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SBI QOTD: Which player are you hoping gets first USMNT call up from Berhalter?


With plenty of options available, U.S. Men’s National Team head coach Gregg Berhalter has some tough decisions to make in 2020.

Heading into his second year at the helm of the USMNT, Berhalter will now look to lead the team into continued success with the Concacaf Nations League semifinals and 2022 World Cup Qualifying lurking later this calendar year.

Numerous players are still seeking their first call-up under Berhalter, which very well could change in 2020. Julian Green, Lynden Gooch, and Richard Ledezma are having strong seasons in Europe with their respective clubs and are options in the attacking end of the field.

Minnesota United forward Mason Toye is also up for consideration after coming on last season for the Western Conference club. Also, an option is Necaxa center back Ventura Alvarado, who last appeared for the USMNT in 2016. Alvarado starred in the Liga MX Apertura season, featuring 16 times and scoring two goals.

With these five players all options for inclusion in 2020, SBI wants to know who you’d most like to see earn their first cap under Berhalter?

Share your thoughts below.

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  1. Interesting that two of the most despised call ups of the Klinsmann era are on this list. Both are also currently injured so who knows if they’ll even be fit. Supports my theory that the best way to improve your stock with NT fans is not to play.

  2. I took Toye. We need a forward. Definitely a very long shot.

    If Alvarado can play any position on defense. OK I will take him, start at left back. I doubt that is the case

    • Once MLS teams figured out Toye his numbers fell off. I’d like to see him with U23s in March and then if he’s doing well with MUFC bring him in in June if there’s a training camp before NL.

  3. Everybody is hot for Ledesma, but he has yet to play for the first team in the Dutch League. Gio Reyna has already played in the Bundesliga and for one of the better teams in Europe. We have a lot of very promising youths, so wake me when Ledesma actually plays in more than a Jong league game. Just a reminder, Julian Green actually made the bench pretty regularly for Bayern and got some minutes during his time there when he was only 18 and scored in the World Cup.when he was 19. I voted for Green.

    • When you say minutes you mean an appearance in a Champions League game that was the last group game that was already out of reach, or the preseason tour of America games? Other than that there wasn’t much of anything from what i remember, but Julian was smart to leave bc he was never going to play regularly there. My hope is that his current team either gets promoted or he gets a transfer to a Bundesliga team.

    • Gary, I think your remembering Julian’s final year with Bayern in 2016 when he made the bench regularly and played in 2 cup games.

      2013/14 1 Bundesliga bench and 2 minutes in final group stage match of CL (age 18)
      2014/15 2 rosters for Bayern before moving to Hamburg, played in 5 of first 11 dressing one more then only dressed twice and never played in final 21.
      2015/16 1 CL appearance in final CL group match 62 minutes (age 20)
      2016/17 made bench in 6 of 16 BL matches, 2 of 6 CL matches but never saw field. On bench for Super Cup played 113 Cup minutes in two matches.
      Richie has far more pro experience than Green did before first call up.

      • I checked out Green’s bio on Wikipedia before posting. I only know Ledesma from reports on Americans abroad here,. From what I found on the internet, he has only one appearance for the first team and only played for their youth team otherwise,, so how can you say he has more experience?

      • Gary I’m looking at first cap. Green played 2 mins before WC and never dressed any other game in any competition for Bayern. Yes both played for their teams respective U23s but PSVs play against other professionals (only 3 other U23 teams out of 18) whereas at the time Bayern was in Regionaliga which is an U23 league with a few overage players. That’s why I’m saying he has more pro experience. If Wikipedia is telling you he was dressing for Bayern at age 18 other than the one match it’s wrong. He didn’t start dressing for Bayern regularly until he was 21.

  4. As much as I like Gooch and wish him luck, until he’s playing consistently for a club at least in the English Championship or B-2 he should not be under consideration. He’s being overtaken by younger options…Weah, Reyna, Pomykal.
    As much as we need options at Striker, I’ve not been overly impressed with Toye. I’d hold off calling him until at least after Olympic Qualification.
    The remaining 3 options are all players I’d like to see called up in the near future.
    Ledezma – Nearing his debut for his clubs 1st team. Could be the solution for that Creative CM position that we’ve struggled to find. A call-up, even if he doesn’t get on the field, would show real interest in him by USSF and keep the wolves of Mexico a bay.
    Green – Has been performing well in the B-2. Is a more creative CM than the player I think he’d be in direct competition with (Roldan).
    Alvarado – A defender who can play anywhere across the back line. He’s been used as a LB (similar to Ream), a Right Back, Center Back, and even at times as a CDM. He’s a good passer of the ball and has good speed. Would be a great option in a 3 man back-line or as a security depth option due to his versatility.

    But if I have to pick 1 player right now, I’d probably pick Ledezma unless Berhaulter is willing to try a 3 Back formation during the March Friendlies.

    • people keep saying that younger dual national types need to be called in by the senior team to feel loved, or so they don’t decide to play for the other “option” internationally even if they aren’t quite ready to contribute regularly, and i say that’s proposterous. Is not calling those players to the Olympic group not showing them love? The Olympics is a big deal for the USSF, as it should be, and considering we haven’t qualified for it the last 2 cycles the onus on making it this term is critical meaning our brightest and best U-23 players need to be involved.

      This should not only show players like Ledesma and Llanez that they are coveted as crucial to winning things as a youth player in the system but that they are also on the precipise of a senior team call up as it is the next step in their progression. Our Olympic players in the past have almost always turned out to be regular, productive players for the senior team. The exception being obviously the 2 teams that didn’t qualify for the Olympics and we know see that that left a void in the depth of the pool that we are still reeling from.

    • Aaronson presumably will be with Olympic qualifiers, but I guess so would Toye. Ledesma and Reyna likely not be released if both are with their first teams.

  5. Sorry I’m being very greedy. I want 1) Ledezma – cap-tie purposes & creativity, 2) Green – better than Berhalter’s current options in attacking midfielders except Pulisic, and I consider Mckennie a D-midfield, 3) Alvarado – good central defender and has the quality to build from the back.

    Last but not least, having watched Gio Reyna debuted for Dortmund the past weekend, shouldn’t Gio be the first to be called up?

    • He can only be cap tied in a game that counts, such as WC qualifying, Gold Cup, or Nation’s League. Calling him in for friendlies doesn’t cap tie him. Earliest chance for cap tying is June of this year.

  6. I would like to see Ledezma and Alvarado because of the first’s potential and the other’s capability at a position of need.


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