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Bruce addresses Yedlin’s Newcastle status after his latest appearance


DeAndre Yedlin has yet to feature for Newcastle United in the English Premier League this season, but he has appeared in a pair of Carabao Cup wins for the Magpies. Yedlin has been linked with a move away from the club, and very well could be on the move in order to earn more consistent playing time.

The extended Summer Transfer Window is set to close shut on Oct. 5th and Yedlin could be one of many names out at Newcastle United. The U.S. Men’s National Team defender recently played 90 minutes and registered one assist in Newcastle’s 7-0 third round League Cup win over Morecambe on Wednesday and also appeared in a second win triumph over Blackburn Rovers.

Steve Bruce has yet to play Yedlin in the opening weeks of the EPL season and admits it’s a tough situation right now for the veteran to play.

“The most difficult job that I’ve got is keeping everybody happy,” Bruce said in a press conference Thursday. “Ultimately, we have to make the decision on 22 players. There’s the difficult situation itself. I am sure that DeAndre wants to play regularly.”

“We have three recognized right-backs at the club which is not really that healthy to be honest. However, DeAndre is somebody I like, as a pro, as a player.”

Yedlin is in the final season of his current deal at St. James Park and is coming off an up-and-down campaign the year prior. The 27-year-old scored one goal in 20 combined appearances last season for Newcastle United, with 16 of those appearances coming in league play.

He joins Emil Krafth and Javier Manquillo in the fight for consistent minutes at right back, but could be moved in order to open a spot on the Magpies roster. Bruce will have plenty of decisions to make regarding Yedlin’s future, but won’t be upset if the defender wants to seek a new opportunity elsewhere.

“There’ll be a lot of speculation flying around but I have no problem with DeAndre hanging around,” Bruce said. “He’s like a lot of them when they’re not involved.”

“He just wants to play. I can understand that.”

Newcastle United fought off relegation last season and is 1-0-1 so far in league play this season. Yedlin’s next opportunity to feature in EPL action could come on Sunday with Newcastle traveling to the defender’s former club, Tottenham.


  1. Yedlin was never that good to begin with. His recovery speed allowed him to cover up lots of positional mistakes. He was a glorified midfielder playing fullback. He did get better at his defending with Newcastle, but he still can’t cross, even after playing 5 years in the EPL.

  2. It’s a race for consistency & minutes. Cannon & Robinson are on the upswing while Yedlin has been on the downswing.
    Dest, Cannon, Robinson, & Yedlin are still the top 4 outside backs…the question will be which combination makes the team better. Dest @ RB w/ Robinson @ LB or Dest @ LB with Cannon/Yedlin at RB.
    Only way to get the answer is to get all 4 in camp together.
    There are other options emerging at both LB & RB, but IMO they’re behind these 4.

    • cannon also gets short shrift because he was a U19 US YNT player and out of FCD academy like mckennie. basically got the anti MLS snobbery which i see fading now that he has “made the right career choice.” i like cannon for being a rare current wingback who is solid defensively. perish the thought our defenders might defend well. but he also has 2 assists so he is not bereft of attacking ability. personally i can’t wait til we get a coach in who flips the polarity, picks the defenders first, then tiebreaks based on the frosting on top — if they can also attack. when we get an actual defense you will see our fortunes flip. but despite how last cycle went most of the attention is on attacking prospects and not players like richards. or worse making excuses for players known for attacking when they get megged and scored on.

    • objectively the wingbacks dressed for Canada game 2 — the most recent closest approximation we would have of qualifying selection — were Ream/Dest (starting) followed by a bench of Lima Lovitz Cannon Yedlin. in the winter friendly it was starters Vines/Cannon bench of Araujo Gasper. i think Yedlin’s situation has deteriorated and he is one foot on a banana peel. however, he was subbed into that key NL group game. Lovitz is also a GB favorite. i am sold he is up on dest whether i think he is ready or not. “up” whether he deserve it or not. i think he is not sure at all what to do at LB hence Ream. cannon is around but wasn’t played against canada the second time. kind of “up” but behind dest. yedlin is a little “down” but still around. robinson was cut from gold cup and objectively hasn’t returned since. i am curious if GB’s recent display of interest suggests change. but i’m not sure he’s “up” until he gets selected like he is. on paper at least the coach preferred Lima and lord help us all Lovitz. GB is such an odd duck i think it’s like what we see “here” and what he runs out over “there.” Dest screwed up in ways similar to what Robinson did. one is still around. the other hmmm we’ll see. i don’t see GB as a very sharp eye for talent. i think he is on his own planet. i refuse to let up about it because i think he’s so far removed from either fielding a competitive best 11 accurately chosen or emphasizing integrating the 2026 generation that he does us no good. he doesn’t field a correctly chosen team to win now. nor does he lock down the bounty coming up. the system is a mess that holds us back more than optimizes our pool. in general, i’m at a loss and i hope the shift to mcbride and parlow results in a more accountable situation.

  3. he is one foot on a banana peel for making Berhalter’s A team — getting shoved aside by cannon and dest — so i would be smart about my next step. i think at minimum he would offer dynamic attacking bench qualities for the Nats, kind of like robinson on the opposite side, but he has to get someplace where he gets minutes and can be tracked, first. in his defense, probably what Newcastle wants as well. but it sounds like he has been handed the wheel on where he wants to drive.

    • Agreed, Yedlin has to be smart about a potential transfer and landing spot, as playing time will be key for his club career, and corresponding US National Team career.

      That said, Yedlin is a legit US National Team player, with plenty of caps to support that. Robinson, is not. There is nothing about Robinson that puts him on the same level as Yedlin, and as a result, comparisons should cease.
      Robinson is mostly athlete, and very little soccer player. His tactical awareness leaves a lot to be desired.

      Robinson getting minutes with the US National Team is more an indictment of our lack of talent, and other quality options, at the LB position, rather than a reflection of Robinson’s quality.

      Put me down as a guy who wishes Robinson all the best in his career, but also as a guy who does not rate him, and thinks he will get exposed in the EPL.

      • “nothing?” what has happened to all the nuance around here. yedlin did some stuff c. 2014. robinson had the assist on the lone goal when we beat mexico in 2018. the ethos around here seems to be to run from anything or anyone associated with sarachan beating france and mexico. that we ignore whether defensive soccer worked. that we ignored players who even occasionally performed for him. now, as a defender, i noted robinson’s foibles against brazil. i saw yedlin get backdoored. i immediately said they can’t start. should go away and learn to defend. but in a calmer moment thinking like a coach, when we are down a goal already in a qualifer and need an equalizer, what you want around on the bench is the wingbacks who have 2 assists in the shirt, not lovitz or someone else. for some reason beyond me USMNT has become some purist snob ground and not where producers get shirts. yes, someone else should start. some other RB or LB should get his job when they either play lock down defense or have their own 2 assists. cannon does that. but until then he is a situational sub type we could use.

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