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Weah, McKennie, Gloster among Americans in preseason camp

Several European leagues will be back in action over the next few weeks which means American players have started preseason camps with their respective clubs.

Monday saw several clubs back on the training pitches with Timothy Weah, Weston McKennie, and Chris Gloster headlining the American contingent in Europe. Weah is coming off an injury-plagued 2019-20′ campaign, his first season at Ligue 1 side Lille since joining from Paris Saint-Germain.

The 20-year-old U.S. Men’s National Team forward made only two appearances for Lille last season, but returned to action with the first team on Monday.

McKennie, Taitague in Schalke preseason camp

Weston McKennie and Nick Taitague were both with Schalke’s first team in Gelsenkirchen on Monday as well. McKennie has been linked with a move away from the Bundesliga side this summer, but for now remains a member of David Wagner’s squad.

The 21-year-old McKennie played a vital role for the club last season, appearing in 32 combined matches for Schalke. He also scored three goals in league play while registering one assist in German Cup action.

Taitague made five appearances for Schalke II last season, but missed most of the season with injury. The U.S. Under-23 eligible midfielder also signed a new contract with the club back in February.

Gloster, Ledezma named to PSV’s first team camp

Chris Gloster got his first inclusion into PSV’s first team for preseason camp while Richie Ledezma returned to the Eredivisie side.

Gloster, 21, made 16 appearances last season with Jong PSV in the Eerste Divisie, registering one assist in league play. The left back has made two appearances for the U.S. Under-23 Men’s National Team and remains a key option for Jason Kreis’ team going into 2021.

Ledezma trained with PSV’s first team last season, but did not make his competitive debut. The 19-year-old attacking midfielder scored four goals and added three assists in 25 appearances with Jong PSV.

Both players will be looking to earn their senior debuts this season as PSV pushes for the Eredivisie title.



    • Looks like about 5 months total since the second tear. I’ve seen longer for a very bad hamstring injury, but I wouldn’t call that especially fast.

  1. Ledezma is the missing piece,if he gets first team mins then he should be called in whenever usmnt start playing again. CP22 can keep the fullback from pressing so even if people think that Robinson isn’t the best LB would help him out. But getting good service to CP22 and which other players are up front and on opposite wing whether it be Weah, sargent, Morris, jozy, Reyna etc.. With Adams and Mckennie would be good cover for ledezma. Plus a healthy and in form Brooks as a left sided CB helping is a plus helping Robinson. Health is a concern for multiple players but its not like other countries don’t have injuries they are just deeper and until the usmnt has more players at higher levels it just the way it is.

  2. I’m hoping that 2020/21 season will see a number of our young prospect players return healthy and earning 1st team minutes. We have a number of excellent prospects….they just need experience and a coach willing to trust them.
    Taitague – has been sidelined for the last couple years with injuries. Schalke is sooo bad if he’s healthy he should have a chance to see 1st team minutes. Will it be enough to get him into the discussion for the USMNT, only time will tell.
    Weah – Basically lost a year due to his hamstring injuries. If he returns healthy he should at least see rotational minutes for Lille. If healthy should be in the 23 for the USMNT
    Uli – will either need to break into the 1st team, or will need a loan if he’s going to fight for a USMNT spot in the 23.
    Richards – will either need to break into the 1st team, or will need a loan if he’s going to fight for a USMNT spot in the 23.
    Amon – If he returns to full health could be a dark-horse option for the U-23’s & USMNT.
    Gloster & Ledezma – If they start seeing 1st team minutes they should be in consideration for the USMNT. Both play positions of need (LB & CAM respectully).
    EPB, CCV, Miazga – will all likely be on loan again. Hope they all find a good home where they can see consistent minutes.
    A. Robinson – Needs a new home. Proved at the end of the Championship season he should be in line as a starting for the USMNT.
    Dest – already a USMNT Starter…but needs more consistent performances. Should be ready to improve on last season’s performances.
    McKennie – Already inked into the USMNT XI….but needs to become more consistent.
    Adams – Already inked into the USMNT XI…but needs to stay healthy.
    Pulisic – by far our best player, but needs to stay healthy.
    Reyna – Should be in line for more minutes next season, hopefully Gregg will realize he should be starting for the USMNT.

    • I watched A.Robinson’s all touch videos from the last few matches. I’m not sold, he’s fast but he’s not overalls athletic. His first touch makes Zardes look technical and at times he has that horse on roller skates look of Brek Shea. He is really stiff, which maybe makes him look worse than he is. Don’t get me wrong take him everytime over Dan Lovitz.
      Uly not listed on the club’s website 20-21 roster.

      • Are you parroting of Brian Kleiban? Brian said he was stiff, on his last show, and now, your saying he’s stiff? JR – last year, you were the only person saying Nick Lima should be the starting LB. …then got on your podcast, reiterated your stance, with hurt feelings, because no one agreed! I remember!! You didn’t say anything about Antonee being stiff before… Now, you want me to believe the Antonee isn’t good enough for USMNT?! Zardes is how old? Zardes can’t cross like Antonee, a one eyed drunk can see that. The cross he made in the Bolivia match, to give Weah his 1st goal is all anyone needs to see. The Jamaica friendly pre-GC, GB played him @ LW, and hasn’t been called in since. I have conviction, not conjecture!! I disagree with Brian, you or anyone else, who thinks he’s not USMNT material. I like Gloster, the most , but he’s not playing 1st team minutes yet… Gasper is 24-25. Vines over Sweat & Lovitz but isn’t ready for international comp. Bello, healthy & starting but I would like to see Villafana over him. If you put Dest on the left, he would be better as a LW, giving his offensive skill. Hamalainen is a good choice, but he’s only been in a couple of camps. Morrow? Hollingshead? Bernstein? There are only 2 LBs that actually get forward (Gloster & Robinson). Antonee is the best choice, GBs criteria (starting, 1st team minutes, respectable league, age, experience).

      • I think you have me confused on Lima, I was not in in Lima at LB. I did see Kleiban’s show and that’s what made me go watch the clips. It was so obvious what he was talking about. Antonee has no bend in his body at all. I don’t understand how he is so fast and is so stiff.
        Kleiban obviously likes his guys and so he finds faults so he can put his guy in place. He’s also working in a perfect environment his first 23 are never injured because it’s all hypothetical. LB I’d probably still start Dest and use Cannon in the right. AR is not much of an upgrade defensively to Sergino and his combination play with CP is really good. If I had to use Dest on the right, I guess the I’d be torn between Gloster and Robinson, I think you rate Sam Vines too low but he’s clear above the other MLSers for me but I didn’t think he had a good MLSiB tournament. We’ll see what happens with Bello, the ATL academy hasn’t been able to move their youth stars to pros. Can he play in a 4 back system? Kobe has a lot of hype, and is playing for Wolfsburg U19s where Uly got his first cap from so who knows.
        The Zardes comment was in regards to his first touch he has no idea where it’s going might be good might be bad, and a lot of times he can run it down but his boots look made of concrete at times.

      • A.Robinson’s running style is known as a power runner, running more straight up. If you look at a professional 100m. race you will see the different running styles.

    • Yes OK but in the 100m dash you don’t have to cut or turn. Also if you notice sprinters are in a forward lean for the first 20-30 meters their not straight up and down until then.
      If you notice in my comment I said “I’m not sold”, I don’t think he’s bad, I’m just not sure he’s that good. He can make a good cross like you said but he also routinely puts that same ball in the 14th row. (Plus that Bolivs squad was so bad go back and watch the cross again like 3 or 4 defenders for a decent team deal with that ball). I’m not like Kleiban and saying never I just think he’s a long ways from a lock. He’s the perfect example of my belief that the best way to win over the US fan base is to not play. Villafana, Nagbe, Chandler were all fat more popular when not playing for the team regularly then they’d play and people were like they stink (Next unused player) is so much better.

      • Just stating his running style. And yes, because of it he can’t turn on a dime, that is why he always had problems with shifty kind of attackers.

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