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Pulisic withdraws from USMNT camp, will miss November friendlies


Christian Pulisic’s battle with a recent hamstring injury has kept him out of action for Chelsea for all of November, and now it will keep him out of the U.S. Men’s National Team’s upcoming friendlies against Wales and Panama.

Pulisic has withdrawn from USMNT camp, and is returning to Chelsea after having spent a week in national team camp working to rehab the injury that has put him on the shelf, an injury that will extend his absence from USMNT action to more than a year.

“Pulisic had a great three, four days with the team,” USMNT coach Gregg Berhalter said on Wednesday. “He was able to get treated, and able to be with the guys, connect with the staff again. It was great to see him. Unfortunately, he won’t be taking part in the (November friendlies).

“Christian is a big part of our group,”Berhalter said. “He has been working through an injury, but it really says a lot that he wanted to come into camp, be around the guys and continue to be a leader with this team.”

Pulisic hasn’t played with the USMNT since the team’s Nations League loss to Canada in October of 2019, having missed the November 2019 Nations League matches through injury before the COVID-19 pandemic wiped out a large part of the 2020 schedule for the national team.

Pulisic’s next most likely opportunity to play for the United States will be in March of 2021.

The USMNT will face Wales on Thursday in its first match since the February 1 win against Costa Rica.


  1. Pretty much what was expected. Still, it’s disappointing that we have another cycle without a full team. We have the potential for such a great national team (compared to past US teams) yet keep missing key players. It’s getting close to qualifying time and we really need to have our best players showing up and playing together so we have a real team.

      • right, i am sure they planned on him being present for a couple practices and then back in london for the games. fwiw we routinely bring in like 25-26 and cut down on the day. we don’t usually carry a 24th injured person who gets sent home without a game. it’s a waste of resources and an unnecessary risk. if you’ve pulled a hammy or calf before you can tweak it walking off a curb at your day job, practicing, much less at a game. common sense is more like you leave him in london in bubble wrap. but this has to be some genius master plan, i guess, as opposed to foolishly risking a hurt player and then seeing what an idiot you’re being — even if it was planned into the roster size. planning it into the roster size itself suggests you are doing something stupid or at least unreliable. fwiw i always thought games far outweighed practices in terms of meaning and i’d want more of how to handle that communicated to the kids. for that to get done he has to be “on the plane” even if he’s not playing.

    • “Who didn’t see this on the horizon?!”

      The great sage about to vomit a massive torrent of text explaining why even though exactly what everyone expected to happen, happened- it really didn’t.

    • Timeline
      Tuesday: Lampard says scans are good CP may play that weekend and Christian is back training
      Later Tuesday: Berhalter names CP to roster
      Thursday: Bremen doesn’t release Sargent after change to German travel rules on Monday
      Thursday: Lletget who can plays as a 10 or wing is called to replace Sargent a striker
      Friday: Lampard walks back Pulisic recovery saying he is not progressing as hoped won’t play Saturday and hasn’t trained in several days
      Sunday: Chelsea releases Pulisic to travel to US camp in Wales.
      Resources: Travel expenses to bring CP to Wales from London pretty minimal.
      Risk: All players and staff were tested and quarantined until they tested negative. Covid risk minimal. Pulisic participated only in what Berhalter called “light field work. He does not appear in any of the training videos participating group drills. Injury risk minimal.
      The US was fully aware and clearly coordinated with Chelsea. CP to be there and participate in team meetings. In a pandemic makes perfect sense for him to leave before the match as the squad will leave the bubble and interact with Wales NT and stadium staff.

    • Understood IT’S OK 2 THINK… my comment was a sarcastic attempt at pointing out that what was pretty obvious to most was not so much to the Impertinent Voice who has unleashed a sea of text lamenting Pulisic’s call up. My post was perhaps poorly worded- definitely quite petty.


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