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USMNT Camp Report: Lletget, Morris and Arriola on breaking down Canada



  1. Probably can use him at left back since his touches and finishing are atrocious but his days as an attacking winger are numbered.

  2. People hate on arriola but it’s not his fault that berhalter is focused only on wing play. There are some teams with great wing defenders or when they have studied us team they just have to shut done wings and there goes about 95% us attack strategy. Arriola does put in the effort but we need more than wing play the players are doing what the coach wants thus is why we are failing.

    • Not to be funny but the last thing we need is a defensive winger for a team that lacks enough attacking resources. Just saying defensive winger sounds wrong, and I haven’t seen Arriola stop anyone on defense either. Putting in the effort is fine but you have to make an impact on the game somehow other than back passing or losing control of the ball.


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