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Klinsmann banned from immediate return to Hertha Berlin supervisory board

Two days after resigning as manager of Bundesliga side Hertha Berlin, Jurgen Klinsmann will not make an immediate return to the club’s supervisory board.

Thursday saw club owner Lars Windhorst, president Werner Gegenbauer, and general manager Michael Preetz address the media following Klinsmann’s actions earlier this week. It was confirmed that Klinsmann would not return to his position on the board until the parties’ differences were settled.

“Unfortunately, I must say that the way Jurgen Klinsmann resigned makes a further working relationship with him on the board of Hertha BSC impossible,” Windhorst said. “Unfortunately, the way he left is so unacceptable that we cannot continue a constructive collaboration between him and the other people in charge.”

“If we can count on him and his guidance in some other form in the future after all the dust has settled, we will see. “I am neither shutting any doors, nor am I knocking anyone out as it has been written today.”

Klinsmann, 55, left his position as Hertha Berlin manager on Tuesday, just 76 days into his tenure, which was due to last until the end of the season. His record was 3-3-3 during his short stint as manager, with last weekend’s 3-1 loss to Mainz being the final result before his decision.

It was Klinsmann’s first coaching role since being USMNT head coach from 2011-16′. Immediately after his departure as manager of the Bundesliga side, Klinsmann took to social media to explain his reasons behind the move.

“Things are different in Germany, where everyone gets to have their say, everyone plays a role, the whole management structure,” Klinsmann said, suggesting he had bugs in his ear during his short tenure. “In the end only one can decide, and I feel it has to be the coach. And we disagreed there. Unfortunately we disagreed on many things.”

Klinsmann is expected to return to the board at some point this season, but it is undetermined if his relationship with Windhorst or other front office personnel can be revived. Hertha Berlin are 14th in the Bundesliga table, six points from the relegation playoff place.

“I believe he [Klinsmann] regrets the decision,” Windhorst said. “I’m sorry that we couldn’t fix things to keep hold of him, because even in the short time he was here, we noticed the effect on sponsors, advertising and income that his name had, that it could have led to big financial gains for Hertha.”


  1. LOL. First thing he did was fire the goalie coach who citicized Jonathon. What a true ass. Of course, rumors were rampantt that John didn’t have the grades for Cal but shockingly he got in. Wink, wink, Of course he isn’t a very good keeper either, but we see what happens if his boy doesn’t play. I always knew the man was a charlatan and scum. Now, even most of his ignorant, casual fans in Germany, who ate up his new age lies and BS know it also. Real soccer people there have known for a decade. Finally, even in Germany, he is ruined in the mainstream. After he stepped away the way he did, and said what he did, he got railed in the most common places all over Germany. Must have shocked him that the easy to manipulate masses even turned on him. Even the narcissist knew he went to far, and has treid damage control. Its over. More and more players there, Lothar M, when of his buddies just crucified him for being a total ass in his playng days…trying to force coaches not to play guys he didn’t like, blaming other players when he didn’t score (sound familiar?)…and when guys like Lothar start turning on you I can’t wait for the damn to break. In the soccer community he is truly despised. Management of every team he ever played for was happy to see him leave. Always about him, aways disruptive, always playing ot the ignorant masses. When true scum finally gets outed its a good day for all.

    Hopefully some learn.

    • I think he would have been gone a long time atso with the USA if not for Sunil’s man crush on him. In the end he had lost the team and Arena was handed a no-win situation in which he failed too. I feel sorry for Bruce because I get to watch him closely in New England and can see how he has turned a failing franchise around through his coaching and the face that he forced the Revs to let Mike Burns go as GM. That alone has changed everything in NE. Yes, Arena couldnt qualify but in all fairness, after the mess Klinsmann made, he did not have enough time. That plus Klinsmann leaving Donovan off the roster should be enough for every US Soccer fan to just hate him

  2. “…we noticed the effect on sponsors, advertising and income that his name had…”
    Yeah, he’s been riding his name for a while now.


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