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Lampard: “Pulisic has ability to reach top level of world football”

Christian Pulisic recorded a strong month of November for Chelsea and is now seeking a similar showing into the new year.

After registering six goals in seven appearances for the Blues last month, Pulisic’s positive performances have continued into December. Chelsea picked up a needed 2-1 win over Aston Villa on Wednesday night in London, bouncing back from a derby defeat to West Ham United on Saturday.

Pulisic hasn’t registered a point in the last two matches, but is still garnering praise from manager Frank Lampard after solid outings.

“He is playing really well,” Lampard said post match. “He can score more, we have a player in Christian who is someone who is really exciting us but when you see this type of player, you see another level which is goals and assists and he has the ability to go on to that extra level which is the top level of world football.”

“At the moment he is doing really well and hopefully that will be the next part of the progression.”

After a slow start to life at Stamford Bridge, Pulisic has begun growing in confidence with each and every appearance. He recorded his first UEFA Champions League goal for Chelsea in November, helped the Blues reach as high as third in the Premier League so far this season, and was recently nominated for the PFA Player of the Month.

At 21-years-old, Pulisic still has the ability to grow with his new club as he aims for even more strong performances this season. Lampard is trusting Pulisic with first team minutes in all competitions and the U.S. Men’s National Team star will try to continue rewarding the former club legend.

Up next for Chelsea is a trip to 18th place Everton in EPL play on Saturday, before a Matchday 6 showdown with Lille in the UCL group stage three days later.


  1. The one thing I see when I watch Pulisic play is that he is too unselfish. I see him often pass off rather than shoot when he should actually take the shot himself. Once he starts taking the shots, and scoring more…. he will be the great player he can be.

    His NAT play is more a result of poor player choices by GB and having to try to carry the team. Once we get a good coach…. I think CP will blossom more

  2. Ha. It’s like Lampard is narrating a porno for USMNT fans. Well… he’s no David Attenborough, but it’ll do. Close the door!!

  3. There is no doubt that Pulisic has talent and can succeed at the highest levels of club football. He was having success at BvB and after a bit of adjustment he’s starting to see success with Chelsea.
    The biggest hurdle to Pulisic being remembered as a “Great” player will be realizing the same levels of success with the USMNT. At the club level he has never been the sole attacking threat, that the opponents could key in on. But with the USMNT he doesn’t have the same level of supporting cast….someone to play opposite him who can force opponents to remain honest.
    Donovan had McBride & Beasley in the beginning, and Dempsey later in his career.
    So far Pulisic hasn’t had much support. Jozy has been injured more often than not over the last couple years.
    At this point he’s been left with a revolving door of players (Zardes, Arriola, Morris, Boyd, Baird) who have done little to force the opposition to defend honestly.
    Hopefully this situation changes over the next 12-24 months.
    I have hope that Weah & Sargent, along with some of the recent U-23 talent will raise their play enough to take some of the focus off Pulisic. Otherwise it’s going to be very easy for teams to plan a strategy to defeat us….Mexico & Canada have already showed that it can be done easily.

    • You are making at lot of excuses. It will always be easier to not get lost in the games as a number 10, rather than left wing. But a 10 is exactly what the US needs….and Pulisic can’t provide because it is a hard position to play.
      So on the one hand I agree, if we had a 10 and a Dempsey type, we would be incredible and CP would be better.
      On the other hand, LD was the 10 and the US would be great if we had CP able to do the same.

      • Donovan started his USMNT Career (WC 2002) as the 2nd forward….the speed player to McBrides Target play. With Beasley playing the LW roll. By 2009 Donovan was the RW in a 4-4-2 with Dempsey playing the LW and Jozy & CD9 playing the forward rolls.
        The difference between the Donovan era and now….Donovan had someone opposite him that forced teams to defend honestly. If they keyed to Donovan than Dempsey would punish them.
        Currently the USMNT is too easy to predict. Teams can key on Pulisic without fear, since there isn’t another option on the field who can create or maintain possession. Re-Watch the game against Canada in Canada. There were 3 Canadian players surrounding Pulisic every time he got the ball because there was no-one else on the field that they were worried about.

    • don’t be a child…..the SBI award to Morris was solely for national team play, which JMo absolutely deserved over Pulisic this year. In no way does that ever mean Jordan is the better player so stop conflating the 2 geezus

    • I didn’t hear him say Pulisic had a great 2019. Did you? Not once, in fact Lampard didn’t even start him based on his 2019 form.
      And why are you assuming that Lampard is a better judge of anything?
      Ronniet is right don’t be a child, I will add with childlike logic.

      • Lampard wouldn’t even let Morris train at Chelsea. 10g and 8 a in 30 matches between Bundesliga and EPL is hardly a poor season. In 30 MLS matches Morris had 13 g and 6 assists. The difference of one scoring play in a vastly weaker league. 5 US goals half of which came against Cuba, or our best player in a competition we actually care about the GC who also had 6 goals for the year. People keep saying Morris such a great year because they expected nothing from him. How many good matches did Morris have for the US? 2 against Cuba and one against Canada that’s it. 3 good matches against one decent opponent and a absolutely terrible team.

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