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Five MLS matches postponed as players protest racial injustice


Five of the six Major League Soccer matches scheduled for Wednesday night were postponed as the league’s players took the decision to stand in solidarity to protest racial injustice in the wake of the recent shooting of Jacob Blake by police in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

MLS joined the NBA, WNBA and Major League Baseball in postponing games as players joined together to protest against racial injustice.

Atlanta United’s match at Inter Miami, FC Dallas’ home match against the Colorado Rapids, LAFC’s visit to Real Salt Lake, Portland’s match at the San Jose Earthquakes and the Seattle Sounders trip to the LA Galaxy were all postponed.

Orlando City defeated Nashville SC, 3-1, in the evening’s only match to be played. Orlando-Nashville was the first scheduled match of the evening, and the decision to have the Orlando City-Nashville SC match be played was met with criticism,

MLS issued a statement prior to the start of the Orlando Ciity-Nashville SC match, at a time when it still appeared the evening’s schedule would be played.

After the evening’s matches were postponed amid a league-wide movement driven by the players, MLS issued a new statement:

The MLS Players Association made a point to clarify that it was the players, nor league officials, who drove the decision to postpone matches.


  1. I guess I have been blocked. Ives, I have enjoyed your site for years but will no longer view it. Sorry you have become part of the cancel culture. I think changes need to be made, but what is going on is misguided. There will be more shootings until the people in these poor areas are given a way out through education.

    • I was also blocked before for the same reasons. I am disgusted with all this s**t that’s going on across the sports leagues.

    • Systemic racism is the cause of the education deficiency you spoke of. Property values determine school funding,redlining by banks and insurance companies, stricter sentences for possession of drugs that are popular in minority neighborhoods prevent the building of wealth that attracts investment. That investment in the neighborhood increases property taxes collected which funds schools.That investment also creates jobs which drives down drug use and violent crime. With less drugs and violence police in those neighborhoods would be less likely to use deadly force. It’s not that hard.

      • I agree! Very nicely worded and thought out. The environment has to change. I work with groups like Habitat that try to restore neighborhoods and give people a chance to own their own homes. It creates pride in their community and pushes the bad out. It all starts there. It will take a ton of money and support to get the neighborhoods turned around.

  2. Amazing how all new names suddenly appear when they want to defend the indefensible. Use your real names and if you are new, here just to cause trouble, get the heck outta here.
    It is amazing that whole sports league now are on board. Wearing BLM shirts and defending a non white person’s rights. I gotta say I didn’t think it would happen in my life. The point in time where the idiot racists really ARE on the wrong side of history….to stay.


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