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Report: USMNT to face Wales in March friendly

The U.S. Men’s National Team’s 2020 schedule is a busy one, and it’s upcoming picture is moving into focus.

The USMNT will face Wales in a friendly in Cardiff on March 30, according to reports that surfaced on Monday in the United Kingdom. The friendly would come four days after the Americans face the Netherlands in Eindhoven on March 26.

The Wales friendly has yet to be formally announced by U.S. Soccer, and sources tell SBI the match has yet to be finalized, but the reports emerging on Monday suggest the match is expected to go through despite increased concerns about security in the wake of the recent killing of Iranian general  Qasem Soilemani by a U.S. drone strike.

Soilemani’s killing sparked concerns about retaliation aimed at Americans in the Middle East, which led to the cancelation of the USMNT’s scheduled training camp in Qatar. The team has shifted its January training camp to Bradenton, Florida.

Wales, currently tied with the United States for 22nd in the latest FIFA rankings, is set to take part in this summer’s European Championships.


  1. So what will happen if there is a war and g-d forbid, continues through to the 2022 World Cup? Would the US pull out, or would FIFA move the tournament?

    • FIFA will not move the World Cup. Especially considering its already marketed and planned for a winter date. USA I’m sure would be fine playing there, Qatar stinks but it’s not a country run by a terrorist organization. It’ll be a shit show regardless

    • It is a legit question. Iraq invasion was not calmed down by 2005. I would have to see if you can find travel advisories to a place like Qatar 2 years after.
      This isn’t a solo act like that. It builds on that in many peoples mind.
      I am being 100% neutral in my comments. If you think you know what I am thinking regarding this… are wrong.

      • Obviously the threat is there and it definitely makes sense that a move would/could/should be considered. I just honestly don’t see it happening. Too much has gone into changing the dates, spending millions (billions?) on new stadiums/infrastructure, etc.

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