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MLS to allow individual workouts starting May 6

Major League Soccer is taking a small step towards resuming the season. The league announced that teams can open outdoor training fields for voluntary individual workouts beginning on May 6.

“By allowing players, on a voluntary basis, to utilize team-operated fields for individual workouts, MLS clubs will be able to provide a controlled environment that ensures adherence to safety protocols and social distancing measures for players and staff,” the league said in a statement.

The ability to open team facilities comes with more than a few conditions. Workouts are limited to outdoor spaces only and player will not be able to access  locker rooms, team gyms, and team training rooms unless they are receiving post-operative rehabilitation.

Teams also won’t be able to open their facilities unless they submit a detailed plan to the league that shows they are implementing certain health and safety protocols. Only specifically listed essential staff will be able to access facilities and all equipment, including balls, cones, and goals, must be disinfected after each individual session.

Any staff and player arrivals will be staggered and everyone, including players, must wear personal protective equipment during their workouts. Training fields will be divided into four quadrants and only one player can be in one of those quadrants at any given time. No equipment sharing will be allowed, so player’s will not be passing balls back and forth or taking live shots on goalkeepers.

Coaches and staff can be present, but they must remain ten feet apart from each other at all times.

All MLS teams are still subject to a moratorium on full team practices until at least May 15.

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