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Yedlin staying at Newcastle as transfer window closes


There was a long list of teams interested in acquiring DeAndre Yedlin on loan, but Newcastle ultimately failed to find a move that it considered suitable, meaning the American defender will be staying with the English Premier League club despite being third on the team’s depth chart at right back.

Newcastle turned down a handful of loan offers, including one from La Liga side Elche, sources confirmed to SBI, leaving the 27-year-old defender facing a prolonged stint on the bench at Newcastle while he waits for the final year of his current contract to expire before he is available to move on a free transfer next summer.

A report emerged on Monday linking Yedlin to a potential loan move to Southampton but sources tell SBI there were just preliminary talks about Yedlin potentially being an option for the Saints if they succeeded in making some other roster moves, but those never materialized.

Teams from Italy, the Netherlands, Russia, Turkey and Major League Soccer expressed interest in Yedlin in recent weeks, with Besiktas having been one of the more aggressive suitors only to have its move for Yedlin ultimately turned down by Newcastle, which was believed to be seeking a transfer fee for the U.S. Men’s National Team defender rather than simply allowing him to move on a free loan.

Newcastle theoretically still has the option of loaning Yedlin to a team in the League Championship, with the window for such a move still open, but Yedlin would need to agree to a loan, and it would be highly unlikely that Yedlin would agree to a move to the English second division.

Yedlin is currently third on Newcastle’s depth chart at right back, behind Emil Krafth and Javier Manquillo, but the team’s struggles to add more reinforcements during the most recent transfer window could create an opportunity for Yedlin down the road if injuries become an issue for Newcastle.

The good news for Yedlin is that a potential stint on the bench at Newcastle won’t cost him a place with the USMNT given the fact the team has no meaningful matches scheduled until June. As things stand, Yedlin is a good bet to be called in for any matches the USMNT is able to schedule in November, with those matches expected to be played in Europe with a team of European-based players.

Yedlin has fallen down the pecking order at fullback under current USMNT coach Gregg Berhalter, with Reggie Cannon and Sergino Dest currently the top right back options, but his experience and versatility should continue to earn him looks from Berhalter in the coming year.

Whether or not Yedlin can regain his starting place with the USMNT will come down to him completing a successful move away from Newcastle next summer, or sooner.


  1. This is most likely Newcastle failing to work it out rather than a lack of interest, which has been implied in comments above. Absolutely typical Newcastle, who could have at least loaned out a player they have no interest in using. Even selling at a discount is better than letting him leave on a free. Amateurs.

  2. Ives, “There was a looooooong list of teams interested in acquiring DeAndre Yedlin on loan”. Ives, I know you’re a fan of Yedlin, but the bottom line is no teams from the looooooong list were willing to pay for the price Newcastle was asking for Yedlin’s loan services. I rest my case.

    • ashley had them up for sale and the saudis didn’t get approved so here’s hoping this isn’t a wigan scenario in a few months. people talked about robinson to ACM as a transfer move but in retrospect they probably needed the money. big clubs can afford to play deadline games and end up stuck. broke ones need the money. my dynamo supposedly got $6m offers for elis — turned up their nose — sold him for $1m this summer.

      • Robinson had an irregular heartbeat during his medical at AC Milan that’s why it didn’t go through. He was set for surgery then had it postponed because hospitals stopped performing surgeries during Covid, went in for pre-op tests after the shutdown and it had corrected itself.

      • JR: “During my medical for a potential transfer to AC Milan on deadline day, an irregularity was picked up in my heart rhythm. Further testing was required to ensure the move could be finalised and ratified, though there was not enough time to complete this before the deadline.” It was a fixable problem Wigan left themselves no time to fix by trying to make it a deadline deal. Wigan then had money problems in the spring and went into administration. Are the two at least partially related hmmmmmmmmm

      • IV I don’t remember hearing that they were actively shopping him in January but maybe they were. I thought the story was Milan reaches out in a late move. I don’t think it’s fair to criticize for not anticipating a problem with a player who had been playing regularly and had just past his medical to join the club in the Summer.

    • And what price was Newcastle asking? When you don’t know that, it’s premature to insinuate that Yedlin wasn’t valued.

      • @GARY PAGE, You’re absolutely right. I do not know what Newcastle’s asking price was. Soccer is a business. The fact was no teams stepped up to have picked up Yedlin before the transfer deadline. What’s your take on why the long list of teams stayed put? Don’t tell me it’s discriminations against American players.

      • To Simon: Obviously they were asking more than other teams wanted to spend.This is not unusual and may just indicate that Newcastle was too greedy. However, we don’t know enough to make any definitive conclusions.

      • let’s be real, the issue here is this is a surplus player at an EPL club, who used to start. they probably overvalued him based on EPL and former starter. the potential buyers however know full well he’s available because he’s now bench. so they want the price to reflect that value drop. i would assume if anyone had him valued wrong it’s newcastle.

        i also repeat myself that depending on NU’s financial state — and the team is up for sale — it might have been in their interests to accept the best offer in the market this window as opposed to play chicken for what they think he’s “really” worth. and what he’s really worth is downgraded for having been benched for both club and country.

      • we know there were offers. we know yedlin is ticketed to basically sit the bench and play maybe club games. to me his market is willing seller meets willing buyer and if this happens then NU was not made happy, but for the purchase of a sub. that is most likely NU overrating the price. they have no need for an expensive sub nor can they really bid up the market for a sub. if the offers were low, well, he ain’t starting and they are what they are.

        i repeat myself on the dynamo. they had elis rated at $8m. no one ever offered that so they turned down $6m. $6m turned out to be as much as they were ever offered and they sold him for a fraction of that. even if they thought he had that value he doesn’t if no one in the market offers it. that’s the seller’s problem even if in a fair world the player might be worth it. there is no buyer at that price.

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