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USMNT Camp Report: Berhalter talks Pulisic, Steffen, and more



  1. Would love to get Ives to ask GB a question like this, “Do you believe that MLS is at a higher competitive level than EFL Championship and 2. Bundesliga? Or something very direct such as, “Do you believe LLegett and Roldan are ahead of Julian Green or Duane Holmes? Or, “Who do you currently rate higher, Will Trapp or Alfredo Morales?

    It would be great if we asked GB questions that make him either deny the question or officially state his position on some of his unusual roster decisions. Its the specifics to the question that make it for me, that way he can’t just answer with platitudes and coach speak.

    If he actually answered the first question honestly and truthfully he would probably put himself in a similar position that JK did when asked about the same thing.

  2. Well thats a big nothing interview. Id rather hear from an observer on who’s looking good and who isn’t. Im sorry but GB does not inspire me… He cant even look at the camera when babbling

    I can see Sarge, Morris, and Zardes starting. Roldan is not a savior

    • We need his bite in the midfield, especially in this one. I would do a midfield trio of mckennie and morales with lleteget playing slightly higher.

    • Even if that were a great solution- this isn’t a do or die World Cup match- it’s… Nations League or…. whatever. We need to put players in positions- play well/develop team cohesiveness with players in the positions they will be long term. We have better options at CB and not so much in the midfield. We are already plagued by tentativeness bred from a team with no flow- completely over-thinking.

    • I with you in McKennie plays 7 positions for Shalke, extremely versatile!
      CBs in current rotation- Long, Brooks, Zimmerman, Miazga, Ream. CBs w/ minimum 2 caps- Alvarado, CCV, EPB, Parker, Opara, Besler, Birnbaum, Hedges. CBs of the future- Hines-Ike, M.Robinson, Richards, McKenzie, Glad, Trusty, James Sands. I just listed 20 CBs. Y not have him in a position of need!


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