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Jesus Ferreira to start for USMNT vs. Costa Rica after securing eligibility with FIFA

Jesus Ferreira will make his U.S. Men’s National Team debut on Saturday against Costa Rica after completing the necessary paperwork to make him eligible to play for the United States.

U.S. Soccer announced on Friday that Ferreira had made the decision to represent the United States rather than his native Colombia, setting in motion the process to secure the waiver he would need in order to be eligible.

The announcement confirmed Monday’s SBI report that Ferreira had made his final decision to play for the United States.

“I had a long conversation with my family, asking what they thought I should do,” Ferreira said. “We all came to a conclusion that the U.S. has been following me for a while, they’ve seen me, this is where I’ve been playing for a lot of my years. That led towards my final decision to play for the U.S., that they always had me in their thoughts, even when unfortunately, I couldn’t play.”

Once Ferreira notified U,S. Soccer of his decision on Monday, the federation began the process to apply for a waiver to the FIFA statute which requires naturalized citizens to have lived continuously in the country five years after their 18th birthday.

Though Ferreira is just 19 years old, he was able to apply for a waiver that considers cases where players did not move to the country purely for personal soccer reasons. That waiver was granted on Friday, clearing him to play on Saturday, and making him eligible for selection for all future international competitions, including Olympic qualifying in March.

The FC Dallas striker has fared well in first USMNT camp, and will now have a chance to stake his claim to a starting role in Olympic qualifying in March by performing well in his national team debut.

Berhalter also confirmed that New York City FC goalkeeper Sean Johnson would start in goal, while Colorado Rapids left back Sam Vines is another player confirmed to start against Costa Rica.


  1. Would have been nice to hear him say something about being excited to represent the U.S. because he loves the country that has given his family so much.

    • The article is a very short summary. Hardly a complete body of work with all his quotes, or complete commentary on how he feels. He has expressed gratitude. On numerous occasions. Do you express your appreciation often enough? Ought we to hold you to the same standard you require- to qualify/justify your citizenship every time you speak?

      Heck even in this blurb of an article:

      “That led towards my final decision to play for the U.S., that they always had me in their thoughts, even when unfortunately, I couldn’t play.”

      That sounds a lot like someone who recognizes and is appreciative of the opportunities he’s been given.

  2. His dad was great with FC Dallas back in the days. Good to see that his son is now playing for the US. Colombians haven’t worked out so great for the US in the past. Bedoya the best one and Agudelo just didn’t cut it

  3. If reports are true, Ferreira is viewed as a 9 by GB & staff. If Arriola is @ LW, Llanez @ RW, and Lleget in the middle makes an intriguing scoring lineup, I have never seen. Mexican-Americans on the wings, Brazilian-American @ the 10, w/ a Colombian-American up top. I know, this is wishful thinking but I hope we beat the hell out of the Ticos, 6-1! No cap!!

    • Llanez, Ferreira, Arriola, nor Lleget are Brasilian American you idiot. Arriola and Llanez are Mex American Ferreira is Colombian American. Lleget was born in Bay Area in San Francisco to Argentinian parents. So now all Latinos and all Black people in America look and are the same to you. Wow! Please change your screen name to its okay that I am an idiot.

  4. Looking forward to this game. If these kids (Ferreira, Cappis, Llanez, Yueill, etc…) succeed in this game and again in the Olympic Qualification Tournament in March we could possibly see and end to many of the questionable call-ups we’ve lived with over the last two years.
    Imagine no more excuses for…
    Bradley, Roldan, Baird, Lovitz, and others.

    We may be in a rebuilding phase but the signs are promising that we’ll have a strong pool of players for the next 8-10 years:
    Defense: Dest, Richards, Gloster, CCV, EPB, M. Robinson, A. Robinson
    Center Mid: Adams, McKennie, Otasowie, Cappis, Yueill, Ledezma, Mendez
    Attackers: Pulisic, Sargent, Weah, Reyna, Llanez, Vassilev, Ferreira, De La Fuente, Amon

    Yes they’re young and inexperienced. Yes, not all of them will realize their promise/potential. But there is more talent/options here than at any other time in the past 30 years of the USMNT, and there are always late bloomers and additions that will pop out of the woodwork.
    As this group develops over the next couple years it is going to be fun to watch.

    • I see 8 or 9 guys on that list that most people wouldn’t have known a year ago, but I also see three whose performance and/or club situation has declined in that same time.

  5. Wow a total new bee to get a start. Maybe berhalter uses this to justify zardes later on. ” we have tried others at forward and I feel zardes is our strongest and he knows the system” lame I hope someone steps up soon because zardes won’t help much vs better teams like mexico.


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