” Says who, GB… who fields players like Trapp / Bradley over better more skilled players? Cameron Carter-Vickers starts and plays 90 minutes for Stoke City…..a team better (Superior) than NYRBs,

      “ Green is an AM who doesn’t score or assist”…..well Altidore is a striker who doesn’t score or assist (do you want to know his stats hahaha) in a manner that warrants a constant call up…..yet here we are.

      “Hyndman in MLS has weaker numbers than Pomykal, Yueill, and Aaronson and nowhere near Baird or Roldan (in the same league)”…..who all do not have numbers that compare to Russell Canouse (defensively) or Darlington Nagbe (offensively and who of course gave the USMNT the birdy because GB wanted to bring him in AS A REPLACEMENT…..BEHIND BRADLEY AND TRAPP. The disrespect, haha)

      “Morales wasn’t fit at the time rosters had to be set….”…hahahaha, really? He showed he was superior to Bradley and Trapp in everyway possible in his last match, and how long ago was that?? Hahaha, nice try

      Alvarado, American soccer player who currently plays for Liga MX club Necaxa, that currently is NUMBER ONE IN LIGA MX, a league superior to MLS……and yet you’ve “watched him several times over the last month he’s not an upgrade”??? hmmm….

      The current group for the USMNT is hosed…plain and simple, no matter how you look at it. They don’t have good numbers in MLS this season, they are not dominating in any MLS category (among American player!!!!) and yet they are starting over players that play in better more structured leagues, player that know what it means to struggle, claw and fight for their current positions /minutes overseas. And the beauty of this game is those stats are going to translate into their game on the field and it will look like $hit as usually….to be displayed for the world to see. There is no way around it…..

      • I don’t rate a Robinson from Wigan. His defense is suspect, and he was toasted by a Jamaica B squad, on his home soil in our nations capital. What’s with wanting these defenders who can’t defend. If berhaulter had any brains at all he would have made his private conversation with dest public and explained to the player and all players that playing for country is not some kind of stepping stone or showcase for other countries. I mean WTF!

      • Another awfully stupid and long winded comment. Why is it that the stupid people are so vociferous?

        Altidore has 11 goals and 7 assists in his last 22 appearances, or something like that? Why do you laugh at your own inferiority? You looked up those numbers on Lovitz but have no intention of doing your homework on Altidore? Even when the eye test should tell you all you need to know, you dont know it anyway? Yeesh

      • Mal
        why are stupid, ignorant people who never seem to do their research, know stats or read about a player or give any logical findings are the most dull-witted, brainless, empty-headed and vacuous group of half-half witts on here……people like you for example. So instead of vomiting the first thing that comes to mind like a brainless brut make the effort and do your research and stop acting like an illiterate loafer…..thanks for your enthusiasm

      • Oh and Mal if you are slow mentally maybe you need to go over ALL MY POSTS…..I thought I was over-doing it about Altidore but I forgot that sometimes it takes a lot more than flooding a website with information to make a brainless, half-witted brut to get the message……don’t even know why I’m wasting my time now. YOU STILL WONT GET IT

        We all love your enthusiasm, but remember, please think before you communicate and stop radiating stupid….thanks Mal?

      • says West Ham, that’s who……if CCV(who i really like)was ready for the big time he’ be with a Prem team not continuously getting loaned down a level to the worst Championship teams in the table. There is no downside or upside to bringing in the likes of Wright, Robinson, CCV, EPB and others who are trying to find thier footing abroad, and while i applaud them for taking risks in europe that doesn’t change the fact that their time is not now but it’s getting close.Again, with the WC over 3 years away there is time to allow players to play themselves out of the picture(Trapp, Zardes, Lovitz, etc)while the the younger contigent continues to develop and make their case at club level!

      • Biz,
        The original comment was we’d have a lineup that could do some damage if not for 3G. You can debate Player A vs Player B, but based on the stats and watching guys there’s no major upgrade at any of the positions that turns us into some dominant team as was suggested.
        Alvarado isn’t Necaxa’s best defender so he’s a part of their success but he wasn’t the difference maker in the matches I saw. Long would be in the EPL with Villa if not for MLS and NYRB so yes that allows me to think Ventura isn’t an upgrade.
        Morales returned to the bench on Saturday before the window. Selections have to be made at least a week in advance (I think it might even be two weeks) it’s doubtful given Morales health that Düsseldorf would have been very happy with him being brought to the states. That’s all I was referencing, I think 3G would have called him if healthy.

    • to say pinning our hopes on any player this many years out before the next world cup is just plain laughable bro! This idea that this will be the roster come the WC is beyond delusional and to keep focusing on who is being used RIGHT NOW while the system is being implemented, but also more importantly during a down period internationally is just not seeing the big picture!

  12. What if St Vincent and the Grenadines had this group of players??? Haha, can you imagine?

    ———————–KHIRY SHELTON————————-




    ————————-B. HAMID——————————-

    William Yarborough
    Russell Canouse
    Joe Corona
    Ike Opara
    Bobby Wood
    Haji Wright
    Geoff Cameron

    Bob Bradley

    Aaahh…..the power of imagination ?

    • Sorry they called Nagbe but he said no because he’s got a dentist appointment on Tuesday and his daughter has dance practice on Thursday so he doesn’t really have time to catch a flight to the islands.

      • Hahaha Johnnyrazor, you too??? The comment starts with “what if” and ends with “the power of imagination”. What part of this is complicated? What if a country with nothing gained players we done consider or are not in the picture of the USMNT.

      • Biz, I knew you weren’t serious that’s why I responded with a joke. I don’t know Nagbe’s personal schedule. And Gregs roster would beat your roster by two goals.

      • Says the person who lacks “imagination” hahaha, thank you for your “erudite like” comments with no substance

    • If this was the best you could do with endless amounts of time and options, then you lack so much creativity it’s astonishing you were able to muster up this piss poor excuse of a comment

      • hahaha, sometimes I wonder people’s thought process. Kartino, the comment states: “What if St Vincent and the Grenadines had this group of players???”….where do you come up with “you lack so much creativity it’s astonishing you were able to muster up this piss poor excuse of a comment”….”What if” hahahaha, do you understand what that means? what rock did you crawl out of??? You seriously lack comprehension!!! Use the imaginary part of your clueless brain, if you have any left, as you seem to have used the rest of it on your idiotic comment

    • Let’s see here:

      Shelton has played a total of what, 20-30 minutes this season? Fabian Johnson is injured, so too was Morales and Chandler is in comeback mode from serious surgery too, having only played about 120 minutes total this season, which isn’t even 2 full games so no thank you! Nagbe hasn’t accepted a call up in a year, there are articles about this, CCV is playing for a terrible team where he hasn’t looked that good. Ariyibi is in the Greek League like Danny Williams, no thank you lol! Julian Green is the only player i would like to see from this bunch(Nagbe too)but again i don’t thinkhe is necessarily an upgrade over anyone in this camp at his position

      • Ronniet
        Ariyibi is in the Greek League, Danny Williams is in the Cyprus FIRST DIVISION.

        Khiry Shelton came off the bench and played 26 minutes in Paderborn’s 2-1 loss to Mainz….. for a BUNDESLIGA team not a 9th place (TFC) or 19th place MLS team (CREW)

        Alfredo Morales, again plays in the Bundesliga, came off the bench for Fortuna Dusseldorf. Back from injury or not, he is playing and training at a higher level with lots of experience, skill and abilities than most on the USMNT (and we saw he was one of the only bright spots against Mexico)

        And Nagbe?…..his actions speak for themselves as THE BEST central midfielder in MLS among foreign and domestic players (OPTA MLS BEST XI).

        So yes we have a lot of options, better options…..and the post was really about what if “St Vincent and the Grenadines had those group of players”….not saying that it should be the line-up for the USMNT. FYI

      • Love how you corrected Ronnie by pointing out Williams is in an even worse league! Having to go to Cyprus is not a good sign as to Williams level. They aren’t known for big pay days and he isn’t with a team that makes European competitions. The last year I could find league average attendance was 2017 with 1,666 fans per contest. Looks beautiful in Paphos so perhaps he’s their for things other than football.

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