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The global soccer community shows support for anti-racism protests in USA

Protests have carried on across the United States for days in response to the police brutality that led to the death of George Floyd, and soccer stars around the world have stepped up to offer their support.

Soccer’s big-name players, and some of the world’s biggest teams, have not shied away and have used their platform to raise awareness on social media, doing so shortly after multiple players in the German Bundesliga showed their support in goal celebrations.

Here is a look at some of the messages of support from around the soccer world:

On Monday, Paris Saint-Germain superstar Kylian MbappΓ© tweeted this photo in solidarity with the ongoing protests. The World Cup winner is one of many players to vocalize his support for the movement.


  1. Why is “racism” connected to the tragic death of George Floyd? Is there any evidence that racism had anything to do with it?

    • The evidence is clearly found when you open a pair of eyes that are not blinded by hatred. If you truly refuse to see something so blatantly obvious in terms of repeated and systematic difference in treatment and attitude, then it’s time for serious self-reflection.

    • Floyd “the landlord” use worked with cop put the knee behind his neck.
      Same police department killed an Australia (she un-armed and semi-naked).

      Note: I am not White and immigrant.

    • Black people have been murdered for the “crime” of selling loose cigarettes; telling undercover cops in NYC to f’off when they tried to get him to buy drugs; jogging; and (allegedly) passing a counterfeit $20. OTOH, an avowed racist Dylan Roof murdered congregants in a BLACK church and the cops took him to Burger King.

      • NYC case had to do with Authoritarian so-called Progressive/Liberals try force big Government. Note: Most cops there are not White.

        I admit to have bias toward cops because most military buddies are law enforcement. I did serve military law enforcement for 4 years before changing my rating (MOS).

        These riots have dozen Black people: cops, retire cops, looters, and innocent bystanders.
        Note: 1,000’s small and independent by Blacks and non-whites were burn-down, and also I am small business with my immigrant family (from Uruguay, Argentina and El Salvador).

      • Note: 1,000’s small and independent business owned by Blacks and non-whites were burn-down, and also I am small business with my immigrant family (from Uruguay, Argentina and El Salvador).*

  2. Remember when people were up in arms because Qatar was selected to host the World Cup despite their human rights record ?
    We don’t hold that high ground anymore.


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