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SBI Flashback (2013): Beasley turns back the clock in Man of the Match performance in SnowClasico

(The SnowClasico is a game that will go down in U.S. Men’s National Team history for the spectacle and significance of the World Cup qualifying win over Costa Rica on this date in 2013.

It was a match that helped spark the USMNT’s World Cup  qualifying campaign, and a match that left Costa Ricans forever upset at what transpired on that date.

U.S. Soccer is re-airing the match on, YouTube and Facebook at 6pm ET on Sunday to commemorate the seven-year anniversary of the memorable match.

Here is a closer look at the Man of the Match performance delivered that night by DaMarcus Beasley)


COMMERCE CITY, Colorado — As DaMarcus Beasley sipped hot coffee and did his best to warm up after one of the coldest and most surreal nights he had ever experienced in his dozen years as a U.S. Men’s National team player, he looked much older than the Beasley so many of us remember. That fresh-faced youngster who made a big splash in the 2002 World Cup has morphed in a 30-year-old wily veteran, and after more than a decade and 97 appearances for the U.S., Beasley was able to turn back time and flash the qualities that made him a fan favorite at a young age.

On a night when so many of his teammates turned in outstanding performances, it was  Beasley who stood out the most. Making his first national team start in almost three years, and deputized into a starting left back role because of the rash of injuries at the position, Beasley was thoroughly impressive at the position. He raced up and down the left flank breaking up Costa Rican attacks and surging through the heavy snow at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park like he had played in snow all his life. Beasley’s 98th U.S. national team appearance was one of his best, and he earned Man of the Match honors for it.

“Jurgen called me in to do a job tonight, and obviously there’s a lot of injuries,” Beasley said. “Whenever I get called in, I obviously want to do what’s best for my country and my team, and that job was left back tonight.

“It’s not that I don’t feel comfortable—obviously I’m not familiar with the position but I feel comfortable playing left back,” Beasley said. “That’s not a problem for me. I’m just happy that we got three points tonight. Obviously in Honduras it’s a bit tough, but we got three points. We won ugly, the conditions were bad, but that’s all that matters.”

Injuries to regular left backs Fabian Johnson and Edgar Castillo, coupled with injuries to fullbacks Steve Cherundolo, Timmy Chandler, Michael Parkhurst and Geoff Cameron forced Klinsmann to dig deep in his depth chart and he turned to Beasley, who he gave a brief run at left back late in the U.S. team’s friendly victory against Mexico last August.

“After the first day, he just told me, “Beez, you’re playing LB”. That’s all he needed to say,” Beasley said. “He knows I’ve been around for a while. He doesn’t need to speak to me for 10 minutes about what I need to do. He said, Beez, you feel comfortable playing left back? I said “yeah.” The conversation took literally 10 seconds and that was it.

“I think he he knows I can play the position in a pinch,” Beasley added. “Obviously, when the two other backs—Stevie (Cherundolo) and Fabian (Johnson) get back obviously I’m not going to play there. But whatever I can do to help the team is what I’ll do.”

Beasley frustrated Costa Rican attackers all night, timing his challenges perfectly and using his speed to close down numerous threats. His excellent play at left back was a far cry from how he fared in his last U.S. national team start at left back, almost four years ago in a qualifier against the very same Costa Rica side.

“That was four years ago. I don’t think about that,” said Beasley. “I can probably count on my one hand how many times I’ve played left back. I had one bad game that game. The other ones were pretty good. But I’m glad that Jurgen showed the confidence in me to put me in, in a qualifying match, to play left back.”

“DaMarcus has a feel for the game, he’s easy to play with, he reads things well, and so DaMarcus is a guy you want on your team,” Michael Bradley said. “He stepped up in a big way tonight. Obviously he’s been out of the team for a few games, but in the big picture he’s a veteran guy. A guy who’s been through it before, so when he comes in his presence helps us.”

“It’s so easy to play with that guy. He’s such a good football player,” Herculez Gomez said of Beasley. “At times, it was very difficult for us to keep the ball because of these conditions, and I thought we did very well on that left side.

“Having a player like (Beasley) makes it so easy,” Gomez said. “He’s a consummate pro. He’s going to get 100 (caps) for sure, and more. He’s a good player and I don’t think there’s anybody on our team who won’t tell you that.”

Beasley was one of several American players who turned in outstanding games in they heavy snow on Friday night. He is no stranger to playing in snow, but acknowledged that Friday’s conditions were the worst he had ever played in.

“I’ve never played like that, that was like a blizzard,” Beasley said. “I’ve played in the snow a couple of times, in Germany and Holland, but never in a game like that when there are three or four inches of snow. That was pretty tough.”

Beasley battled through that to turn in one of his best national team performances in years and make the most of a return to the national team that not everybody thought would happen, but one he always believed could happen.

“I always thought I’d be back,” said Beasley, who had made just four substitute appearances since the 2010 World Cup. “I’m confident in my ability, confident that if I play well with Puebla that Jurgen will give me a shot.

“Obviously I’m not going to be in every camp. But if keep playing well, and I keep my head down and training like I’ve been doing, I’ll get chances like this,” Beasley said. “Obviously I hope I get called up more often but if I don’t all I can do is keep playing well for Puebla and go from there.”


  1. Notice Beasley said it only took Klinnsman 10 seconds to tell him about playing left back. Shows a true pro who has played in Europe doesn’t need everything explained to him. Klinsmann could tell him to “express himself” and he would get it. Those complainers need to take lesson from run dmb and be true pros.

  2. I loved how Beasley knew take the small pauses and not over-lap rightway, smart in controling the tempo from the back.

  3. ————-Jozy————

  4. Good stuff from the old man, but will the DaMarcussance continue? Can the little Indianan handle the big Azteca? JK gots to start him again, no?

  5. Can we talk about important stuff now… Like how those kits are off the chart! #keeptheshield

    The US team was camouflaged in Denver…

  6. Even when he had faded from the USMNT scene I thought he still could contribute, but must admit I thought it would be a mistake to put him in a left back. I was glad to be proven wrong. However, I think it is a situation issue. When playing teams with small fast guys Beasley can hold his own, I think he has trouble with bigger and stronger players. Still, he deserves more consideration, especially at left wing.

  7. Obviously he just set a record for most uses of the word obviously in a string of quotes. I counted 9.
    What a performance from Beas though!

  8. Why is everyone so quick to kick Beasley out of the left back spot? I know a player shouldn’t lose his spot to injury, but in soccer it seems that happens a lot. So why does Johnson automatically come back to supplant Beasley there? Given Beasley shows well against Mexico, which is a big assumption I know.

  9. You can’t teach speed.. Beasley can absolutely FLY, I am excited to see him return to Azteca in favorable conditions! Let the man RUN!

  10. Review threads in the past. I pointed out the need for Jones and Bradley to play as DM pair. It happened. I pointed out Beasley needed to be called in to play LW, but LB is fine too considering the injuries. The other thing I have called for was Fabian Johnson to move into a wing position and it seems the best fit would be RW. So far I got 2 out of 3 changes called. I called for these changes and most people thought ‘whatever’. The KEY against Mexico will be the pairing of Bradley and Jones applying double pressure on Defense and supporting the attacking midfielders on offense. Mexico WILL have more possession than we will. Aquino and Reyna will terrorize the wings.

    • I believe a counter attack empty bucket type of game plan will do very well against Mexico. They will look to get forward throughout the whole game..we can use that to our advantage with a counter attack….let’s review our fastest midfielders and forwards.

      • and get physical with them. Mexico will macho it up, but if you stand and deliver right back it messes them up

  11. been calling for beasley for awhile now. glad he did well. i think he played his way into a regular spot in this team. so long as he continues to play at Puebla.

      • Gonzo was at least equally so, altho you would never admit to that since you’re on record that Gonzo is not good enough at this level.

        BTW, met Matt Besler in the hotel lounge after the game. Super cool guy, very humble. He wants to play of course, I know you want him to play too.

  12. Love the attitude. Almost 100 caps and three World Cups to his name and he’s still willing to do whatever the team needs, whenever they need him to do it. Hope we don’t have to see a whole lot more of him at left back and we can actually get him in his natural position out on the left flank in front of Fabian. Honestly, if we need to line-up during the June qualifiers with a squad that can defend well but also keep possession and create some offense when we need it, we could do way worse than this:
    ———- Jozy ———-
    Beas – Deuce – Herc
    ——- MB – JJ ———
    FJ – Cam – Gonzo – Dolo

    • darn it, Thebumswillalwayslose. You beat me to it. your midfield/attackers are what I want to see Tuesday in Mexico City. After DeMarcus Beasley’s performance yesterday, I think it likely that Mexico will have a strategy to (try to) break Beasley down if he repeats at left back in Mexico City. Better to move him up to his preferred position.





  13. Cheers to Beasley. Great job. However, Omar Gonzalez is easily man of the match for me. Really hope we get a chance to see Beasley in his natural position.

  14. When the USMNT is completely healthy and with hopefully a reinvigorated Donovan this would be my starting 11. Possible starting 11 against Germnay?

    Sub: Guzan, Goodson, Chandler, Holden, Shea, Gomez, EJ

    All I have to say is the USMNT may be completely at full strength come this summer which would be a very welcome sight.

    Holden is the wild card. Will he or won’t he be with the US qualifying team? What I am for certain is that he will be apart of the Gold Cup team.

    Pretty crazy to think that the US has never been at full strength under Klinsmann.

    • It would be nice to see Donovan and Beasley on the wings again. Experience, pace, and technique. I am pretty excited for this summer.

    • “What I am for certain is that he will be apart of the Gold Cup team.”

      Don’t be so sure. Bolton is being very,very careful with Holden and he may not be fully fit by then.

    • Right on the money Ztone ! And btw if Jones and Bradley communicate and otherwise play at the high level they are capable of, this lineup will be tough to beat !!

  15. He did a good job last night at LB, but I would really like to see him be our starter at left wing (in a 4-4-2). All in all, the right players were on the field last night, based on what we have available, and they did a great job playing together.

    • One of the main duties of the flanking backs is to deny or make difficult service into the box where Chicharito will be waiting. The wingers from Mexico are crafty and skilled ball handlers as well as good passers. I think Beasley can do the job if needed. I am more concerned about his style of play (fast and quick) , the altitude and not lasting the full 90.

      If JK learned anything from Honduras, it is not to take your opponent so seriously in that you “shell” for the first 20 minutes of the game to deny an early goal from your opponent. Has JK not freed up the midfield to go forward as they did in the opening minutes, Deuce would not have been where he was for the lone and ultimately, deciding goal. In Honduras, JK squandered the opening minutes and towards the last quarter of the game, when the US were melting in the heat, they had no answer. Had they needed to score in the second half of the Blizzard Bowl, I think it may not have happened.

      If the US plays more attack-minded football, uses it’s speed, and denies the flanks play to Mexico, the will do well.

      I am particularly happy with the center backs Goodson and Gonzales. The will be facing a crafty opponent in Chicharito and I think they are up to it. Gonzales especially, who practices against Robbie Keane everyday, who is very similar in movement to Chicharito.

    • yeah, i agree with this. this was a good game for him to come in because there weren’t going to be too many tricky attacks down the sides, but i think we might be disappointed if we start him there against mexico.

      • …and i think it still wouldn’t have worked if herc wasn’t on his side of the field. if you don’t have a balls-to-the-wall, savvy veteran helping out dmb, and instead put, say, eddie johnson over there, pretty sure it wouldn’t have gone as well.

    • Almost all of the Mexican National team plays in League MX, so Beasley plays against their guys on a regular basis. He is attuned to their style of play and he probably should play a large role in the game at Azteca, whether at LB or left wing.

  16. Have to agree that Run DMB was MOM. Gomez deserves a lot of credit for linking well and tracking way far back a couple of times. Would love to see them both on the left again, but don’t think it will happen. My guess, JK goes back to 3 DM adding Edu behind Bradley and Jones.

  17. Beasley was no longer the shadow of his former self bombing up and down the left wing and dominating his opponents.

    He showed flashes of the player 10 years ago bought by Guus Hiddink at PSV. I hope it isn’t just a one-time performance and he can contribute against Mexico. He had as much if not more potential than Donovan, but in my opinion flared out after moving to the rough leagues on the British Isles. It’s good to see him back on the team and playing well.

  18. When USMNT is healthy, I could see Beez coming in as a late attacking sub for a CB (Besler, Goodson, keeping Gonzo, who has solidified his starter spot in the middle) on the left, pushing Herc up top.

    This reemergence of Beez gives JK a LOT of flexibility now.

    Depth? Not used to seeing that.

  19. My favorite American player. I have closely followed him from his time in the MLS, Eredivisie, EPL, SPL, Bundesliga and now Liga MX. I have always hoped that he would get recalled to the USMNT, which got derailed due to either injuries or lack of playing time, e.g. Hannover 96. With his renaissance at Puebla, here’s hoping that he continues on and gets on that plane to Brazil ’14, assuming the USA qualifies. Even with the return of the regulars like Fabian Johnson or Edgar Castillo, he would still be a valuable opinion for Klinsmann at LB or he can even start at his regular position of left wing.

  20. On Tuesday, Jurgen has a damn near impossible task, however. Some of those guys are going to have heavy legs. You have to think Dempsey is going to need to get substituted. Beasley might not look so good with only a couple days rest and on a fast surface. Goodson and Gonzalez were ideal in blizzard conditions but that size and lack of quickness could turn into a glaring weakness at Azteca. I think you have to look at going back to a 4-1-2-1-2, putting Altidore and Gomez up top (Gomez out to the right) with Dempsey as a withdrawn striker or linking midfielder, and back to Jones and Bradley behind with Edu’s fresh legs in the six. Or pair Edu with Gonzalez in central defense, keep the same lineup but move Gomez back out right for Zusi and bring in Eddie on the left. If both Eddie and Gomez are willing to track back on the flanks, Jones and Bradley can hold the middle. I think I’d go with the latter option myself.

    • Nah…..I’d play Corona on the right. Bradley and Jones in the middle maybe Dempsey on the left if Jurgen goes with Jozy and Gomez up top…..Corona is more of a natural midfielder and even more so can play out wide better and more naturally/comfortably then Gomez and he has been tearing up in Liga Mx and played in Azteca before plenty of times….

      Dempsey use to play the Left Mid spot for us and for Fulham…..if not maybe go with just 1 forward up top to start off, maybe Gomez and have say Corona at R-Mid, Dempsey in front of Bradley & Jones but behind Gomez where he plays his best, and someone out wide on the left….maybe Shea or EJ since Johnson did so well in his short minutes in the snow and since Johnson won’t be so tired it might work out. I only said Shea because he seems to have Mexico’s number lol but he might be an option off the bench, I suppose Jurgen could have Jozy up top and Gomez out left, Corona on the right and Deuce in the middle as well…..but Corona and Gomez HAVE to start. They are the most comfortable playing at Azteca. Also hope we see Boyd last 20+ minutes!

    • No doubt playing in snow takes it out of you (I grew up in Montana and once played a game in those conditions only with Ice mixed in–in October no less.). However, you probably do less running than on a normal field, so it’s probably about equal.

      I don’t necessarily think that we’ll have to change the back line. I would leave at least 3 of the 4 the same. I can see having either Jones or Bradley be much more defensive minded than typical. I did really like our front 6 other than Zusi having what I thought was an uncharacteristic poor game. I guess if you wanted to sub Zusi out and replace him with say, Corona, and play to the counter attack and replace one of Omar/Goodson with Besler to aid in possession, etc. that would be about the only changes I’d Make:






    • I think having the week at altitude before the game is more important vis a vis the snow when playing in Mexico. Honduras had most of the ball, so Mexico had to do a fair amount of chasing in their game. I don’t think conditioning will be much of a factor in this game.

  21. Apart from Goodson, Ives nailed the lineup. Credit where credit is due. Ives also deserves some credit for noting how well Jones played. SnowFro was the MVP in the first half, hands down, and it is interesting to note the difference between his value as seen by someone like Dempsey–who had this to say: “Jermaine was unbelievable, breaking up play so quickly, making great decisions and keeping possession”–and the player ratings given out by some of our incredibly clueless soccer media. That moron at the NYTimes gave him a 4! Carlisle at ESPN a 5! The sad truth is that a lot of these guys watch the game through the same shade of sunglasses as Bruce Arena. Klinsmann might not be a tactician but thank god we’ve got a guy with a global perspective (in that sense he’s just like Bob Bradley).

    • Well, Bob is the one who brought JJ into the team. He was working on Timothy Chandler, too.

      As to player ratings, I use my eyes. I’ll take other peoples’ opinions into consideration, but I first go by what I see.

      • “but I first go by what I see.”

        That is great if you are at the stadium but if you watch the game on TV they tend to follow the ball and don’t always get the views I want to see.

        And, of course, last night you couldn’t see anything.

      • Views are obstructed in a stadium, as well(Sitting behind one goal, while the action is at the other, for example). I get your point about not seeing everything, but a lot of broadcasts are mainly wide-shots, not close-ups on a particular player.

      • Actually Bradley was the coach who first brought Chandler in as well. Chandler was not tied to the US until later under Klinsmann.

    • Hey, SnoFro, I had not looked at ratings until after reading your post. I have learned not to take most of them seriously, a combination of our soccer reporters not being very astute and/or typing in numbers to reflect how well they personally like this player or that. Plus, some of our pundits for one reason or another gang up on Jones as an easy target. I think we need to name names here.

      Jack Bell of the NY Times, as you noted, gave Jones a 4, while giving Zusi a 6. Avi Creditor of SI gave Jones a 5, only one lower Cameron a 4.5.

      But guys I tend to trust more and see as being more objective, such as and Yanks Abroad, each gave Jones a 7.

    • What is it about Beasley? As much as he drove me crazy in that 2007-2009 period, I’m so excited and heart-warmed to see him back. He seems like a good guy and certainly is a good player. Welcome back!

  22. I have to point out that Geoff Cameron is not injured.

    I tought Beas was good last night, but for MoTM I have Goodson getting that accolade.

  23. In light of everything that was said last week, I love DB’s comment about being told in a brief “conversation” that he would be playing left back. A smart, veteran player knows what he needs to do in order to be successful.

  24. I will say: Very good article and I can see written from the heart–just like Beasley’s performance last night which was remarkable–totally inspirational or awe-inspiring or whatever you want to call it. He was so poised and so good on the ball and passing and defense and all over the field–and all that after taking a huge knock on the head and getting back up and shaking it off to keep fighting. Wow.

    I wanna pleez see Beez play left wing, his true position, at some point with either Fabian Johnson or Edgar Castillo behind him at left back.

  25. Personally I feel vindicated. Since his excellent performances with Puebla, I’ve been calling for Beasley’s return for a while now. I hope he’s back for good and proves why he should be back every game, whatever position he plays.

    • As you should. I’ve been calling for Beasley’s call-up on the SBI Podcast for weeks, and said he should start at left back when the roster came out. Won’t mind patting myself on the back for that one. Haha.

      • No doubt. Good on ya for that call. I don’t care if its left back, left midfielder in a true 4-4-2 or as the left winger in a 4-3-3. In qualifying Beasley has the traits necessary to get job done: experience, playing in a good league in similar environs, attack-minded, still defensively responsible, good with both feet, etc.

      • that was a good call on Beasley, Would like to see Beasee, Fabian, Brek and Eddie Johnson, maybe throw in somebody else?, all vying for the 3 positions up and down the left flank, all fairly flexible players.

      • Good call on Beasley at left back. I though it was nuts but that’s why I and others continue to read Soccer by Ives and not Soccer by PJ.

    • Yes, Georges Jean, U R correct: Chemistry of the players was key. And, in my mind, there were two keys here.

      1) We, the USMNT fans, finally succeeded in convincing (forcing:-)) Klinsmann to forget his line-ups with three or four defensive midfielders and go with only two d-mids. Even in all that snow, you could see clearly that two experienced Number Six pillars with the names of Jones and Bradley linking defense with attack made a huge difference with the team, even with Herc playing out of position on the left attacking and Zusi not at the level of say, a Landon Donvan, on the right. If we can get left wing and right wing sorted out–Look Out!

      2) And the other thing that helped is (Old School: Please swallow your water–or whatever other liquid might currently be in your mouth before continuing) that other thing that helped is the Sporting News article. Best thing that ever happened to Klinsmannn was that article, blowing everything wide open and putting everyone on the same page. Klinsmann has learned a lot this week and so have the players. ALL the guys last night were playing their hearts out for Klinsmann and I am certain will continue to do so from here on out.

      On to Mexico City. No snow. 76 degrees. Will feel like cakewalk after last night.

      • Biff, thank you! I believe that you have a solid theoretical point: “To link defense with attack”. Therefore, the U.S. clinching the mighty Costa-Rica was a question of effective game-plan “formation” in conjonction with pure determination from a must-capping fixture! I hope that they conserve this “almagamic fire”, which is required for the unforgivable Brazilian road to the adamant World Cup 2014. In passing, even the reigning world champions Spain are clashing to qualify;thus, avoiding the alternative to go to the World Cup play-offs to assure their place in this tough and atrocious road!

      • Please, be not confused! Language has “figure of speech”. In this case, “amalgamic fire” implies the chemistry and tandem of a team. This is not for vaunting: I speak five languages: French, English, Creole, Spanish, and understand both Portugues and Italian.

      • TO: Alabama football: I am writing in ENGLISH. Therefore, I do not have to translate what I am writing. I believe, too, that this site is written in ENGLISH. Remember, if you speak another language and you translate[through any means: Google, etc.] they may not give you the intended meaning correctly or ACCURATELY. This may be the problem with some of you who do not quite understand the true meaning of what to me is quite simple. In other words, computer translations may not give a literal and exact translation! I do not use TRANSLATORS because I can speak and write in more than one language. I, actually, speak five! Remember, the language level of a child is different from a “University student”.

      • Sure, here you go:

        Biff, thank you! I believe that you have a solid theoretical point: “To link defense with attack”. Therefore, the U.S. clinching the mighty Costa-Rica was a question of effective game-plan “formation” in conjonction with pure determination from a must-capping fixture!

        (it was a combination of Klinsmann’s reversion to more traditional tactics and the players renewed desire thanks to the recent Sporting News article that led to them prevailing in this must-win game. That and Jermaine Jones use of boxing tactics against Brian Ruiz)

        I hope that they conserve this “almagamic fire”, which is required for the unforgivable Brazilian road to the adamant World Cup 2014.

        (I hope he doesn’t change what worked, and the players can keep their focus through the remainder of the hex. Also, the World Cup is actaully made from the same metal as Wolverine’s Claws)

        In passing, even the reigning world champions Spain are clashing to qualify to the ;thus, avoiding the alternative to go to the World Cup play-offs to assure their place in this tough and atrocious road!

        (Spain got a draw against Finland becuase the PA was blaring “London Calling” and old George Harrison tunes at top volume the whole match)

        Hope that helps, I speak 783 languages, so I am rather good at this 🙂

      • TO: Boudra—I would not have any intentions to respond to you but to say that you’re wasting the mind of intelligent people who want to comment and say something intelligent; evidently, if you were given to write an essay, you would be the most HYPOCRITICAL to whomever would be reading it. I don’t expect a “Juda’s kiss” for what I said which is clear to anyone who comprehend, not a fool. “it’s not good to be among fools!” What did I say that was offensive to you? I would not have you to grade a 1st grade writing class. Secondly, with so many people commenting, over a 100, why is it that you are the only one, besides RemR, attacking me? I am not promoting my site here! But, how did you come to know this site? If you understand language, you must have either stumble over it or someone referred it to you. What’s all your rant with exposing mine for others?.

      • Saying that we as fans forced this line-up change would be a delusion of granduer. If you go back and read and listen to Jurgen over the past year, he has stated many times his desire for Jones and Bradley to play together as Holding-Mids. The “3” defensive mid formations you are refering to were designed to teach Bradlay and Jones how to play together in a system where one goes and one stays atlernatively throughout at 90 minute game. Playing that way allowed that growing process to happen with minimal effect on defensive shape.

        Now we are seeing the benefits. This was not a fan decision. Rather, a plan that was put in motion almost a year ago if you go back and do the research.

        Also, saying the Sporting News article had any effect on Jurgen seems a bit off base. Maybe on the younger more impressionable players but certaintly not Jurgen. He will win his way or get fired his way, but it will certaintly be his own doing.

      • Especially after his news conference about the article where he basically said he couldn’t care less and that the article was standard press from football countries.

        To suggest that we played any role in his decisions is ludicrous and not anchored in any reality.

      • All that being said, he reportedly released the starting lineup to the players on Thursday night – coincedence???

      • Oh wow now I’ve heard it all. Jk used the 3dm setup to teach jones and bradley, who he conveniently left off the team for 3/4 of a year, how to play?????? Hahaha talk about delusion of granduer

      • are you saying that in reference to me or jurgen? because I am only relaying jurgens explanation of the 3 dmid system.

        Furthermore, your argument that they were left off of 3/4 of the rosters negates that argument that we consistently play the mo, jones, bradley system that this conversation is based on. so really, you are blowing the whistle on the whole theory we have been playing with 3 d mids.

        If I’m not following that correctly then please explain to me what system we have been playing and with what players, we clearly see things differently at this point.

      • I didn’t say, ChiTown, that Sporting News article was the reason for his roster decisions against Costa Rica. I think we the fans who have advocated a change for months which turned into a thunder of criticism after Honduras debacle were the main reason behind that.

        What I think the Sporting News article did was to correctly identified a cancer that was growing in the team (I don’t need to repeat the main points here) and was devolving into a dysfunctional mess on the verge of a potential meltdown in Denver against Costa Rica. We will never know what might have happened without that article, but I think the chances of the USMNT losing and going into the Mexico match in full crisis mode would have been a lot higher.

        The article blew it all wide open and forced Klinsmann, players, pundits and fans to face the ugly truth. And it appears to me that both Klinsmann and players have responded positively and the healing process is already well underway with the win last night and head held high on the way to Mexico City and in coming months the team is going to grow much stronger than before. Klinsmann is the big winner from that news article–but only if he takes it to heart and can truly learn from it. The losers are those who were hoping for a meltdown so that Klinsmann would be fired.

        I am happy it happened, by gosh, and I think we now have a good chance of winning in Mexico City. Thank you, Brian Straus, for being a courageous journalist.

      • Biff,

        You are unfair to ChiTown and FCA

        This is what you wrote:
        “We, the USMNT fans, finally succeeded in convincing (forcing:-)) Klinsmann to forget his line-ups with three or four defensive midfielders and go with only two d-mids”

        FCA wrote:
        “This was not a fan decision. Rather, a plan that was put in motion almost a year ago if you go back and do the research.”

        ChiTown wrote:
        “To suggest that we played any role in his decisions is ludicrous and not anchored in any reality.”

        And your response to them was:
         “biff says:
        I didn’t say, ChiTown, that Sporting News article was the reason for his roster decisions against Costa Rica. I think we the fans who have advocated a change for months which turned into a thunder of criticism after Honduras debacle were the main reason behind that.”

        Both ChiTown and FCA said neither the Sporting News Article nor you and the fans were the reason for the lineup changes.

        You on the other hand claim that they were. You should own your post and be proud of what you wrote not try to weasel out of it like some Congressman.

        As for a “thunder of criticism”, post Strauss and post Honduras , if you surveyed most of the blogs and media articles the impression I got was that :

        1. The so called tactical deficiencies have been known since before JK took over. Lahm wrote a book about it remember? There was no captain sleeping with his striker’s wife there.

        2. Most of the fans had problems with back stabbing anonymous sources.

        3. Honduras was one of the most pathetic performances regardless of the circumstances ever.

        The biggest source of pressure and most likely reason for tactical change?

        A crappy performance at Honduras and Zero points, there’s your pressure

        Go back and look at the media coverage JK got before the 2006 World Cup and you’ll find most of Germany wanted JK dead before the tournament. With bad losses in friendlies they did not like that weirdo SoCal freak with his Yoga and SoCal pseudo psycho babble who would not move back to Germany to coach the team. Those fans wanted his head on a plate.

        So this Strauss article is a big deal to sleepy US soccer but nothing to JK.

        In fact I would not be surprised if he planted the story with Strauss to get everyone going. Before the Costa Rica game the US still had 90% of the games left to play and 27 points left on the table. 16-17 will probably get you where you want to go.

      • Your viewpoint has elucidated what you implied! Usually, by the way, both U.S. and Brazil have difficulties clashing with Mexico. Can the USA clunk the Mexico squad? I yet believe that the U.S. have to step up in the attacking line!

      • @Georges Jean,
        Grammar – Excellent
        Vocabulary – Excellent
        Spelling – Excellent
        Flow of Ideas – Unsatisfactory

        Comments: Your posts are hard to follow

      • I seriously think Georges is too smart for me to understand his posts. Check out the Big Bang Theory and get on my level…

      • TO: Mr. Riggity—Thank you for the courtesy of your response. I invite you or anyone else who wants to give his opinion about the BIG BANG theory. You may leave a comment whether you so desire [on soccer views, too]. Once again, thank you for either reading or visiting the site. Post a comment in them.

      • JK was never going to play with three Dmids against CR. And he probably won’t at home verses anyone else, except maybe Mexico if we need to protect a lead late.

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