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Klinsmann resigns as manager of Hertha Berlin

Jurgen Klinsmann has resigned as manager of Hertha Berlin.

The Bundesliga side announced the news on Tuesday with the club in the midst of a relegation battle. Klinsmann served as manager for 76 days after joining in late November, after replacing Ante Covic.

“As the head coach, I need the trust of the acting persons,” Klinsmann said. “Especially in a relegation battle, unity, team spirit, and focus on the basics are the most important elements. If they are not guaranteed, I cannot live up to my potential as a head coach and fulfill my responsibility.”

This marked Klinsmann’s first managerial stint since being USMNT boss from 2011-16′. The 55-year-old stated in 2019 that he would’ve led the USMNT to the semifinals of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, if he was still head coach.

2020 saw Klinsmann in a coaching license issue, but it was resolved for him to remain in charge of Berlin at the time.

Berlin posted a 3-3-4 record with Klinsmann in charge and are currently 14th in the Bundesliga table with 23 points. They are six points from the relegation zone and have only won one match in the calendar year.

Up next for the club is a trip to last place Paderborn on Feb. 15th.


  1. Sounds like there are important details about this that aren’t public yet. I would guess Hertha didn’t or wouldn’t get a player or players that JK wanted, in addition to whatever the dustup was over his coaching license. But it didn’t sound like they were unhappy or displeased about his performance…

    • Despite all the venom displayed her, the fact is that 3-3-4 in 76 days with a team fighting relegation is not a bad record, especially when they are likely to get a point or 3 in their next game. By comparison, Bob Bradley at Swansea had a 2-7-2 record in 86 days. Far as I know, Klinsmann has never quit before, so something must be going on that we don’t know about.

      • Klinsi got big bucks to spend during the transfer window. Bradley inherited a crap team and never got the chance to bring anyone in. Not sure why he made that move, other than the allure of the Premier League. Wrong team, wrong time.

    • Yes, we missed the latest WC but how many nations can aay that they’ve gotten to the last 16, or better yet the last 8 of a WC in consecutive WC’s? Oh, and dont forget about a Confed Cup Final(that we should have won btw) after beating a Spanish team that hadnt lost in 2 years prior to that, and a semifinal appearance in a Copa America, so no it hasnt been all bad

    • Berhalter has been in charge for ONE year, a year where the depth of the team was shit and too many overage has beens, all the while installing a new system, a new culture and testing out unproven but talented youth players. So, slow your roll and lets see what happens this year, a really important year for the pool

    • UGH, thank you! It is about time comments got political. I hate reading articles and comment sections and don’t see political undertones. It’s like why even live my life if every single thing in this world isn’t political. So thank you!

  2. “Unsurprising” would be an understatement. Dunno if there are any psychologically-minded folks out there, but Klinsmann has always struck me as a classic narcissist. People fall for their promises and BS all the time. Hertha are the latest victims.

  3. Klinsmann didn’t get fired, he resigned. The board was ‘very surprissed”
    BTW: the USNT fail to qalify under Arena, not Klinsmann and still hasn’t done much under Berhalter.
    Maybe it’s the players?

    • Wrong again. JK had 5+ years to deliver on his promise of 2018, failed miserably by creating a heinous locker room out of what was our country’s biggest strength, and set us up to fail for some time. You don’t just fix that overnight, and Arena couldn’t and failed to turnaround the dumpster fire, we’re still struggling with it, and your simpleton claim that they failed under Arena and not JK reveals your lack of insight on this and that you don’t get it, just like the naive folks from years ago didn’t get it, LOL…congratultions. OR you’re just a troll, lol, you pick. There were and are, on the other hand, many here who tried to warn about JK from the start…the folks at this site who actually understand these things, Rob.

      • Hello! Rob is a troll, total complete, 100%, troll. He/she does occasionally say an amusing thing or two but yeah, total troll.

      • Beachbum, actually shows how in the dark the fan base is. There was a major article written on how Jay Berhalter was taking Klinsmann’s responsibilities and causing chaos/power struggle.

    • Stop it….JK was the FIRST manager to lose a wcq at Mafre Stadium, but better yet also became the first mamager in US history to not get the usmnt to a GC final and proceeded to lose the third place game to ??

      Ill wait for the excuses…..

  4. It was Stuttgart, his old team, where he tried his savior BS when they got relegated last year and the fans literally told him to FK off. No joke. Of course they r now coached by a Yank instead of the clown.

  5. LOL. Waste 80 mill in 90 days and he isn’t getting supported. Pure charlatan, used car salesman, incompetent JK! Let’see. He has had his name limked w three Nat jobs. Ofc ourse no one in those feds contacted him and were shocked to hear they were interested!!!! (Japan, Ecuador…forgot the other) His news plants trying to drum up interest ans only sel promoter. so shame JK can. Ofc ourse not reported here, but in Germany….his agent offeded his coaching services to anyone in Japan and Cina last year. No one returned the calls. Not a single team was inteested. He tried the old… I am gonna save my old team when they got relegated, and the fans laughed at him and told him to literally FK off. He found his sucker at Hertha. He won a couple early games in JK fashion, ofc ourse when he was rdiing a bit high he prooted himslef, and got the US press to print the …see how good I amwe would have qualiified if u kept me…then he did what an unqualified person does. tarted to show he couldn’t to the job. This guy should felate Jurgi Lowe at very opp. Without that hire he can’t blindly rip poeple off the way he has. Lucky w Germnay but never beat a team equal or better than hi steant except Argie at home in penalties, in typical JK dour defense first fashion. Got laughed at in a real org (Bayern), destroyed TFC in several mths and made thema laughing stock, and found a real sucker in Gualti and the easil manipulated, delusional US fan base. degraded the program to shambles, as an ineffective clueless Gualtai knew it and couldn’t pull the trigger when he knew he had to. JK promised Barca to the stupid delsuional fans and gave us Bora ball, while degrading a coach most moronic US fans hated, who is clearly five times the coach JK is in Bradly. At Hertha he promised Liverpool ball, always hitting the most populist team at the time for the most gullible, desperate and biggest idiots to eat up.

    ….and there will still be morons who say….he had good ideas….blah, blah,blah. They r to shamed to admit they were suckered by such an obvious scoundrel, or they are truly stupid. I wish every one of those people could send they resume to my company so we know who never to ever hire for anything…sweeping floors, bathrooms you name it.

    The way he has gotten his pivilleged son everything, when he didn’t have the grades for Cal, the skill to be a pro is impressive. He preaches new age bullshit while being a selfish shark.

    To be clear…I am not mocking JK. The facts clearly show what he is. It’s the idiots who gobbled it up, and those who will still try to defend and incompetent, narcissitic, used car salessman, manipulative piece of garbage.. Pathetic.


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