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Marsch wears “Black Lives Matter” armband during Salzburg match

Jesse Marsch was the latest American abroad to show his support against racism.

In Sunday’s Austrian Bundesliga match against Hartberg, Marsch wore a “Black Lives Matter” armband. He became the latest American overseas to show support including Weston McKennie, Tyler Adams, Zack Steffen, Giovanni Reyna, and Christian Pulisic.

Marsch recently became the first American-born coach to win a major European trophy by guiding Salzburg to an Austrian Cup Finals win back on May 29th. Salzburg raced out to a four-goal lead before halftime on Sunday in league play and cruised to a 6-0 road triumph at Hartberg.

Salzburg are 3-0-0 since returning to action this Summer after the COVID-19 pandemic forced a lengthy halt to matches. With the win on Sunday, Salzburg moved seven points clear of second-place Wolfsberger with eight games remaining this season.

Marsch could also become the first American coach to win two trophies in the same season if Salzburg holds off competition in Austria. Up next for the club is a trip to Sturm Graz on Wednesday in league play.


  1. RonnieT

    you don’t have a reply available. smart. but I am anyway.
    I don’t think that too many actually think it is about the flag and just coincidentally the same people don’t support BLM and other black protests too.
    I guess someone, somewhere believes it is some massive coincidence or just didn’t think about it too hard, but no, everyone knows what we are talking about here. Like I just posted, true colors coming out now, not hiding in a crowd making monkey sounds and throwing banana peels

    • seems you could learn a thing or 2 from him!!! If your not trying to solve the problem in this country, you’re a part of the problem, period!

    • If this little bit is upsetting to you, you are not going to like American sports when they re-start. I expect broad protests. Colin Kapernick is the least of your worries and may be back in the NFL. The world has moved on these issues. i understand you not wanting patriotism mocked but that was never the intent and just be prepared.

      • It really is amazing the lengths that people will go to continue to deflect from the fact that the kneeling was never about the flag or the military, and ironically enough it was a former NFL player turned green beret(military)that advised Kaepernick on how best to protest social issues which was by kneeling…go figure! Yet, there is this narrative created by like minded people that somehow kneeling is a protest of the flag and military because they need something to bitch about, hold on to, when if they’d just listen there would be not mistake regarding the merits of the protesting!

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