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German Bundesliga “ready” to return on May 9

If things play out how the German Bundesliga would like, games will resume in a matter of days.

The top two divisions of Germany are looking to restart their current seasons in early May, though a final decision on that will come from the nation’s government. The 36 clubs that comprise the Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga met on Thursday to discuss their return to action behind closed doors, and targeted a date to end the hiatus that has been brought on as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

“If we start on May 9, we are ready. If it is later, we will be ready again,” said German Football League chief executive Christian Seifert. “For us, what is decisive is what the politicians will decide. It is not for us to decide when.

“Games without spectators are not what we want, but at the moment (they are) the only thing that seems feasible.”

German politicians could put an end to the two leagues’ dreams of returning in early May, but are reportedly sympathetic to the financial struggles the clubs are facing and are expected to let them play as a result.

It has already been decided, however, that no events with large crowds will take place in Germany until at least October 24. That means that if games resume, they will do so with only players, coaching staffs, medical teams, referees, ball boys and girls, television production employees, and a few other people. German officials estimate that a maximum of 300 people would be present at each match.

Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga teams returned to training earlier this month, though in small groups and with strict guidelines that included no bodily contact.


  1. I think we all selfishly want this to happen but in case it goes horribly wrong? If Germany can’t restart no one in Europe will be able to.

    • I would gladly be a ball boy. More distancing than I am getting at times and watching Bundesliga that close. Count me in.


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