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Question of the Day: Who is your USMNT Player of the Year?

The 2019 calendar year won’t go down as one of the best in U.S. Men’s National Team history, but there were several players who enjoyed memorable years in what was a mixed bag for the USMNT.

U.S. Soccer announced the six finalists for USMNT player of the year, and the six-player list has some of the expected suspects, along with some others that feel like serious reaches for the award, which is supposed to be based mostly on national team performance, with club performance also factoring in (at about a 75-25 percent ratio).

Christian Pulisic has to be considered the favorite for the award, even though Jordan Morris can make a very strong argument. Weston McKennie is another contender, while Aaron Long has as good a case as any defender.

The SBI Question of the Day is which player would you give the USMNT Player of the Year award to? Cast your vote below and share your vote and rationale in the comments section below.

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  1. I’m in minority 5% but I’d go with Long. Most valuable and consistent solid play for the last year. He really stepped up. Being a defender he won’t get the credit he deserves, but Imo, what he provided was more important than some of the attacking stats against lower competition. Pulisic was good…a bit spotty at times and not always available. Morris came on strong later…Mckennie’s performance as an 8 doesn’t really merit him being in the conversation…Long held the backline together in a lot of crap practically no win situations for a CB. He really deserves it the most for his impact over the entire year.

    • He really tailed off after the GC for both club and country. Whether that was tired legs or disappointment of not being able to leave for the EPL who knows. Certainly another that deserves the recognition of being a finalist.

  2. I think Pulisic iced it for me in the last six weeks, but I’m not sure he would’ve been the clear choice for me had he not gone on that beastly tear for Chelsea. Still, this is a much more encouraging group than we had for this prize last year. Hoping this becomes a tough choice year in year out!

    • Same could be said of Morris before the last to months. Had 0g 3a thru the Mexico friendly, 5g 4a in last 5 matches for US. Adams probably the winner the first half of the year.

  3. Pulisic has 10 goals and 8 assists this calendar year playing for Dortmund and Chelsea. He was the subject of the biggest transfer ever of a US player and it wasn’t even close. He was by far our best player in the GC and has as many NT goals this year as Morris. Morris had 10 MLS regular season goals good enough for 6th amongst Americans. His hat trick vs Dallas got Sea thru Rnd 1 but he only had 1 assist in the final three rounds. Half of Jsmooths goals and assists for the NT came against Cuba. Good season for Morris but no where near Pulisic’s year.

    • Remember, JR, you posted that Tyler Boyd, was a better positional defender than Morris during the GC. You definitely are thorough with your info, which I appreciate but you have a BIG time bias against Morris! If it was a vote between Boyd & Morris, you would vote for Boyd.

      • He is a better defender than Morris I’m NT sure how you even consider that questionable. Boyd had a great half season in Turkey last year and now has fallen off. Since Boyd/Morris play a wide forward role for the US and club they aren’t asked to do much defending. Neither are good defenders just that Boyd having always been a wing has had more experience than Morris who was a CF. Morris had a great year but when you look at numbers they’re worse than Zardes in league and country except for his clubs performance. If Morris was the club leader I’d give him more credit for that but he’s Sounders 3rd or 4th best player. Morris should start for US right now, should definitely be a finalist for this award, but he didn’t have a better year than Pulisic.
        Zardes MLS: 13g 2a. NT: 6g 1A
        Morris. MLS: 10g 6a (3,1 playoffs). NT 5g 7a

  4. I voted for Morris, he was the USMNT most consistent performer over the calendar year. He also won a MLS title. I know Pulisic is our best player, and his recent form over the last month is everything Gary said, but he was injured for a lot of US matches, and frankly didn’t play well when he was in for the US. I have no doubt that next year could be Pulisic’s.

  5. US player of the year! Where was CP playing in January? My meaning, what team was he on @ the beginning of year? If there was an award for the “best player in the last 6 months!” My vote would go to CP. It’s a kin to a player transferring into the MLS halfway through the season, and they win the “MVP” for a whole season of play.

    • Ummm with 2nd best team in the third best league in the world. CP had 4g 2a for Dortmund from Jan. to May. Morris in MLS 4g 1a from March to May.

  6. Cant believe that early results have Morris in the lead. Yes he had a career year, but it was in MLS. Pulisic’s run of recent form with Chelsea is unmatched in US soccer history. He accomplished it not only in a top league, but with a CL level team. No other US player has ever played at such a high level of competition. It’s just unfortunate that Pulisic has missed a number of USMNT games because of injury, but the award is for the body of work, not just USMNT games.

    • Shows what I know, I picked Morris, but I thought it was based only on performance for the USMNT in the 2019 calendar year. I agree completely if it’s based on everything in 2019 it has to be Pulisic.

    • I voted for Morris, such a great year both club and country. Winning yet another title.
      2 at Stanford, 2 for Sounders now. Type of winner the nat team needs and it has shown.
      These things are not scientific. If they put it out on Sounderatheart go vote for Morris, there is no way Pulisic wins.


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